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Forrest Maready Challenges The Medical Paradigm Behind The Polio Vaccine


Forrest Maready has spent the last few years researching and writing about some of the most enigmatic riddles of science and medicine, notably autism and polio. Based on Forrest’s research, he believes that polio started due to a pesticide used to battle an invasive species of moth. This event is the basis of his book, The Moth in the Iron Lung. He also discusses other factors on polio, including how medical problems started and developed. Tune in and listen as Forrest disputes and challenges aspects of the medical paradigm.

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Forrest Maready Challenges The Medical Paradigm Behind The Polio Vaccine

My guest’s topic is not a topic that pertains to heart health. We’re not talking about high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, or the typical cardiac stuff. What we’re going to talk about is peeling back the veil on the medical paradigm and what we commonly hear on a daily basis as far as the way things are. This is sickness and this is health. We know that to be incorrect in so many different ways.

One of the biggest topics that I have learned about over the years as it pertains to tearing down that medical model, shattering the medical paradigm, and unveiling all of the inadequacies in modern medicine, the poster child there is polio. When I heard about this book called The Moth in the Iron Lung by my guest, Forrest Maready, I was excited to read about the book and to get the book. I’m telling you all to get a copy of this book and you’re going to learn why. I have Forrest Maready on the Healthy Heart Show. Welcome, Forrest.

Dr. Wolfson, thanks for having me. I’m looking forward to talking about this crazy topic. It’s an interesting story that most people have never heard.

Whenever we talk about infectious disease, if we talk about measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, HPV, and on to where we’re at with Corona and COVID-19. We talk about the whole, “Vaccines will save us,” thing. If we question that, everybody comes back, and they say, “What about polio?” What do you think about that when it’s like, “What about polio?” Tell me why you wrote the book.

Polio is the foundational myth on which nearly all allopathic medicine is built. It is a story that exists in people’s minds in such an enormity. They never challenged it. They would never think that maybe they were told something that either wasn’t true or was an exaggeration of the truth or flat out lied to. What you’ll start to see as you examine the polio story is all of these things happened. There were some things that were not told, there were some things that were fabricated or exaggerated, and there were flat-out lies about it.

All of these things work together to build this fable that polio was a killer virus that, without any other impetus other than a microbe traveling around the world, was paralyzing and killing children in mass. Medicine came to the rescue with the help of science to invent a vaccine that was the only thing that could have possibly saved us from certain death. I’m playing the devil’s advocate and saying it in such a way that’s ridiculous but that is what is in the back of people’s minds.

Before vaccines, there were children dying in iron lungs. The picture is of children in these iron sarcophaguses. Vaccines saved us and without vaccines, we would all be dead. That’s not true. You can go back much further than the poliovirus and the polio epidemics of the 1900s but the reality is much of that story that vaccines saved us from death is not true. I wanted it to be true. I grew up believing in vaccines like anyone. The more I researched, the more I began to question. When polio comes down, the other ones start falling quickly after it because polio is the one that everyone bases their faith in.

Polio is the foundational myth on which nearly all of allopathic medicine is built.

My wife and I have been talking about the whole vaccine paradigm and certainly about polio for years and years and that’s what I love about your book. We’ve been talking about it, writing blogs about it, and we’ve hosted live events based on discussing vaccines including polio. What’s fantastic about your book is that it’s so well researched and it lays out the entire timeline for how the whole thing went down.

Ultimately, the vast majority of people, probably 99%-plus of the population, have no idea what polio is. They have no idea of the story. They have no idea that poliomyelitis means gray matter inflammation. It doesn’t speak to a virus or the cause. It speaks to what they were able to diagnose many years ago anatomically. It’s that little soundbite that people can retort, “What about polio?” I would say to them, “What about polio? I’ll throw it back in your face. What do you know about polio?” Wouldn’t you agree that most people have no clue what it was, how many people allegedly had polio, and what it was from?

One of the big discoveries I made while researching the book was understanding that polio was a symptom. You call it its full name, Poliomyelitis. If you go back even further, it was Poliomyelitis of the Anterior Horn, which is the front part of the spinal cord. It was what they used to describe what was likely causing paralysis in someone.

