Fight Off Viruses and Other Illnesses Just by Doing This…


At this point in history, we are looking at health and disease prevention in a new light. We are asking how prepared is our body to combat viruses? Am I setting myself up for disease in the future because of my current lifestyle? If these questions resonate on any level, you have just found your source to reverse your illness and disease trajectory and take back your health.

The simple definition of health is the state of being free from illness or injury. So, what is ONE thing we can do to improve our health: sleep.

How does sleep impact the Immune System?

Sleep is the time during which our body cleans the house. It’s when our brains and organ systems detoxify and expel used/toxic materials out of the body (hence, morning bowel movements).

It is also when stress hormones are low, which allows our T cells to better attack pathogens…especially virus-infected cells and cancer cells.

You may have heard that stress can lower your immune function. Well, this is why: immune system T- cells have a harder time sticking to pathogens when stress hormones are present. If they can’t adhere to virus or cancer cells, they can’t kill them, and these opportunistic bugs then start replicating.

How much sleep do I need?

Like other key components of health (such as nutrition and exercise) the quantity of sleep is based on individual needs. We recommend 7-9 hours a night however, quality is also a factor. If you get great quality sleep in 6 hours and you feel great functioning on this amount, then that may be all you need. But if you have brain fog, blood sugar issues, memory problems, or get sick regularly, reevaluate your bedtime routine and sleep schedule. Again, sleep is just as important as nutrition, exercise, and even hygiene.

Other Health Benefits of Quality Sleep

Not only will great sleep boost your immune function, it will also help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, decrease inflammation and risk of heart disease, strokes and other cardiac events. The list goes on, but the bottom line is: better sleep equals better health.

Tools for Quality Sleep

Not sure where to start on revamping your sleep…we’re here to help. Take advantage of a free consultation with one of our health coaches. Talk to them about a Home Sleep Test and adding Magnesium to your health plan.

Just remember, your body wants you to function optimally and feel great. It needs great materials (Paleo foods, clean water, clean air) and great sleep to do this.


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