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EMF Expert Brian Hoyer Shares the Dangers Behind Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation


More and more information is surfacing about the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies on our health. In this episode, Dr. Lauren Lattanza interviews EMF expert and founder of Shielded HealingBrian Hoyer. Listen in as they discuss varying frequencies and how 3G, 4G and 5G differ from each other in their impact on our health. They also share solutions on how to reduce the effects of EMF on our bodies. 

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EMF Expert Brian Hoyer Shares the Dangers Behind Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation

This interview is one that I have been looking forward to. There are lots of excellent information. We have Brian Hoyer. He is one of the world’s top EMF Mitigation Specialists and a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. He founded Shielded Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats. His work has helped connect the EMF mitigation world with the health and wellness industry.

Shielded Healing travels all over the US, guiding people through the process of creating ancestral healing spaces in their homes, offices and workspaces. They work with contractors and offer consultations to customize EMF shielding for homes and businesses from the ground up in new construction and remodels.

In addition to home EMF assessments and construction consultations, Shielded Healing works closely with many functional medicine doctors, hospitals and clinics around the world to provide EMF shielding solutions and building protocols to aid their patients in reducing the EMF exposures we have in our modern world. Brian and his team are the favorite EMF consultants for many notable names in the wellness and biohacking community. He is a husband, father of four children and loves being part of innovation and designing healthier products and environments. Welcome to the show, Brian.

It’s great to be here. I’m looking forward to reaching your audience, answering some questions for you and helping people to live a healthier lifestyle. We so often are bombarded with information from all sides and it’s hard to sift through everything. EMF is one of those topics where a lot of people throw their hands up at some point and they’re like, “I don’t even know what to do.” We have sifted through all the information. I feel like we have a high level of integrity in the work that we do and the results that we see with people. I’m excited to be here for this interview on this show. Thanks for having me.

That’s something that other people throw their hands up and say, “There’s nothing I can do about it. This is the world we live in.” We certainly appreciate what you’re doing for patients across the country that are like, “There’s got to be something I can do.” Where can people start in all of this? If we could give a good overview about what sorts of frequencies you work with, what we might look for and what we’re commonly exposed to, just a good intro for our readers.

When we think of frequencies, there are all types of frequencies that are around us, especially now that we have created alternating current electricity. The most basic way to understand this is that humans were not created and did not evolve to be in an environment where we have these certain types of frequencies. There’s a set of frequencies that are more ancestral and have been on Earth since humanity started and since the beginning of creation or the Earth.

Separating them out into the natural and the unnatural types of electromagnetic magnetic fields is the best way to help people understand our approach and the way that we want to approach EMF shielding and getting results with the human body in the way that we do. When you walk into your house, you have electricity. You can turn on the lights.

All of that is technology and it’s a type of electricity that we use that was never found on this Earth before the late-1800s when Nikolai Tesla invented alternating current electricity. Thomas Edison was working on DC current and that was when he invented the light bulb using it. That’s the same type of electricity you find on the Earth and also in the human body.

What we found is that the alternating current is a pulsed current. If you think about anything in nature, there are very few things in nature that are pulsed. Even when you’re thinking of the sunrise and the sunset, there are no usually drastic changes. Things happen slowly over time. When the sun rises and sets, it changes spectrum throughout the day and gradually goes down and there’s this let-down. The beams of sunlight are not flashing. They’re beaming down because they’re this crazy source of heat that produces light. It beams down on us like fire does. Fire is heat and light in one and we’re getting a constant source of light from that.

All this worry about 5G is kind of late to the party. We should have been worried about 3G and 4Gwhen things are penetrating even deeper into the body.

In nature, we don’t have those pulsations, the flickering or anything of that source. What we have created in our world and in our homes that we’re surrounded with is a pulsating frequency of 60-hertz for our electric electrical system. There’s a magnetic component and an electric component to that that can be measured separately at that 60-hertz frequency. Those are two of the things that we measure when we come into people’s homes.

There’s the wireless radiation. That is the most popular topic when it comes to EMF mitigation. “All these frequencies are increasing. There’s 5G.” There’s so much information out there about what 5G is and what it isn’t but we didn’t have these frequencies before either. They’re floating through the air and sending information through the air. They’ve got a waveform that our bodies don’t recognize. We have never been exposed to that before.

What our goal in our assessment of people’s situations in their homes, workplaces and for many clinics that we work with around the world is we want to recreate a more ancestral environment in your home, especially in the places where you eat, sleep and detox. That’s when your body is supposed to be in this parasympathetic state. You’re supposed to be able to relax and everything. We focus on those areas and work to reduce exposure as much as possible.