They do autopsies on animals and they could see the inflammation in the anterior horn of the spinal cord. It was a symptom. If your child woke up one morning and it was dragging their legs out of bed, you’d say that they had poliomyelitis, meaning they had a lesion in the gray matter in their spinal cords. It slowly became the name of the disease itself when they started messing around with viruses in the 1900s, 1910s. In fact, there were several viruses that were starting to cause this problem and they picked one and they named it poliovirus even though there were 2 or 3 others that did the same thing.

Going back to your question about why I wrote the book, I had heard stories like anyone. You’ll hear DDT, polio. If you start down the rabbit hole for five minutes, you’ll see this DDT-polio connection. That rang true to me a bit but I wasn’t satisfied with that because DDT didn’t come out until the end of World War II. It was used in World War II, militarily speaking. It started being used commercially and residentially right after World War II. That doesn’t explain why polio started making an appearance in the late 1800s and the 1900s. The thing I started trying to figure out is why then though?

If children weren’t getting paralyzed until the late 1800s, what was that event? What was that thing that might have triggered some environmental effect that might have caused what used to have been an innocuous infection that anyone could clear without any effect? What caused that to start having problems suddenly? That’s what led me to start doing research. The first recorded polio outbreak in US history was in 1894 in Rutland, Vermont. What was going on then?

HHS 30 | Polio Vaccine
The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio

You look back in the Boston Medical Journal, which is an incredible resource of information. 1893, one year earlier, 25 people came down with paralysis this summer. We don’t know why. What’s happening around that time? You start looking. This is the story of the book. There was an invasive species of moth that had been brought into Boston, Massachusetts. It had been released there inadvertently. The pesticide they were using to control it was Paris Green, which is what a lot of people have heard about. It wasn’t working well, so they invented a new pesticide called Lead Arsenic.

Within a year, polio starts happening in epidemic form. In fact, the moth started spreading across the Northeast of the United States and you can track the spread of polio by tracking the spread of the moth because they were using that lead arsenic pesticide to spray it. It’s incredible how well it correlates. The spread of polio in the late 1800s and early 1900s correlates with the spread of pesticides.

That was the a-ha moment for me. I had never heard that correlation done. I’d heard DDT before but it didn’t explain the 1890s and the 1900s and why did it suddenly start happening then. When I saw the story of the Gypsy Moth and how it completely destroyed Boston in New England and how a new pesticide was invented at that time, that was the lightbulb. I was like, “A-ha. I bet that’s it. I bet that’s why a formally innocuous virus started paralyzing people.” They were wrecking their guts with pesticides and they were spraying it everywhere if you’ve seen pictures of it. You can look it up on Google. Look up, “Lead arsenic pesticide spraying 1900s,” and you won’t believe what they’re doing.

Your description of the story and all the research you did, that’s the version that makes sense because there are other versions that have no rationale why it happened. They have no rationale why there were multiple cases or, in some situations, hundreds of cases of unexplained paralysis. Yet you talk about it as a known fact that arsenic poisoning leads to the same constellation of symptoms, including paralysis. Lead arsenic poisoning leads to those same symptoms. DDT poisoning can lead to those symptoms. Once you start putting the timeline together, it makes it obvious that this is the most likely scenario.

There are two factors at play here. People always get hung up or confused on this. I want to make it clear. DDT and lead arsenic, these pesticides can cause symptoms that are akin to the paralysis of polio. They can do that. People will say, “They’re slightly different.” Back then, they didn’t know any better. If your legs were paralyzed, they called it polio.

They didn’t know how to differentiate between the effects of pesticide poisoning or a virus that’s gotten into your nervous system. Yes, pesticides can cause problems and they did, but the reality is, there were epidemics of paralysis that spread a disease vector normally would. They would have an outbreak and it would grow and you can track it.

I can understand why they thought, “A virus or something is causing this.” What was happening and this is what I’m fairly convinced of is when your mucosal immunity in your intestines is destroyed by pesticide ingestion, these enteroviruses, which grow in your intestines, can get into your spinal cord. If you take one of these viruses that are injected into your nervous tissue, it will destroy it. These are nasty viruses. You don’t want them in your nervous tissue.

Your immune system is good at protecting itself from massive pesticide ingestion. These kids were eating apples, grapes, and fruits and this is why it all happened in the summer because that’s when they harvested the produce that was being sprayed so heavily. They’re ingesting massive amounts of pesticide. Their gut health is being wrecked and these enteroviruses can work their way into the spinal cord.

