A Cardiologist’s Perspective on the Carnivore Diet: Is It Heart Healthy?


What we are about to talk about is nearly blaspheme…but then again, I’m not one to go with mainstream vegan groupthink anyway, so whatever.

Let’s talk Carnivore and the 5 reasons it’s beneficial to your heart.

#1 Zero Sugar

Sugar and fast-absorbed carbohydrates like rice, cereal, pasta, and bread spike

blood sugar and insulin. We can link high insulin to heart attacks, strokes, obesity, and cancer. Meat, seafood, and eggs are full of proteins and fats and do not raise insulin significantly. If you consume proteins and fats long enough, you can switch the fuel source which your body uses for energy. This fuel source will no longer be sugar. We call this ketosis, which occurs when we use fat for fuel instead of sugar. Benefits to this are: no more blood sugar rollercoaster (spikes and crashes), stabilized hormones and mood and lower inflammation.

#2 Nutrient Density

Meat, seafood and eggs are LOADED with vitamins and minerals, especially organs like liver, kidney, and heart. Good heart function depends on these vitamins and minerals. An egg contains ALL the nutrients a chicken needs to come to life. Try raising a chicken with oatmeal!  No plant food comes close to the nutrient density of these different proteins.

#3 Omega-3 Fats

Quality fats are super-heart healthy, especially omega-3’s from seafood. Just about every heart condition improves by eating the right type of seafood (wild caught, smaller fish, etc…). Testing omega-3 levels is very important. Low levels are a severe problem and can be remedied by consuming the right foods and having good digestion. Omega 3’s are one of the most anti-inflammatory foods you can consume.

#4 Break Bad Habits

Unhealthy foods like sugar, alcohol, and processed grains cause inflammation and heart disease. By skipping these foods, you are breaking food addictions, sugar addictions, and improving heart health.

#5 Weight Loss

Obesity IS dysfunction. It is a sign that your body is not getting what it needs to operate. Researchers have linked obesity to all diseases, especially high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attacks. The Carnivore diet is extremely nutrient dense and satiating, so much so that you actually eat less and have fewer cravings due to the body getting the nutrients it needs, and eliminating sugar spikes and crashes. Without elevated insulin levels from quick burning carbs, weight will literally fall off.

Final Thoughts

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Sometimes, all you need to start your journey is to break a habit. The Carnivore Diet can do that for you. It’s simple: eat grass fed, pasture-raised meat. No side dishes, no desserts, just meat. And eat ALL cuts of meat. Some people make the mistake of not eating enough when going to Carnivore. Eat and allow your body to enjoy the filling, heart healthy nutrients it’s getting without insulin spikes and inflammatory anti-nutrients.

To get more information about the Carnivore Diet, check out our 3 Part Series.


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