There are levels that we are able to measure. We see the best results once we get below this level. We measure all things on the electromagnetic spectrum, including light because it is on the electromagnetic spectrum. We have already talked about electric fields and magnetic fields. There’s artificial light. There are also frequencies riding on the electrical system that is in a higher range. That’s referred to as dirty electricity.

We talked about wireless radiation and then another type is geopathic radiation that’s coming up from the Earth. Our ancestors knew about this. There are pockets ore deposits and these currents called Telluric currents that flow along the surface of the Earth’s crust. They’re more intense in some areas than others. Animals have learned to avoid those areas instinctually. Our ancestors all around the world had different traditions where they know that you get sick if you’re in this area.

The Chinese had feng shui. The Greeks and Romans used to have their animals sleep and graze on land for a year before they would decide to build to see if the animals were healthy. They had this knowledge about, “Where are the healthiest places to live? Where are we going to thrive the most?” That’s the overview of all the different types that we test for.

There are some that are man-made. There’s only one that’s natural that our ancestors and animals learned to avoid. We focus mostly on getting that home environment back to a healing environment. There’s no way that we can do that without taking some drastic measures. We have so much that has changed nowadays, not to mention all the way back to the invention of electricity. Our environment is completely different than it was many years ago.

If our ancestors could see us now. They knew how to avoid it. They knew that they felt sick and the animals would get sick. We are densely populating these downtown city environments that are completely radiated with all of this day and night. I like that you put it in such a historic lens. It’s quite elegant to look at it in an ancestral light. Can you dive into how that plays on us as we are electric and magnetic beings? What symptoms and such would people notice in more radiated environments?

One of the things to understand is that when we’re talking about this type of radiation, it’s non-ionizing radiation. It’s not like nuclear radiation. The damage happens with similar mechanisms in the body with hydroxyl free radicals and also peroxynitrite. There are nitrogen species and hydrogen species that become free radicals in the body.

HHS 16 | EMF Dangers
EMF Dangers: There’s a set of frequencies that are more ancestral that have been on earth since humanity started, you know, since the beginning of, of creation or the beginning of the earth.

It causes oxidative stress. It can happen in any tissue where your body is already experiencing oxidative stress. It stimulates these voltage-gated calcium ion channels to produce free radicals in the tissue in those areas. Wherever you have more oxidative damage happening, it has the potential to have even more damage happen when you’re exposed to EMF for that part of your body. It’s more targeted.

That results in people having a plethora of symptoms. Over time, we have related that to electromagnetic radiation exposure that’s in the non-native form. Non-native would mean not of this Earth. It’s something that we brought to this planet with an invention, like Nikola Tesla. A lot of our customers have symptoms. Insomnia is a huge one. You’re most vulnerable when you’re sleeping. A lot of people have brain fog and headaches. There are also many people that have heart arrhythmias, racing heart, anxiety and those sorts of things.

There are some more obscure symptoms like night sweats. We had one woman who had night sweats for two decades. We worked and shielded her room and did a whole protocol for her bedroom. They stopped overnight and never came back to my knowledge. It can affect your thyroid in a big way. We’ve had multiple people getting off their thyroid medication within 1 or 2 days of having a shielded room.

The thing about these frequencies is depending on what frequency it is, each frequency has a wavelength. They call it wavelength because there’s a certain length that the wave is. If that wave is the same as your thyroid, it’s going to resonate more with the thyroid and cause more stress to the thyroid gland as a whole because it is its own organ and it will have its own resonant frequency.

It’s the same thing with the adrenals or the liver. The skin is the biggest organ in the body. That’s the one that we measure the most when we’re measuring wireless radiation. We can measure your whole body and all of your skin as an antenna. When we do that, we get to see which frequencies are impacting the body the most. If this is your biggest organ and you’ve got these frequencies that are resonating with your skin, it’s not only resonating and radiating out with an alien frequency, but also pulsing inside of your body. Those frequencies are the ones that we see have a lot of impact on people that are the most sensitive.

We are like these giant receivers taking in these alien frequencies. Our bodies are responding to that as it would anything else. That’s when we see a lot of these auto-immune components being flared up with the thyroid. If any patient has already been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s then they move into a building that has flared up their symptoms, that can be precisely why.

We’ve got several people that recovered. One of the recovered people or the people that got off their thyroid medication was a colleague of mine. She’s another Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She had a cell phone tower across the street. She could see it from her bedroom window, maybe 500 or 600 yards away. We shielded her room and the readings were great in there. She sent me a message the first night. She was like, “I can’t sleep in my shielded room. My heart’s racing. My hands and feet are cold. My temperature’s going up and down.” She started to think about it, “Step back. Let me think about this as a practitioner.”