I want to make sure people understand there are two problems with pesticide use. One is acute poisoning and the other is it wrecks your gut health and it creates a pathway for these viruses to get into your spinal cord possibly. As you said, their answer for why did this start happening in the 1800s 1900s? When you ask somebody about the Coronavirus vaccine and you say, “It doesn’t stop the spread. Why are they mandating it and having passports and all this other monkey business when it doesn’t stop the spread?”

Do you know that haze that comes over people’s faces? It’s like, “It’s safer that way.” When they can’t compute a logical answer, that’s what happens when you ask anyone. Even a scientific researcher asks them, “Why did polio start spreading in the late 1800s, early 1900s?” They’ll say, “Better sanitation.” That’s their answer or, “People weren’t getting sick as much and they didn’t have the immunity built up.”

That’s a ridiculous premise because polio was called infantile paralysis for 30 or 40 years because babies were getting it. That was the main target. To suggest that better sanitation caused it because children were being exposed to the virus earlier and got paralyzed later is completely false. It was called Infantile Paralysis because babies got it.

It wasn’t a later exposure that was the problem. It’s clear. If you do any amount of research with an open mind, you will see the scientists of the time, the doctors of the time, they all were saying, “What is this? Why is this happening all of a sudden? We don’t understand. This has never happened before. Why is it suddenly happening?”

It is in the back of people’s minds that vaccines save us from viruses, and without vaccines, we would all be dead. And that’s just not true.

To go conspiracy on the situation too, there are nuances in your book and maybe you come right out and say it a little bit like the cover-up. If you’re this pesticide maker and you sponsor the politicians, you pay these politicians, you don’t blame it on pesticides. You will not accept that culpability. You’ll only blame it on a virus. Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies are more than happy to eventually come up with a vaccine. The idea here is I want people to question everything. We can question the pandemic narrative of what’s going on. We’re going to go back and we’re going to question what happened with polio and everything in between.

I cover a little bit in the book but the problems that arose from the application of lead arsenic, this pesticide that was being used to try and stop the Gypsy Moth, that led to the FDA. There were so many complaints about poisoning, food poisoning, and sickness that the government had to do something. It was the late 1920s, ’30s, or somewhere around there. It wasn’t called the FDA at the time. They had another name for it. It ended up becoming the FDA. They started trying to address the problem because people were angry. They knew something was wrong.

They would mandate that apples had to be washed off in such a way. It was a useless technique to clean the apples because the beauty of lead arsenic as a pesticide was you couldn’t wash it off. That’s why they liked it. The rain would wash it off. You only need to apply it once. They thought a bath of water would clean the fruit and never mind the pesticide had already been absorbed into the skin. It was in the fruit itself.

To go back to what your point is, that’s the first indication. If you go back through scientific archives where you see the government working in tandem with an industry to work in their favor. What I mean by that is there were clearly scientists who were complaining that this pesticide is not safe for children to eat. We have to do something about it. The government, through the FDA, hired their own scientists. They had bought and paid for scientists out of the University of Mississippi or somewhere who would say whatever they wanted them to say. He would say whatever they wanted him to say.

Was that the great uncle of Anthony Fauci?

Probably. He started a trend, “Nine out of ten scientists agree with whatever you pay them to study and to come up with.” He was one of the first I’ve been able to find where he was clearly in their pocket and he would say whatever they wanted him to say. It’s been going on for probably before that but it’s clear that the FDA was in cahoots with the apple industry and food growing industry.

It was a revolving door like it is now. You’re president of this, then you become president of the FDA and back and forth. They all scratch each other’s backs and they hit all the problems with the pesticides. Fortunately, eventually, lead arsenic grew out of disfavor because everyone figured out it was legitimately horrible.

We can look back and say, “Everybody knows lead is bad,” and lead has been banned from paint, toys, and all these different places. Can you imagine they were spraying it all over the food and it’s banned because it’s so toxic? It’s especially toxic to children. We know that now and we should have known it back then.

You can go in the Eastern United States like Virginia, there are entire neighborhood developments that have been raised to the ground because they were apple orchards at one point. Why is that a problem? It’s because they were using lead arsenic on the apple orchards for years and years and the people that live in those neighborhoods started to develop problems. This is 100 years later. Tell me that’s not a toxic substance.

