Can Vitamin D Lamps Lower Blood Pressure?


One simple strategy to lower your blood pressure without pharmaceuticals is sunshine. Hundreds of studies confirm what should be obvious, the sun is healthy.

But so many of you live in areas where the sun doesn’t shine for much of the year. This leads to serious health problems including high blood pressure. I see people from all over the world, but the majority come from cities and towns where winter is long and the power of the sun cannot work its magic.

If this is your situation, let me make a suggestion.

Move. Move to a sunny climate like Arizona, Florida, or Texas ( I don’t recommend California). Move to the Caribbean or Hawaii or Costa Rica.

Lack of sunshine means low vitamin D and low nitric oxide production. Blood pressure goes up and so does the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and everything else.

Okay, I understand. You have a job or family that holds you back. Or maybe, you love where you live and don’t want to move. So the next best strategy is to take a lot of vacations. At least one vacation every couple of months while you are in the cold and no sun situation.

So pack up your things in January from Minnesota and head to Aruba or Fiji. When you take this trip make sure you soak up the sun at your destination by increasing exposure little by little each day. Don’t burn.

Still not realistic to head off to the islands every year for a week or two? Now we have to get creative. If you can’t take the vacation to the sun, bring the sun to you with a vitamin D lamp.

Sperti makes the most popular vitamin D lamp on the market and for good reason. The lamp is amazing.

The Sperti sunlamp called the Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp is:

  • FDA cleared
  • Safe at-home use
  • Face and body tanner
  • 15 minute sessions
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 7 year product warranty
  • Two pairs of UV blocking eyewear

Buy here

The Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp by Sperti provides UVA and UVB exposure. Both of these frequencies are extremely beneficial to your health. The Sperti lamp provides UVA rays to increase nitric oxide, a vasodilator that opens blood vessels AND lower blood pressure. The Sperti lamp provides UVB rays to make vitamin D in your body. Higher levels of vitamin D are linked to lower blood pressure.

You see, your blood pressure is a problem and there is a reason. Actually, there are likely many reasons. A pharmaceutical deficiency is not one of those reasons. Lack of sunshine with low nitric oxide and low vitamin D is a major risk factor for high blood pressure.

For years I have been reading the work of Dr. Michael Holick MD, PhD and he loves the Fiji Sun Lamp from Sperti.

You can learn more about the lamp on their website just by clicking this link.

Instructions for use come with the Sperti. Start slow and gradually build up to 15 minute sessions. You can check your vitamin D levels before and after 4 weeks to track your progress.

Need the perfect holiday or birthday gift? Give a Sperti. If you know me, you know that I only give the gift of health for holidays and birthdays.

Sunshine is your friend and your skin is a solar panel. Give your skin and your body what it needs. Buy a Sperti Sun Lamp


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