These are all thyroid symptoms. She got off the thyroid medication. She was like, “I’m going to not take my thyroid glandular and see how I do.” She slept like a baby that night better than she had ever slept in years. She hasn’t had to get back on it, to my knowledge. It’s pretty amazing that something as simple as one stressor could be impacting your thyroid in a way that perpetuates a problem and a need for medication, a glandular or something that supports your thyroid.

It’s peeling back all of these different layers of an individual’s life. That’s why it is holistic medicine. It’s not just, “Your thyroid has a problem.” Why does your thyroid have a problem? Is it in your environment, diet or lifestyle? It’s all of these different components. That’s why we love bringing all this information to these patients’ minds that they haven’t considered. That’s excellent what you’re doing. You had touched on one of the major things that people consider and talk about in terms of EMF is the implementation of 5G. If you can touch on that and how that has changed some of the frequencies in our cities and towns and what that means for us?

Before, we were talking about the length of the wave of the frequencies. The cell phone frequencies are anywhere from a few inches, centimeters, all the way up to feet and even miles. If you get into the AM radio stations, those wavelengths are many miles long. They bounce between the Earth’s surface, the ionosphere above the sky and then back down. The FM radio stations are the ones that are between 4 feet and 8 feet. Those ones are about the same height as the average human body. Those resonate most with the human body and our skin.

We definitely do not have an ancestral environment anymore, and it’s getting worse and worse as time goes on, especially in this realm of wireless technology.

A lot of the 5G frequencies are still the same as the cell phone frequencies that we have with 4G and 3G. Those are intensifying with this fifth generation. That’s what 5G stands for. It’s the fifth generation of wireless technology. We got 3G and 4G frequencies that are increasing. With 5G, they’re also adding what they call millimeter waves. Instead of them being inches or feet, they’re down on the millimeter level. That’s why they’re called millimeter waves. You think of the human body, how many parts do we have? What sizes are they?

Once you get down to millimeters, you’re in a whole different zone of what could be affected in the body. Many studies show that skin cells are affected in the most impactful way with these millimeter waves compared to other types of wireless radiation. The silver lining of 5G is that it doesn’t penetrate as deeply as these other longer wavelengths do. In many ways, in my opinion, all of this worry about 5G is late to the party. We should have been worried about 3G and 4G when things were penetrating even deeper into the body. With 5G, I’m still concerned and it’s still not good but the 3G and 4G should have had the hype over 5G, honestly.

That’s good to know there are some improvements where everything else is becoming these smart things in these convenience measures that are adding to the problem. We’re stepping away in some sense.

It’s a catch-22 because 5G doesn’t penetrate as deeply, they have to increase the power and that makes it penetrate more. If you’re closer to a tower, it can be problematic for you.

What would a safer distance be from a tower? If you’re looking for a home or office space, what distance would you look for?

It depends on the frequency. If the frequency is a lower frequency with 3G or 4G, you have to be farther away from the tower. If it’s a 5G tower, you could be safe with it around the corner because it can’t penetrate through the building. If it’s right there in front of your house and it’s blasting through your window, that could impact you in a severe way.

Also, I want to differentiate that 5G doesn’t necessarily equate to meaning like millimeter-wave. T-Mobile’s 5G network is based on 600 megahertz, which resonates a lot with the human body. It goes even farther than most of the other frequencies. The other cell phone companies are using 700 megahertz up to about 2,000 megahertz for their 3G and 4G networks. 2,000 megahertz is 2 gigahertz. If you get up to Wi-Fi, you’re at 2.4 gigahertz and you have 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi.

Once you get up to about five gigahertz in frequency, it doesn’t resonate as much with the human body and penetrates through walls very well. If you’ve noticed, your home Wi-Fi network will have a 2.4 gigahertz and a 5 gigahertz. If you’ve got a good signal on your 5G Wi-Fi then it’s faster. You can notice, if you go the farthest away in your house from the router, you won’t be able to get the 5G signal anymore but you can still get the 2.4 gigahertz signal on your router. That’s because 2.4 can go through walls easier and everything in the higher frequency one doesn’t.

It’s interesting that there’s so much differentiation between these cell phone companies that people don’t think of. You can go down such a rabbit hole with all of this. I’m learning from you. Our readers might be interested in understanding how this could specifically affect the heart.

