Drinking Water Can Help or Hurt Your Blood Pressure


How often do you think about the water you drink? We need this critical source of sustenance but sometimes don’t give much thought to the quality of the water.

The fact that we need to consider the quality of our water is a sad state of affairs. After all, millions of years went by and the water was perfect. Whether from a spring or a running stream, our water was pure. All that was in the water was H2O, minerals, and beneficial microbes.

Today, the state of our water supply is quite different. And our health suffers because of it. High blood pressure is one of those nasty side effects of tainted water.

What is in our water that is so toxic?

The list of harmful pollutants in our water is long and includes references to toxicology, pharmacology, microbiology, metallurgy and inorganic chemistry. Sounds nasty, right? It is.

Pesticides, phthalates, parabens, plastics and pharmaceuticals are in the water system. And that is only the P toxins. Don’t forget about mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum and other elements including radioactive ones that don’t belong in our bodies. Dangerous microbes such as parasites, bacteria and viruses may be present. And last, but not least, chemicals like volatile organic compounds and perfluorocarbons (Teflon!) are pervasive in our water supply.

Given the above, it is quite clear you cannot drink from the tap or even consider water that is not highly filtered. If you are on a well, you had better test for the above. We recommend using a company called My Tap Score. They have a few options to test your water for over 100 different contaminants. Learn more about My Tap Score here.

Best options for clean water to support normal blood pressure

Okay, let’s talk about a few options here. My best recommendation is last.

  1. Reverse osmosis- removes just about everything, except for some gasses. RO water removes all minerals and leaves a dead water. Cheaper, but not the best choice.
  2. Countertop filters- like Berkey etc. can reduce toxin level, but again, leave the water void of the good stuff
  3. Bottled water- must be in glass. Even the best waters are contaminated. Recent evidence found high PFAS in Topo Chico. Best in class here in Pellegrino in glass.

My recommendation, Pristine Hydro. We have used this system for over 5 years. Many of our patients have bought as well. 6 step purification then adds back minerals, oxygen and structure to approximate a mountain stream.

The added magnesium, potassium, and calcium help to support healthy blood pressure levels. The fact that the other toxins are removed also helps BP.

And water from the Pristine Hydro system tastes great.

You can read more and purchase a system by clicking here.


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