9 Natural Tips To Combat Anxiety


After the past year, I think we all have a new understanding of the terms “stress and anxiety”. The two top questions we receive are:

What are the real risks of anxiety?

 How can we treat anxiety naturally? 

Anxiety is a feeling of unease or worry. Symptoms of anxiety may manifest as chest pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pains, or maybe just a headache.

Doctors must rule out physical causes before they identify these events as anxiety-related conditions.

Causes of Anxiety

  • Mental Conditions
    • Anxiety often accompanies panic, stress, and phobic disorders.
  • Medical Conditions
    • Heart attack, heat stroke, and hypoglycemia often pair with anxiety.
  • Prescription Medications
    • Anxiety is a common side-effect of Big Pharma medications.
  • Poor Nutrition
    • Ever get “Hangry?” This is an anxious feeling due to blood sugar imbalance.
    • The Standard American Diet is loaded with sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, and pesticides. These chemicals heavily tax the body. A SAD diet often leads to anxiety.
  • Drug Use
    • Illicit drugs like cocaine can induce anxiety.
  • Stress
    • Daily life can cause anxiety in the areas of work, school, finances, relationships, health, emotional trauma, etc…
  • Environmental Pollutants
    • Your body is always fighting off pollutants such as heavy metals, VOCs, and synthetic particles, all of which can affect your mental and physical health.
      • Cardiovascular Impacts
        • Air pollution triggers anxiety through inflammation and oxidative stress.
      • Personal care products and household cleaners contain toxins which can lead to anxiety while your body is trying to filter them out.

Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Tackle anxiety with these natural tips:

  1. See a Holistic Doctor
    • Your doctor’s first task is to determine if a medical condition caused your anxiety. You must take chest pain seriously. It can be a sign of a serious heart problem or a panic disorder.
    • Your doctor can do an exam and blood testing to determine if you have a medical condition.
  1. Reduce/Avoid Pharmaceuticals
    • A lack of prescription drugs does not cause anxiety. These drugs often have side effects that can deplete nutrients and harm your body.
    • We are not deficient in pharmaceuticals, but are often deficient in nutrients which can cause anxiety.
  1. Eat organic Paleo foods
    • Our bodies require Paleo foods for optimal physical and mental health.
    • Poor nutrition and environmental pollutants cause most anxiety.
    • Your body is engineered for optimal health with Paleo foods.
    • Eat only organic to avoid pesticides or GMOs.
  1. Minimize Impacts of Environmental Pollutants
    • Control the impact of environmental pollutants by removing toxic chemicals from your household cleaners and personal care products.
    • Using toxic-free cleaning and personal care products will reduce your exposure to environmental pollutants.
  1. Get Active
    • Outdoor exercise relieves anxiety and stress. Yoga and meditation can mitigate these symptoms as well.
  1. Sleep
    • Quality and quantity of sleep (or lack thereof) are significant contributors to anxiety.
    • Get 8-9 hours of good sleep every night.
  1. Sunshine
    • Get 30 minutes a day, preferably in the morning.
    • Your body (as do most all other living things) needs sunlight to survive and thrive.
    • Sunshine and the vitamin D that it provides is vital for good mental health.
  1. Reduce Stress
    • Easier said than done, but do your best to remove stress in your life.
    • Get a new job, get out of toxic relationships, be more active. Do what it takes to get rid of stress.
  1. Use Quality Supplements

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