We’ve got so much toxicity in our environment. We know that but it was causing something else that was causing these viruses to be able to paralyze. That was the actual problem. It wasn’t acute toxicity that was the problem. It was enough of a problem with gut health to cause viruses to be able to paralyze.

These environmental toxins, including the pesticides, whether back then it’s arsenic, lead arsenic, DDT, and now advancing forward to glyphosate, when you do enough damage to the host, us, then all bets are off. Yes, viruses and bacteria can get in. Mold mycotoxins, undigested food particles, and glutens can get in. All these things lead to an immune response, inflammation, oxidative stress, and ultimately to symptoms in the individual, which could be paralysis, heart attack, or stroke.

This is your answer when someone says, “What about polio?” You can either go into it and have a fight or you can say, “Read this book by Forrest Maready and all the references in the back. Open up your mind and you will know exactly what about polio by reading this.” You talk about tonsillectomy, how doctors remove the tonsils, which is one of the starting points when we talked about the oropharyngeal of the immune system and why those tonsils are inflamed in children. Instead of finding out why they’re inflamed, they removed them, so now you remove part of the immune system and all bets are off.

There are essentially three ways that happened around this time period that allowed polio to flourish. The pesticides were the big ones. That was probably 70% or 80% of it. At that time, in the 1920s, tonsillectomies became incredibly popular. They were used as a cure for anything. If your kid wasn’t smart enough in school, yank his tonsils out.

HHS 30 | Polio Vaccine
Polio Vaccine: The spread of polio in the late 1800s and early 1900s correlates with the spread of lead arsenic, the pesticide.

If your kid wasn’t growing fast enough and couldn’t make the basketball team, get his tonsils out and you’ll see him grow a foot in the next year. Any illness that your child had would be cured by removing their tonsils. You shake your head at this and go, “I can’t believe we were so dumb.” Unfortunately, we’re still as dumb. You can see it now, we’re making the same mistakes that we made back then.

In tonsillectomies, when you cut someone’s tonsils out, you’re essentially exposing a direct pathway to neurons and particularly the bulb or the brainstem. That’s the nastiest polio you can possibly get. Normal polio starts at the base of your spine, right where your intestines are if you’re a child at least. Your legs might start to get a little limp. If it works its way up to your trunk, you can’t support yourself and it comes up.

Your arms go limp and the intercostal muscles that allow you to expand your diaphragm that’s where you get in the iron lung. The paralysis had started at the bottom of your spine and worked up high enough that you could not expand your chest anymore to get oxygen exchange to happen thus the iron lungs. Sometimes polio would keep going up into your brainstem and that was a bad thing.

Tonsillectomies created what they called bulbar polio, which you essentially get polio, a virus. This isn’t a pesticide problem, mind you. This is a viral problem. If you were harboring a virus in your tonsils or your throat and you do surgery there, the virus could get straight into your brainstem. It could be death within 24 hours. It was so catastrophic. They couldn’t understand why these kids were dying after their tonsillectomies. They have no idea why they are getting polio. Now we know.

The third one is what they call Provocation polio, which is where you get an injection and the injection itself pushes a virus that’s on your skin into the nervous tissue and it can spread from there. It’s fairly rare but it was enough to shut down the initial rollouts of the polio vaccine. It was associated, in some cases, with provocation polio. Although, in that case, it was live polio in the vaccine itself.

Provocation polio is certainly an interesting one. I will accept your thoughts and research regarding is it pushing a virus into that area. Anytime you inject a toxin into the body and all those vaccines contain, whether it was toxic metals, antibiotics or it was other additives, diluents, immunomodulators, stimulators, you inject that into someone, and now you get a response. I’ve seen many of those people over the years that have a limp arm or they don’t have good use of their left arm, for example.

It’s shriveled up and they carry the diagnosis of polio or they had polio as a child. I said, “Tell me the story.” Invariably, they would start telling me some story that they don’t remember because they’re young. What do I do first? I roll up their sleeve and I show them the scar from the smallpox vaccine. I tell them that they did a smallpox shot and they simultaneously gave them the DPT shot, which you don’t need either. They gave you both of those and now you have tremendous inflammation in the arm.

