Does aspirin save lives?


Millions of people take aspirin. For years, doctors have told us that aspirin prevents heart attacks, strokes and helps us live longer.

But is that statement true or was it all just a marketing gimmick?

A 2018 study reported in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine found that aspirin in people without a previous heart attack or stent (primary prevention) did NOT save lives.

In fact, MORE people died in the group who took aspirin versus placebo. A lot more.

Conclusion: Aspirin increases your chances of dying if you are older than 70 and have never had a heart attack, stent or bypass.

  • Speak with your doctor before stopping any pharmaceutical
  • Secondary prevention is different. Aspirin MAY have a small benefit according to data, BUT I prefer a different approach. We are always available to discuss your health on a call with one of our practitioners.

Read on for a further look at the data.

The Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) trial was a primary prevention trial that was established to investigate whether the daily use of 100 mg of aspirin would prolong the healthy life span of older adults.

The trial recruited 19,114 relatively healthy older persons. Half got aspirin and half got placebo. The primary endpoint was survival aka…does aspirin help you live longer?

You can see from the table above, 558 people died in the aspirin group vs. 494 in the placebo group. Excess cancer deaths appear to be the cause.

There is a better way than aspirin.

Work with us and we can show you how.

What Dr. Wolfson takes instead of aspirin

I have never taken aspirin and never will. Instead, I take Arterosil, 1 cap 2x per day.

You can read more and watch informational videos at Arterosil.com.

Should you decide to order you need a physician code. Mine is WOLFSON.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine


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