Carnivore Diet: Meat Eaters Unite! (Part 1)


Lots of buzz is occurring in the nutrition world regarding the Carnivore Diet, aka the Zero Carb Diet, aka the All Meat Diet.  After decades and decades of being told to eat your vegetables, this diet seems counterintuitive, however, we know through anecdotal research this diet has been shown to initiate/increase weight loss, improve autoimmune conditions, increase energy, and improve skin.

Why is this diet effective?

#1 It eliminates processed foods like seed oils, refined sugars, and nutritionally deficient carbohydrates.

#2 The satiety factor. When you consume nutritionally deficient foods, your body will continue to want nourishment, hence cravings and overeating. Eating foods that contain protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals allows the body to register that it got what it needed and shut down the “need to eat” mechanism. When this occurs, you end up consuming LESS calories.

How in the world are vegetables “bad” for me?!

The theory behind the Carnivore Diet is that plant defense mechanisms cause inflammatory reactions in the human body. These plant toxins/”anti-nutrients” include:

  • Lectins: Found in all plants, but large amounts in raw legumes and whole grains. Can cause digestive distress and prevent mineral absorption.
  • Phytic acid: Found in seeds, nuts, legumes, and grains. Interferes with zinc, iron, and calcium absorption.
  • Alkaloids: Found in nightshades. Function as an insecticide.

**Properly preparing foods which contain any of the above substances may reduce their impact on your health however, people who already have autoimmune concerns may be more susceptible to adverse reactions even if foods are properly prepared.

So, if plants are out, what exactly should I eat?

  • Grass Fed/Finished, Pasture raised:
    • Animal Organs (Nose to Tail)
    • Animal Muscles (Chicken, Turkey, Shellfish, Low-Mercury Fish, Duck, Beef, Bison, Lamb, Eggs)
    • Animal Fats: Tallow, Suet, etc…
  • Optional Items:
    • Organic Coffee/Tea
    • Herbs/Spices
    • Grass fed butter

Is the Carnivore Diet Heart Healthy?

In short, I think so.

Cardiovascular disease is not a cholesterol problem nor a genetic problem. Cardiovascular disease is an immune problem stoked by poor nutrition, an unhealthy lifestyle and a toxic environment. This “dangerous trio” leads to immune activation that ultimately leads to an attack on the cardiovascular system. 

Wait, I thought you were The Paleo Cardiologist.

Please don’t let this blog fool you. I am still The Paleo Cardiologist.

Carnivore is Paleo! At least for a 7 or 30-day trial. Consider this a nutritional reset for your body. Once you acclimate to eating real foods, you may be able to re-introduce veggies, nuts/seeds and a little fruit. See how you feel as you slowly reintroduce these foods.

How to get started?

Part 2 of this Carnivore Diet Blog Series will discuss steps to get started as well as diet differentiation between men and women.


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