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Next 12 Week Program Starts: September 7, 2021
Get support from expert coaches and other program participants to implement a natural plan to help your afib.

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Start developing your AFib plan with:
Understand your current health situation with comprehensive testing prior to beginning the program to identify specific areas to improve.
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Meet one on one with Dr. Jack Wolfson for customized consultations and treatment plans + get comprehensive testing before and after the program.
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What Others Say About This Program

I Learned So Much
“It was definitely worth the program as I learned so much more about what’s going on with the heart episodes.  I had 4 ablations and just now know more than I ever did before surgeries.  I really feel all my supplements have slowed down the episodes and highly recommend the 12 week program.”
This Program is Excellent

“This program is an excellent program for anyone with AFIB who is on medications from big pharma and wants to get off them! Program goes into factual data I did not know about that could correct my Afib and not just treat it. Plus the coaches in this course were amazing, very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful and responsive! I now have a plan moving forward that I am convinced will correct my Afib.”

Can't Thank You Enough

“Can’t thank you enough for the 12 week program… Your knowledge, time and effort you put into these meetings was just amazing…full of such helpful information… For me.. I learned how to control a very stressful situation by implementing all your techniques .. slowing down..and enjoying life.. Thank You😊”

The Information is Invaluable

“The information I received during the group coaching was invaluable. Each week a different topic related to afib was targeted along with a variety of means to reach my goals. This gave me a chance to try the behaviors, see what worked for me, and incorporate them into my daily routine. Each week built on the last and by the end of the program I had a viable plan to improve my health and reduce my afib.”

Truly Excellent Program
“A truly excellent program greatly exceeds my expectations by offering far more useful information and help on so many different subjects and health conditions that affect AFIB. Highly recommended for anybody looking to gain specific knowledge and preventative care insight into AFIB, and how to overcome it!”
Absolutely Recommend

I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone suffering from AFib or any heart condition. I believe that you need to be proactive in healing yourself. This program gave me lots of tools that I can utilize in doing just that. Thanks very much to Dr. Wolfson and the health coaches for putting this program together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our health coaches assist you throughout the process of implementing the natural nutritional and lifestyle tactics we teach to combat afib. They provide the coaching necessary to succeed. You’ll gain a deeper level of understanding of how to beat afib. Our coaches help you establish and achieve your health goals. They provide a safe place for you to share your thoughts and gain perspective. And you’ll be part of a community of people just like you and can share your experiences and practices with others.

Please contact our office at (480) 535-6844.

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12 weeks from start to finish.