Allicin Wonderland: The Story of Heart Health and Garlic


Once upon a time there was a “stinking rose” called garlic (a most affectionate nickname of course). Garlic, ever present in the chef’s kitchen, has always been willing to enhance flavors in meals, and accompany tomatoes wherever they go, but garlic has a secret.  This secret is a superpower called allicin.   


Allicin is a sulfur compound found in garlic that is activated when crushed or chopped. It can be used for its medicinal properties for cellular detoxification and chemical removal. Because of these properties, the benefits of this vegetable from the onion family are far reaching and have a positive impact on cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Garlic

Adding Garlic to Your Diet

Remember raw is best. Allicin loses its effectiveness when cooked. If you feel it’s too potent to consume raw, add at the very end of cooking to preserve nutrients as much as possible.

Raw Options

  • Throw a clove into your organic green juice
  • Allicin forms 10-15 minutes after chopping so allow for this when cooking.
    • For this reason, avoid pre chopped garlic.
  • Crush and drizzle with honey for a super immune boost
  • Garlic Supplementation: This is the easiest option for getting all the benefits of garlic without running people off with its potent odor producing qualities. 


To summarize, garlic positively impacts health from both immune and cardiovascular perspectives. By providing the body with this type of superfood, you support/enhance proper function and reduce dysfunction. Balance is everything.

If you’d like other ideas for other “superhero” foods, check out The Best Foods to Reduce Coronary Artery Disease.

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