10 Simple Steps to Create a Stronger Heart


Your heart is undeniably one of the most essential organs in the body. It is responsible for pumping oxygen and crucial nutrients to the rest of the body, while sending waste to be disposed of by the kidneys and liver.

It goes without saying that without a powerful ticker muscle, you won’t have a strong body.

Sadly, a weak heart is most often the result of perpetual unhealthy lifestyle habits. The most common cause of a weak heart is a previous heart attack. Genetics are not the problem: lifestyle and environmental impacts cause these genes to turn on a disease process.

Nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle modifications are the top life hacks you can implement to strengthen your heart. Improving these areas can greatly slash your risk of heart issues.

Top 10 Simple Step to Strengthen Your Heart:

“Weak heart muscles, we must defeat in order to keep a healthy heartbeat!”

  1. Eat Paleo: Follow the Paleo diet like our ancestors did. A Paleo diet is associated with weight loss, lower inflammation and healthy cholesterol levels, which help to keep the heart going strong. For information on how to start, check out our easy tips.
  1. Get Active: Sitting is the new smoking- it is detrimental to our hearts and health. Exercise strengthens the heart, so it isn’t overworked. Aerobic exercise is one of the best choices as it lowers blood pressure, normalizes heart rate and strengthens the muscle. Strength training can also help build your heart muscle. Try starting with a 30-minute walk every day to boost blood flow and relax blood vessels. The key is to do something you enjoy! Any level of exercise that you can do will be beneficial, but the more exercise, the better your heart will fare. Also see our article on the Top 4 Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure.
  1. Just Breathe: Engage in more relaxing activities to promote stress reduction. Focusing on breath work  can often help to lower blood pressure naturally. Deep breathing helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which can cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase and have been linked to heart issues. Learn to relax and check out my video on alternate nostril breathing.
  1. Drop the Pressure: Elevated blood pressure adds a major strain onto your heart muscle. Hypertension can cause hypertrophy or thickening and enlargement of the walls of the heart, which can impair heart function. Evidence has shown that supplements like Heart Beet can help to increase nitric oxide, dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, lower blood pressure and improve vascular function.
  1. Sleep 7-8 hours: Quality sleep is very important to heart health. Go to sleep with sundown and get up with sunrise as our ancestors have done for thousands (millions) of years. Research has found that people who get less than 6 hours of sleep a night are more likely to have high blood pressure and other adverse cardiac effects, which adds unnecessary strain to the heart and weakens it over time. For more tips, see our article on Quality Sleep Lowers Blood Pressure.
  1. Rebalance your gut: Gut health impacts heart health as the microbes in your gut play a role in how strong your heart is and your subsequent risk for heart problems. In fact, DNA of unhealthy bacteria has been discovered in the atherosclerotic plaques of patients. It has been proposed that the imbalanced gut microbiome of patients with CVD could be one of the leading causes of harmful inflammation in the heart. Help reset your gut with healthy bacteria. We love this Gut Flora 100 Billion product!
  1. Control your blood sugar: Diabetes (as well as prediabetes) is a health condition that can greatly impact the heart and its overall strength. Hypoglycemia can increase oxidative stress and damage the heart and brain, as a result. Know your numbers. Get testing done. Our go-to supplement for blood sugar balance is berberine.
  1. Shed extra weight: Carrying excess weight dramatically weakens your heart, causing the heart muscles to work harder. Being overweight or obese can dramatically increase your risk of developing heart-related issues. A waist circumference more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men put them at a much higher risk for developing a weak heart and heart disease. To learn more, read 6 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally.
  1. Hydrate:  Focus on drinking high-quality water with minerals to regulate fluid balance and blood pressure and flush toxins. Eliminate sugary and alcoholic beverages. Staying hydrated prevents the heart from being overworked, aids in pumping blood throughout your system and allows the muscles to work more efficiently.
  1. Stay away from smoking: Smoking (and secondhand smoking) damages your heart. Eliminate smoke and all toxins in your environment because they will weaken your heart over time.

Remember, If you are concerned about your health and well-being, schedule a  free call with an NHD health coach and get the help you need, the help that may change your life.


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