Another Silent Killer: Our Toxic Environment


Chemicals are found everywhere, from mattresses to makeup to beauty products. Our advice? Be aware of where they are lurking and eliminate them one by one!

Toxins are a tremendous burden. They are a threat to the body’s and  environment’s ecosystems. Many toxins have been studied and many have not, so the burden is a much bigger issue than we read in the research. For the most part, we can’t see toxins. We can’t hear toxins. We often can’t smell them. But they are still pervasive and deadly.

Why do we recommend eliminating toxic products from our lives? Simply, they cause disease:

What can you do?

Avoid pesticides in your home or garden.

Use an air purifier. The Austin Air Purifier is our favorite.

Purchase organic foods and grass fed meats and wild caught fish.

Include plants to detoxify the air.

Switch to all glass.

Use non-toxic sunscreen.

Switch to natural detergent.

It is easier than you might think to switch out your products. It just takes commitment. What you spend on wellness you will save on sickness! Now is the time to make those changes! Print out this great graphic as a guide!


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