HHS 16 | EMF Dangers
EMF Dangers: When you go camping, you’re going out into nature, and a lot of people sleep better. They’re not around electricity. They don’t have the artificial light around them to increase their cortisol and lower their melatonin.

We have had many customers who didn’t even know that they were electrosensitive or sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. They had what they would describe as panic attacks, heart arrhythmias, a racing heart or some anxiety that all of a sudden floods them. That’s what people feel when they’re having a heart arrhythmia. Many people are, I wouldn’t say just having a heart arrhythmia but having a heart arrhythmia and they’re diagnosed with it being a panic attack.

In multiple times, half a dozen customers didn’t even know that they were sensitive to EMF. They were diagnosed with a panic attack, heart arrhythmias or something like that. I go back and I talk to them and we do this little question and answer back and forth. As a practitioner, I’m trying to think about, “Where were you when you had this happen? What was around you? Where were you going? Were there any cell phones?”

You start to get into more specific questions like, “Did you have a cell phone on your body? Did anyone else have a cell phone around you? Were you close to a smart meter?” They ask, “What’s a smart meter?” It’s the electric meter that’s on the other side of the wall that has these pulsations at 900 megahertz that specifically target the heart.” They were like, “I don’t know.” They would go back and look like, “There’s a smart meter 3 feet away from where I started having my panic attacks when I moved into this apartment.”

There’s even a video. It used to be on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s on there anymore. They had somebody hooked up to an EKG machine and a meter that graphs out the electromagnetic pulses. When the smart meter would pulse, it corresponded exactly with the heart arrhythmia in the person lying down right there.

You can see it in real-time.

The pulses are what affect the heart the most. There’s a signal that’s happening. It’s almost like when you’ve got the defibrillator and you’re pulsing energy through the heart, it jolts the heart in some way. If the frequency is right, it’s going to be doing that with the strong pulsations. You could imagine that even the constant pulsations from the cell phone towers are affecting us chronically all day long in various ways as well. We have had many of our customers go through the shielding protocol in the bedroom and everything and many of their symptoms go away. It’s like a blanket oxidative stressor on the body and it targets the areas where you’ve already got oxidative stress. That’s what makes it so problematic.

One of the foundational things too if you’re going down this ancestral health path and trying to eat and live more like your ancestors without the chemicals, the toxins and everything that affect our bodies so profoundly in a negative way, you have to not only be thinking about what you’re putting into your body but also the environment that you’re putting your body into. We do not have this ancestral environment anymore and it’s getting worse as time goes on especially in this realm of wireless technology.

We talk a lot about that. Also, there are problematic things inside your home because of the way we wire our homes. We don’t use shielded wiring. We have this electricity that’s coming out of the walls and stimulating your body with these micro pulsations at 60 hertz all night long while you’re sleeping. That’s affecting people’s hearts too with the 60 hertz.

It’s not just your Wi-Fi router or some of these more commonly considered things. Can you touch on some of the appliances, even the walls and lighting, that can also be effective and taken into this whole picture?

One of the things that we do is we go into homes and test the voltage on your bed. We have this measurement that we call body voltage. We will hook up a ground wire to our multimeter. A multimeter is what a lot of electricians use to measure anything when they come to troubleshoot things in your home. They’re familiar with this device.

One of the biggest classic signs that you’re reacting to flicker is headaches and also eye strain.

We will measure your voltage compared to what it would be if you were outside barefoot on the ground essentially. I have had people who had 15 or 20 volts on their body and that’s 20,000 millivolts. We want that number to be zero ideally. Ten millivolts is the cutoff. We’re like, “If you have ten millivolts, it’s okay.” They’re up at 20,000.

The average homes are around anywhere between 1,000 millivolts up to 6,000 millivolts. That phenomenon is from having electricity in the house with Romex wiring, which is the plastic wiring with the wires inside. Very standard. It goes through all the walls and up to the lights. You’re surrounding yourself in this electrified environment or electric cage.

When you go camping, you’re going out into nature. A lot of people sleep better for various reasons. They’re not around electricity. They don’t have the artificial light around them to increase their cortisol and lower their melatonin. Imagine if you’re pitching your tent and then, “There’s an electrical outlet right there for me to plug in my stove or whatever. I want to feel like I’m back at home. I’m going to plug in an extension cord here. Let me wrap it underneath the tent, around the top of the tent and around the sides a few times.” That’s the environment that we’re living in at home. It’s not natural. It’s not something that our ancestors would have ever been exposed to.

It’s problematic even having something plugged in like that because the voltage is still coming through there. Your body voltage is going to be around 12,000 to 15,000 if you grab that electrical cord while it’s plugged in because the cord is not shielded. That’s a lot of what we’re testing around people’s homes. If you have electricity, there are no errors just because you have voltage in the home. This is the way that we do things. Our goal is to mitigate that.