The arm, because of that neuritis, that nerve inflammation was therefore painful. It may have caused muscular weakness. As you know and you talk about this, when that happened, they didn’t have good physical therapists. They didn’t have good technology back in the day, so they isolated the arm to prevent it from spreading to causing bony damage and contractures. They put this thing into some cast or sling and now the child can’t use the arm for months at a time. Of course, it becomes weak, limp, and it never recovers its function all because of what you said about provocation polio.

One of the things if you study the medical history, which is my focus, and probably from 1800 on, there are two big problems that allopathic medicine has created. One is medicinal metals. This is early on using mercury as a medicine. That was not a good thing, using arsenic as a medicine. They weren’t for nothing. They did stop using them if they didn’t do something but they did have some effect but they’re toxic.

If you look at the incidence of disease that started to go down in the 1800s, late 1800s, and come down to a vaccine or two even though all diseases are starting to slip down, most of that can be attributed to they stopped giving children metals as medicine. Probably the single biggest mistake medicine has ever done is insisting on using metal as a medicine. They still include them in vaccines, unfortunately.

The other is injection itself. An injection is necessary for surgery if you want an anesthetic. There are certain antibiotics, vitamin B injection, or whatever, that can’t be done without injection. I’m not saying injection is patently wrong but you are asking for problems with needles. The greatest immune system on your entire body, your skin, and your mucous mucosal immunity from here down to the other end, when you bypass that, you’re asking for problems. You take a chance. Surgeons know this. This is why they scrub up. This is why they wear masks, so they don’t spit in your body when it’s open.

Probably the single biggest mistake medicine has ever done is insisting on using metal as a medicine.

They know that it’s not going to matter for airborne viruses but regardless, medicinal medicine and syringes have caused a tremendous amount of problems. We could all deal without the metals, wholesale, the syringes. There are certain things that we’re not going to be able to move forward as a society without needles in some way. Certainly, your children don’t need them unless they’re going under surgery.

I certainly agree with that, 100%. Forrest, as we’ve talked about this stuff and as we look at the last couple hundred years of medicine, if you will, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing for you as a medical researcher and author. It’s a good thing in the sense that you are uncovering probably dozens and dozens of topics you could write about.

You could write a book on tonsillectomy and everything around that. You could write a book on cholecystectomy or ear tubes. It’s never-ending. Yes, you’ll have a plethora of books you can write and I hope you do. I hope you continue because this is fantastic. You told me you’ve got some books in the pipeline. I can’t wait for those because this is readable. It is the answer when someone says, “What about polio?” You say, “Read the book. If you still read books, sir or ma’am, The Moth in the Iron Lung is the book you’re going to read.” On a bad note, it must be flooding your brain with all the different things you could be writing about.

I love how you talk about how these altruistic groups and charities, if you will we’re paying for a lot of people with this polio diagnosis. Therefore, the doctors would label the children with polio in order to get coverage for their fees and other bills. That extends even to now, where hospitals label everybody with Corona because that causes the government to give them more reimbursement for that diagnosis.

There are a lot of parallels between the polio story and what’s happening now. A big one is this incentivization to be diagnosed with polio. The tendency is always to think that there’s an evil pharmaceutical mustache twisting, sinister Dr. Evil sitting around trying to get more people diagnosed with Coronavirus. That may be true. I’m not going to dispute that.

The reality is if you incentivize people to diagnose people with Coronavirus by offering them more money, etc., you’re going to get more Coronavirus diagnoses. It doesn’t matter what the reasoning is behind it, it’s going to happen. That happened in polio because the March of Dimes had been created to help give people money if their child had developed paralysis. There were other incentives. If your child came down with an illness, they were going to likely be diagnosed either by yourself or by your hospital or doctor with polio so you could get that funding.

Another interesting parallel is before the vaccine came out, if a child had residual polio or paralysis in their limbs for more than 48 hours, they would have a definitive diagnosis of polio. If you have had polio for 48 hours, you now have paralysis. If you take the vaccine, after the vaccine, you have to have paralysis for 60 days, or else you don’t have polio. You can imagine what happens. The diagnosis of polio goes way down because suddenly, instead of 48 hours, it’s now 60 days.

There were different diagnoses of polio from different studies and different hospitals. They were trying to get them aligned so they could compare. The vaccine industry was completely corrupt then as it is now. It was getting there but it wasn’t quite as bad. You’ve seen that they’ve done this with PCR testing, the cycle count on the testing for Coronavirus. They’ve adjusted the cycles. If you hand out a gazillion tests or a free website, you’re going to get more people testing, you’re going to get the rates up.

