Be Aware, Without a Health Coach You Are Missing Out on the Key to Success


Many of you out there may wonder what exactly health coaching is and why it is so important to the future of healthcare. Those are brilliant questions. We can argue that health coaching is actually the missing puzzle piece in healthcare today!

What is a health coach?

A health coach as a mentor and an expert on health, motivation, and behavior change. Through this role, health coaches use their knowledge and skills to help clients achieve their health goals, and establish sustainable, long-lasting wellness changes (which we’ll talk about in a bit).

Why is health coaching the missing puzzle piece?

In today’s world, health coaching plays a crucial role in HEALTHcare and is ushering in the future of medicine.

Today, epigenetics cause over 85% of diseases – meaning one’s behavior and environment- not genetics affects disease. This means that the responsibility for either preventing or reversing chronic disease must go back on the patient. They must change their behavior and environment if they want to get well. THIS is the golden key to functional medicine and working with us at NHD. Understanding that means that we won’t give you the band-aid approach or medication to cover a symptom. We will ask you to dive deep into your root causes of disease and then work on making the changes needed to get healthy again. Change requires a lot of work. It takes dedication, motivation, education, excellent strategies and strong SUPPORT to change long-standing habits and make them STICK! 

SO, this is where health coaches come into play- they are the missing puzzle piece in true HEALTHcare. The coaches are there to guide the client through changes, hold them accountable and get them to that finish line. Health coaches are MASTER AGENTS OF CHANGE and ENGINEERS OF HEALTH and WELLNESS. Health coaches are important for change because sick individuals need extra help- they need detailed questions answered. They need support and education for sticking with a protocol, and they need quick adjustments and modifications when necessary.

Do health coaches work with doctors?

Yes! Health coaches, like us, also work as part of a collaborative team, often with other practitioners. This happens in our office. The NHD coaches work closely with the practitioners to help patients understand their conditions, assist them in their protocols, answer relevant questions and make the positive changes needed to achieve their goals more quickly.

The takeaway-

Health coaching is a missing puzzle piece in wellness care, and it is an extremely POWERFUL partnership between coach and client. This is where the magic happens! Health coaches take a client-centered and bio-individual approach and give patients the strategies needed to overcome obstacles, establish behavior change and ultimately transform health.

The coaches at Natural Heart Doctor are here to help! We are your health coaches, educators, researchers, and cardiac specialists.

IF you’re interested, there are a few different ways you can work with one of us! Some of our coaching offerings include:

  • We offer free 20 min calls if you are interested in learning more about your health and how we can help. You can book those here.
  • We review lab results if you purchase labs with us. This offers a chance to get to work with us and develop a customized diet lifestyle and supplement protocol to address those results and get better!
  • We offer 1-on-1 three month coaching programs. If you have a cardiovascular condition and need more help, guidance and accountability, this is a great program for you! If you’re interested in learning more about this offering, please email health@naturalheartdoctor.com
  • We lead group coaching programs such as our AFib 12-week program, the Happy Heart Diet program and seasonal Carnivore Challenges. Stay tuned for these program launches in our Natural Heart Doctor Facebook group and newsletter.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your 100 year heart!


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