Also, there are some wiring errors that we can detect in people’s homes that cause a magnetic field. In those, we work with the National Electrical Code because they’re usually violations of the National Electrical Code that cause the magnetic field to happen. We go in there with what’s called a Gauss meter and measure the alternative current magnetic fields. We can find current on pipes and also from wiring errors. We will shut off circuits.

On water pipes even?

Yes. If some of your readers are living in the city, if you go down to where your water is, it’s common that we will connect our ground wire for our electrical system to metal pipes. If you live in the city and you have metal pipes, go down to where your water is and look and see if you have a ground wire connected to the metal pipes. It would be a big copper wire that’s on there. That goes right to your electrical system.

Any home in your neighborhood that has a wiring error can be dumping some neutral current from the circuit onto the pipes in the neighborhood. That will come up into your house and cause magnetic fields in your whole house. There are ways that we work with people to fix that in their own homes. Sometimes we might be able to determine which house it is by going outside and walking in the neighborhood. That’s when it becomes complicated but that’s what we do. We will go into your house, figure out what’s going on and help you have the best environment possible for you.

That’s something that more of our readers need to consider for their home environments, especially in spaces of sleep and detox. Sleep is such an important basis for all of health. If you’re not able to sleep and get into that parasympathetic state every night, you’re riding this sympathetic wave of all the time.

To that, we haven’t talked much about light yet. We often focus on the spectrum of light, which is important for sleep and staying in a more parasympathetic state during various times of the day. The big thing is, “Blue light is bad. Block the blue light.” I agree with that but only after 3:00 or 4:00 PM. You do need these blue wavelengths. You’re getting them from the sun in the morning and throughout noon. Noontime is when you’re getting it the most.

HHS 16 | EMF Dangers
EMF Dangers: It seems kind of counterintuitive, like blue light is supposed to suppress melatonin, but it actually helps you to produce serotonin at the beginning of the day process.

You need that because those wavelengths help you to produce serotonin, which is a precursor to melatonin later in the night. If you’re not getting that bright white light and blue light in the first half of the day, you’re not going to produce as much melatonin later. It seems counterintuitive, “Blue light is supposed to suppress melatonin.” It helps you to produce serotonin at the beginning of the day.

It goes back to following those ancestral circadian rhythms of like, “We’re outside. We’re following the frequencies and the spectrum of the sun and what it is doing.” That’s our goal in people’s homes is to match the outside light environment with the inside in spectrum but also in flicker. A lot of our bulbs are flickering that we install in the house, even if they have a good spectrum or they’re a red light. They still may flicker.

A lot of the reason that they’re going to be flickering is that they’re running on the pulse electricity. It’s got this electricity that’s going 120 times back and forth per second. Some bulbs are not modulated, created or have the technology in them to dampen down that flicker. They’ll turn off at the same frequency that it’s going on and off. You can take a slow-motion video with your phone of all the lights in your house and determine which ones are flickering and which ones are not flickering.

Generally speaking, incandescent bulbs are better than LEDs because they have a filament inside that heats up. In between those pulses, it doesn’t cool down all the way. It cools down a little bit. You might have a little bit of a flicker but not nearly as much. The higher the wattage the bulb is, the less it cools down between those pulses.

“They have worked hard to get rid of all these energy-wasting bulbs and the higher wattage and only allow 60-watt or 75-watt incandescent bulbs.” That energy was never wasted. It was energy in the near-infrared range that energizes our bodies, elevates our mood and stimulates the mitochondria because of the photobiomodulation effect of those near-infrared spectrums on the incandescent bulbs. There are also some LED bulbs that don’t flicker that we recommend.

What would you recommend for people to look for?

You need to buy two different sets of bulbs. You need bulbs for the bare bones of your house that are like, “I need light.” I would recommend 75-watt to 100-watt incandescent lights or halogen lights for recessed lighting. For LEDs, there are some brands of LEDs that look like this vintage style. There’s one brand called Ascher. You have to get the non-dimmable kind. Those ones have extremely low flicker and little blue light as well.

For nighttime, there’s a brand you can get on Amazon. A lot of people are trying to avoid Amazon. I don’t know where else to get them. They’re called Sunlite. They’re like party bulbs. You can get red orange and yellow. The yellow is pretty dim. I would go with the orange or the red. Those are zero-flicker red and orange bulbs that you can use in lamps. Once the sun goes down, you start turning on those lights.

