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We help you treat and reverse heart disease naturally without Big Pharma prescriptions or surgical procedures.

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The 100 Year Heart Diet Guide


What if achieving your 100 Year Heart was as easy as giving your body what it needs and taking away what it doesn’t? Discover how in this FREE guide from Natural Heart Doctor.


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Let NATURAL HEART DOCTOR guide YOu to your best health and longevity.

Founded by cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson, we focus on the ROOT CAUSE of heart disease while reducing/eliminating pharmaceuticals and the need for surgical procedures.

There is a time/place for emergency cardiac care. For everything else, you need a Natural Heart Doctor.  


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No, you don’t have to give up your coffee for heart health! The story of Cardiology Coffee began with a cardiologist who loved coffee but hated the pesticides and contaminants in most conventional coffees. Discover a delicious, organic coffee that’s good for your heart.
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Are you ready to learn about how to achieve your 100 Year Heart without pharmaceuticals and dangerous procedures? Dr. Jack Wolfson and Dr. Lauren Lattanza expose the pitfalls of conventional medicine and unlock the ancestral secrets for cardiac longevity.
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Why guess when you can test? We offer some of the most advanced testing packages available. These tests dig deep and uncover the root issues behind disease to personalize your 100 Year Heart journey. 
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The road to health can be overwhelming. When you work with us, you gain the assistance of skilled professionals who care deeply about you and are determined to help you become the best version of yourself.
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Read what people have to say about Natural Heart Doctor.

My old cardiologist said I would have to stay on the drugs forever. But I knew something wasn’t right. 

I searched the internet and found Dr. Jack Wolfson. The fact he is a traditionally trained cardiologist who now teaches natural methods to health was exactly what I was looking for. 

The first visit and first follow up with Dr. Wolfson dramatically changed my health and changed my life. I am off ALL meds and on my way to the 100 Year Heart. Thank you Dr. Wolfson and everyone at Natural Heart Doctor for helping me live the life I have dreamed. 

Denise M.

When I want heart health information, I go to Natural Heart Doctor. The website, the Facebook group, the coaches, the doctors…I feel amazing by following what I learn. After stomach issues for years and other probiotics, I tried, Heart Helpers. There is none like this one. Especially if it’s made by the #1 Cardiologist in the country. Thank you Dr Wolfson for all that you do to educate us on heart health! God bless you!

Vira G.

In the hospital after “the widowmaker” heart attack. That was a little scary. I took all the poison pills, I ate the low fat fake food stuff, for a while that is. Those statins and other pills really screwed with my joints, muscles and brain. I was in an awful mental fog for a long time. 

Fast forward to my second heart attack… same big pharma poisons. I wasn’t getting better, I was getting worse. Then I was listening to Trucker Radio one day and heard Dr. Jack Wolfson being interviewed. I listened to his book and told my wife about him. Then SHE listened to the book. 

I told my local MD about him and he simply told me that it was my genetics and I would be on the drugs for the rest of my wife, which in his estimation would not be long. 

So we got in the truck and DROVE to AZ. 

Dr Jack and his staff are Awesome!!! I’m down nearly 75lbs since the “widowmaker”. 

No “widowmaker” here. I am living proof of the Eat Well, Live Well, Think Well plan. 

Kim Sluyter

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