Why did Coronavirus rates go up? More people are getting tested. Of course, more people are probably getting infected because a lot of people have gotten the vaccine and unfortunately, it’s not stopping anyone from getting infected. In fact, it may exaggerate or help you to get infected. There are a lot of parallels between polio and Coronavirus. We’re making the same mistakes. People are suffering in the same manmade way and people are goosing the numbers because there are financial incentives to do so.

There are so many parallels. We always talk about giving the body what it needs, taking away what doesn’t, making the body strong. That’s your answer as best you can do, whether it’s against viruses, bacteria, wireless communication radiation, foods, toxins, pesticides, you name it. It’s interesting how they reclassified the diagnosis. If you say that two days is what we’re looking for, numbers will be high. If you extend it out to 60 days, a lot of those people recover. They don’t qualify for the polio diagnosis.

As you allude to in the book and what we’ve talked about for years, they renamed the constellation of symptoms. They called it Transverse Myelitis, Guillain Barré Syndrome, or Myasthenia gravis. They call it other things, yet it’s still the same constellation of symptoms. I’ll leave that as a comment but then I do want to circle back and also talk about the last polio outbreak in 1952. Correct me if I’m wrong but the numbers were around 30,000 or 40,000. Was it that high?

HHS 30 | Polio Vaccine
Polio Vaccine: Back then, people didn’t know any better. If your legs were paralyzed, they called it polio. They didn’t know how to differentiate between the effects of pesticide poisoning or a virus that’s gotten into your nervous system.

Deaths or cases?

Cases. It wasn’t deaths.

That sounds about right. That was the peak.

Like it is now, it’s the propaganda that surrounds it. Look at children in that age demographic, the most common age demographic was infantile paralysis and it extended a little bit older and whatnot to older kids and teenagers. There were tens of millions of children in that age demographic and 40,000 allegedly were affected. If most people look back on it and everybody was stricken from polio and all the kids were paralyzed from it or dying, that is factually incorrect.

Most people don’t realize this but the peak of polio was years before the vaccine ever came out. People go, “In the 1950s, the vaccine stopped polio.” If you look at the numbers, 1952 and 1953 were the highest. They weren’t that high but they had started going down the trials for the first injected Salk vaccine, which that vaccine doesn’t even work. That’s why they don’t use it anymore. They use the oral polio vaccine because it does work a little bit but it has a nasty side effect of creating more polio because you excrete the virus.

The trials were in 1954. It was rolled out in 1955. There were a bunch of manufacturing problems. They had to quit it for a few years. In 1957 is when they started getting it into the arms of children. If you follow the polio incidence rate, you’ll know it had already almost flatlined back down to nothing by then. Why was that? Within 6 or 7 years after the end of World War II, people had figured out, “We don’t want to be spraying this anymore.” I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of them spraying DDT on children’s swimming pools. They sprayed it on their lunch and at a picnic table.

They sprayed it on the kids’ lunch and in their lunchboxes.

Directly. This wasn’t a careful application. It was thought to be completely safe. My father has memories of running behind the DDT truck growing up. That was a fun thing to do. It was thought as innocuous that if the DDT truck comes down your street, every kid would run through the smoke like, “Isn’t this a fun thing to do?” It was directly applied to food like as a, “Why not?” Maybe your food has a virus on it. Let’s apply it to that.

They infused it in wallpaper and Sherwin Williams would run ads with them, “You better get this wallpaper for your children’s nursery because you want them safe from polio.” The comedy of error is tragic. It’s like now. These people are taking vaccines that are encouraging more variants to spread. They’re wrecking their immune system and not to mention all the side effects in the process and they think they’re helping themselves and others with it. You would cry if it weren’t so tragic.

We are creating a new office for natural heart doctors and we are again doing it as eco-friendly as possible. When you look to do the painting, you are looking for non-VOC paint. Sherwin Williams has jumped onto the bandwagon of trying to create these safer paints after poisoning us for so many years. Although they are a cheaper option than the one we chose, we chose a product called AFM Safecoat from a different company, so our product is more expensive.