A lot of people wear the BluBlocker glasses like the ones I have. These are good. It turns everything into an orange or red color. You don’t want to filter out the sunlight. I’ve seen people wearing these BluBlockers at biohacking conferences outside or at noon. You shouldn’t be wearing this spectrum at noon.

Testimonials are great, but we need to use something other than testimonials to convince us to purchase a product, especially if it’s for our health.

I’m trying to block out in the evening hours the blue light artificial ones.

You’re trying to mimic nature. If you’re wearing these in the morning when you first get up and the sun is already out, you’re not mimicking nature. If you get up at what some would call the butt crack of dawn and the sun is still not out, you can wear these. Take them off as soon as the sun starts to peek over the horizon on your way to work, open that window and get some unfiltered sunlight into your eye.

You need that for cognitive function and everything. Your brain needs to register, “It’s go time. We need to think and operate.” Going back to the flicker, if you are able to slow that down and look at the flicker through your phone, you could describe this better than I can, it’s hitting your system as essentially a strobe light, which is not going to be great for the parasympathetic nervous system.

One of the biggest classic signs that you’re reacting to flicker is headaches and also eyestrain. A lot of people in offices are under fluorescent lighting or LED lighting all day long. They can’t focus and get work done. They have brain fog and their eyes hurt. That usually is related to flicker. There are other things in the office that can be stressing your body as well. If it happens towards the head then it’s the flicker.

What’s interesting with the work that I do as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is there’s a test for the adrenal glands called the Pupillary Reflex Test. You shine a battery-operated, non-flickering light into someone’s eyes in a dark space and you can see their pupil pulsing. If it’s pulsing then that’s the sign of adrenal fatigue. If it constricts and holds strong then you have pretty strong adrenals. This is a sign. “Why is it pulsing?” This is a theory that I have. Maybe it’s used to having flickering light all the time and trying to adjust constantly.

If you have flickering light all the time, your eyes are constantly trying to adjust to it. What’s connected to your eyes and brain? It’s your hypothalamus and pituitary gland. There’s that HPA axis with the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenals causing adrenal fatigue. Many brilliant doctors discovered this correlation between the pupillary reflex and the adrenal glands. It used to be something that doctors would use all the time to determine different types of diagnosis as far as the adrenal glands go.

The flicker isn’t always something you can see. Sometimes you turn on a light and you have the electrician come over and say, “The lights are flickering. Can you fix this?” This wouldn’t even necessarily be a visible flicker. It’s an imperceptible flicker that your brain can’t process fast enough but your eyes are constantly fighting against. That’s why people get eyestrain and headaches because their eyes are constantly trying to adjust.

I wanted to also ask you about that. There are so many little devices for, “You can put this on your cell phone or computer to mitigate some of these on a smaller scale than the entire home or office shielding.” Are there any with any validity? I know you’re big on testing these products, which is excellent. You’re not spending the money, time and resources without having it be an actual valid source of mitigating the problem.

There are many. Even multimillion-dollar companies have become multimillion-dollar companies because they have some product that they claim is quick and easy to put on your phone, router or in your house to help mitigate the damage. Some of them even say it completely protects you. Honestly, a lot of the companies out there are bogus. It’s much better to step back, not be so anxious about the topic in general and say, “Where am I going to spend my money wisely? How am I going to do this?”

I was talking to a mold expert. We’re going to do some collaborative work together. He was saying, “Anybody has an opinion on mold. They can tell you to do this. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on something that doesn’t work.” It’s the same way in the EMF space. You can spend a lot of money on things that aren’t going to reduce your symptoms. There may be some legitimate ones too. I’m not saying that all of them are this way.

HHS 16 | EMF Dangers
EMF Dangers: A lot of the companies that consider themselves to be harmonizers are just putting out a beneficial frequency. They’re not actually blocking harmful frequencies.

The one thing that all of them pretty much have going for them is they’ve got a catalyst to the placebo effect. You can get testimonials from anything. I could give someone this little fuzzy thing on my microphone and tell them that, “This is going to completely shield you from all electromagnetic radiation in your house.” If they believed it, they would feel an impact because of the placebo effect. I could get a great testimonial from them. Testimonials are great but we need to not only use testimonials as something that convinces us of purchasing a product especially if it’s for our health.

A lot of these companies are jumping on the bandwagon because they see an opportunity to make a lot of money. There are some that I would consider more to be not just for EMF but they’re more on reducing inflammation. They’re not related to EMF blocking at all. They support the body in some way to help mitigate damage that the EMF cause but not any more than getting a red light therapy panel or doing a sauna.

