Can Your Clothes Lead to High Blood Pressure?


I bet your cardiologist did not mention clothing in regards to high blood pressure. But it’s true. The chemicals in the clothes can impact your blood pressure. You bought the organic food, but you probably didn’t think you should or even could wear organic clothing.

In short, the chemicals in clothing can raise your blood pressure.

Cotton is a heavily sprayed crop (think Roundup) and these chemicals permeate the clothes even after processing. The clothes are also contaminated with bleach, formaldehyde, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), ammonia and more.

No thank you!

If it says wrinkle free, won’t shrink, flame or stain resistant, water-proof, cling-free and more, then beware. It may be more convenient but it is impacting your health.

Do you remember the toxic uniforms for the American Airlines employees? Many people ended up in the hospital from exposure to the chemicals. They suffered with autoimmune reactions, rashes and some life threatening illness.

It is time to go organic with your clothing as much as possible. Finding undergarments, socks, and sweats are easy when you shop at Pact.

PACT Clothing sells the organic cotton products we love because they are organic and they have style.  They have everything from workout wear to casual everyday clothing to undergarments to maternity. All their clothing is made from organic cotton. Not only will you be helping to lower your blood pressure as we know toxins contribute to hypertension, but you will also be contributing to better health overall for yourself and those who hug you!

Better for your blood pressure, better for your health, and better for the environment.

Buy PACT clothing here. You will be glad you did.


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