Those have specific pathways that help reduce or even reverse EMF damage because they’re helping get nitric oxide out of the cell. Nitric oxide has to be in the cell in order for peroxynitrite to be created with superoxide in close proximity. Exercising and getting your lactic acid moving and the nitric oxide into the blood veins so you have that vassal dilation are some strategies you can do to help reduce your damage by up to 80% when you have EMF exposure.

There are different things you can do to help the body mitigate the damage done from EMF exposure. A lot of the companies that consider themselves to be harmonizers or putting out a beneficial frequency are not ever blocking the frequencies. We have measured it. It doesn’t make a difference in the damage in frequencies that are still hitting your body. It may be helping you in some way or it could be a fuzzy ball.

That’s important if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on anything, be it mold remediation or EMF remediation. Look for companies with integrity and that have done that testing. It’s not testimonials and some excellent marketing because those companies are out there, unfortunately. Outside of some of these devices and what have you, are there supplements that you might suggest or anything for protecting during the day?

Magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker. One of the main studies on EMF damage and the mechanism of EMF damage was put together by Dr. Martin Pall out of Washington State University. The studies that he was using showed a group of people on calcium channel blockers and another group that wasn’t. They exposed them to the same level of EMF and the people that were on the calcium channel blockers didn’t have the same damage as the control group.

I would never recommend any type of calcium channel blocker drug but magnesium is a beneficial mineral that has a similar effect that to a calcium channel blocker. Magnesium and calcium are always trying to be in balance or a little bit antagonistic but also synergistic with one another. That’s one. Anything that reduces oxidative stress can help as well. Molecular hydrogen, which has a magnesium component in it. They use magnesium malate on malic acid.

There are other antioxidants like glutathione and NAC, which have been under fire from many different angles. I wouldn’t take NAC long-term because it’s mucolytic. It will help you get over respiratory illnesses and break up mucus, which is important. Over time, it can thin those mucous membranes and so you don’t want to take it long-term. Three months maximum or as needed.

That’s what I recommend. If you’ve got some excess mucus or chest congestion, use that to break it down and break it up. Otherwise, it’s keeping some extra antioxidants, minerals, magnesium and those things on board to subdue and bring down those reactive oxygen species that are going to occur from our daily life, unfortunately. There’s one last question for you before I let you go. How do you live a heart-healthy lifestyle?

The one thing I do is sleep in a shielded room every night. That’s pretty healthy for my heart. Also, the nitric oxide dumps and getting some cardio every day. It doesn’t have to be a lot. A lot of people are doing these long-distance things, which I don’t necessarily agree that that’s the healthiest thing to do. Get your body moving about 2 to 3 times a day. You can look up online nitric oxide release workouts. That is something huge.

If you don’t have joy in your life, find something that will bring joy and that’s going to help your heart.

It’s a four-minute workout. You do it 2 to 3 times a day to get that nitric oxide out of yourself and your blood pumping into all the extremities and everything. You can feel the nitric oxide. That tingly feeling is the nitric oxide doing its work. When you get that out of the cells, it’s 80% less EMF damage. I would say that, plus living a healthy and happy lifestyle with food and enjoying life with your family and friends. That’s extremely warming for my emotional heart because there’s an emotional heart and a physical heart. I would say like, “If you don’t have joy in your life, find something that will bring joy.” That’s going to help your heart for sure.

It’s looking at everything ancestrally, trying to get back to our ancestral roots and stay there as much as you can and your lifestyle that has changed so much around us. You’re doing an excellent job and work. Why don’t you tell our readers one more time where they can learn more about what you’re doing and find more resources that you have provided?

My company is Shielded Healing. You can go to and find out about us. I have a shirt and the back of it it says, “Your kids are grounded every night.” This is the shirt that we give to people after they have completed their shielding and they have children. They can wear this around and talk about how their kids are grounded every night.

Another huge resource that I want to tell your readers about is we’ve got this online course available called the Electro-Pollution Fix. It’s a six-module course. We take people through what you can do in your own home and the steps you can take right away and educate you on many different aspects of all the different types of stressors that you can find in your home.

It’s important for everybody to get started and get on this forward-thinking motion of EMF and mitigating them and grounding their children every night. Thank you so much, Brian. This has been educational for me. I know that all of our readers are going to appreciate everything that you provided here. I look forward to hearing more from you and in the mold space as well. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Dr. Lauren.

Thank you so much.

About Brian Hoyer

HHS 16 | EMF Dangers

Brian Hoyer is one of the world’s top EMF mitigation specialists and a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. He founded Shielded Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats. His work has helped connect the EMF mitigation world with the health and wellness industry.

Shielded Healing travels all over the U.S., guiding people through the process of creating ancestral healing spaces in their homes, offices, and work spaces. They work with contractors and offer consultations to customize EMF shielding for homes and businesses from the ground up in new construction and remodels.

In addition to Home EMF assessments and Construction Consultations, Shielded Healing works closely with many functional medicine doctors, hospitals, and clinics around the world to provide EMF shielding solutions and building protocols to aid their patients in reducing the EMF exposures we have in the modern world. Brian and his team are the favorite EMF consultants for many notable names in the Wellness and Biohacking Community. Brian is a husband, father of 4 children, and loves being part of innovation and designing healthier products and environments.

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Dr. Keith Smigiel

Dr. Keith Smigiel is a regenerative medicine physician and pain management specialist. He takes an integrative approach to medicine, focusing on customized solutions tailored to individual needs. Using advanced, non-surgical treatments, Dr. Smigiel stimulates your body’s ability to naturally heal itself.

Dr. Smigiel helps people suffering from conditions such as chronic pain and erectile dysfunction, to hair loss and weight gain. Combining treatments such as PRP Therapy, Ozone, Neural Prolotherapy, and IV Infusions with functional rehabilitation, he helps you look and feel better.

He heals the body, instead of just treating the symptoms!

With his professional qualifications as a certified family nurse practitioner, a doctor of chiropractic, and a fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, Dr. Smigiel offers patients comprehensive care from a broad perspective of conventional and alternative medicine. He also has extensive experience in functional rehabilitation and chronic pain management.

Dr. Smigiel is married to Angela and has two children, Sophia and Larz. When he’s not busy helping patients, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, motocross, and boating.

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Dr. James Kneller, M.D., Ph.D., FHRS

Dr. James Kneller is one of the nation’s leading heart rhythm specialists. Dr. Kneller is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Disease, and Internal Medicine.

As a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS) and Certified Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS), Kneller provides comprehensive patient care, combining best medical practice with invasive procedures using state-of-the-art technologies to treat heart rhythm disorders.

Beyond guideline-directed therapies, Kneller is passionate about optimized personal health. With a deep interest in complimentary alternative medicine (CAM), he strives to reduce the need for pharmaceuticals, invasive procedures, and exposure to harmful radiation. With Natural Heart Doctor, he strives to help each and every client to Live Well, Eat Well, and Think Well to attain their 100-year heart!

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Dr. Lattanza Office Visit with Patient

As a Naturopathic Physician, I am trained to treat the whole person and get to the root cause of disease.

I went to Arizona State University where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a depth in physiology and minor in Spanish. After my undergraduate degree I was working on prerequisite classes towards medical school, which is when I came to learn that my values identified best with the principles of naturopathic medicine. I knew that I wanted to help patients identify the causes of disease and be able to offer treatments which would improve their health rather than simply treating symptoms.

I dedicated the next 4 years to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona where I attained my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. I served as Class President all 4 years, Board of Trustees – Student Trustee, spoke as the Club President for our branch of Toastmasters, and was voted by my peers and attending physicians to earn the Outstanding Leadership Award for the Class of 2020. Throughout medical school I took it upon myself to work alongside MDs, DOs, chiropractors, and functional medicine practitioners in addition to naturopathic physicians.

As a Spanish speaking student, I was able to volunteer with community clinics around Phoenix and provide free healthcare to low-income families. Due to this combined exposure, I came to find my passion in treating cardiometabolic and digestive disorders that are all too common, yet largely preventable. I took the opportunity to learn the broad spectrum of healthcare so I can ensure that I am able to provide my patients with the best options.

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Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board-certified cardiologist, Amazon best-selling author, husband, father, and the nation’s #1 Natural Heart Doctor.

For more than two decades, more than one million people have enjoyed the warmth, compassion, and transformational power of his natural heart health courses and events.

Dr. Wolfson is the founder of Natural Heart Doctor Scottsdale, his heart health practice in Arizona, and Natural Heart Doctor, an online resource center with natural health information. Doctors from across the globe reach out to Dr. Wolfson for training and education in holistic health practices.

He has been named one of America’s Top Functional Medicine Doctors and is a five-time winner of the Natural Choice Awards as a holistic M.D. Dr. Wolfson’s work has been covered by more than 100 media outlets, including NBC, CNN, and the Washington Post. His book “The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health” was an Amazon #1 best-seller.

Dr. Wolfson and his wife Heather have four children and are committed to making the world a better place to live. They provide for those in need (including animals) and support natural health causes through their philanthropic efforts.


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