The final nail in the coffin of me saying, “I’m going to pay more for a company that does it right,” is when I’m reading your book and you’re talking about Sherwin Williams putting DDT in the wallpaper. I’m like, “I’m never going to support that company.” Certainly, we believe in voting with our pocketbook, talking with our pocketbook, supporting people who are doing things right. That’s why we certainly support the work of the author and medical researcher on our show, Forrest Maready. The book is called The Moth in the Iron Lung.

We’ve talked so much. I appreciate all your time, Forrest, as much as I don’t like dwelling on the negative and stuff that. I want to keep positive. Your book on Amazon has over 431 reviews. Well over 90% are 5 out 5 stars. To get into the one-star reviews, “Just an anti-vaxxer. He has no scientific background, no experience or degree in medical.” We can talk about scientific background and experience if you want but the medical degree is the problem. The medical degrees and the PhDs from the big universities are the ones who don’t ever talk about this.

I’ve said this a million times but think about what you and I have at our fingertips. We have the entire corpus of human knowledge ever accumulated at our fingertips and people want to insinuate that somehow that’s a negative thing for learning for advancing the cause of humanity. Can you imagine the intellectual greats of history over the last 2,000 years having access to what we have access to? They couldn’t fathom the amount of information that we can consume. Somehow, people want to insinuate that you learn less from that, you’re going to know less than if you went through the gatekeepers at Hogwarts.

The vaccine industry was completely as corrupt then as it is now.

Thankfully, there are doctors like you who can do both. You can take your Hogwarts and you can take the internet, Google, and whatever and you can incorporate them and you come out better than anyone. The doctors that are well trained and do what they’re told are probably considered the best doctors because they do standard of care and never deviate from it one iota.

Unfortunately, they’re probably the heart of the allopathic problem, which is they do what they’re told and they never question. They do well on standardized testing. They do great at memorizing things but when it comes to initiative, inquisitiveness, all the things that have advanced medicine in any human endeavor, they don’t have it.

Critical thinkers. I appreciate that. I love when people make a comment about someone, “You’re a mommy blogger.” It’s like, “Yes, I’m a mommy blogger because I went into the scientific literature on a place like PubMed.” As you did, you dove into the old-time journals or newspapers to see what the reality was.

You did research as opposed to the company line of modern medicine, “Here is the book on polio. Here is the book on cardiovascular disease in my industry.” It’s all a sham. I appreciate you so much. For everyone who’s reading, get a copy of this book. Get multiple copies of the book and give them to other people who say to you, “What about polio?” This is for your mom or your dad, who are in their 70s and they say they remember polio.

Let me ask you this. If polio was so bad and polio was such the scourge of society and everybody was getting paralyzed, where are they now? Where are those people who are in their mid to late 70s and 80s? Where’s everybody in all these wheelchairs? Where’s everybody with all these paralyzed lower limbs? Where are they?

I’ve met one person in my entire life. Having studied polio extensively, I looked for them. I met one person at a restaurant. It was during the summer and they had a withered leg. Me, being the bull in the china shop that I am, I went up to him and said, “I’m a polio researcher and I’ve got to ask you what your story is.” They were happy to talk about it and they told me what had happened.

It was probably a shot of penicillin that did it. I don’t mean to insult the people who are out there that have had relatives who were paralyzed or had some damage. I’m not insulting those people. Unfortunately, they were poisoned. The problem is it wasn’t solely and certainly because of a virus. There were all these other confounding factors.

You don’t go, “Aunt Sally had polio.” You don’t know. The doctors then didn’t know. All they could do was check the white blood cell count from a spinal tap. If it was elevated, you have polio. It was a meaningless diagnostic criteria back then. Whatever your Aunt Sally had, they have no idea. Whatever it was, we can guarantee it was manmade. It was not a natural phenomenon. It had some help from some of our brightest and most astute scientists.

If any of your readers hear the term anti-vaxxer and all this and people try to insinuate that it’s a slur, I take it proudly. I am acutely anti-vaccine. I would ban them all if I could. I didn’t start that way. I’ve eventually come to that conclusion after a lot of research. With polio, if there’s any vaccine in the entire world of vaccines that you can safely skip, for me, I’m not giving medical advice, that would be the one. That’s the one out of everything.

Paralysis from polio is the thing I have zero fear of. I don’t want my kid to get diphtheria. That’s horrible. You don’t want him to get that. You don’t want to get him wanting to get pertussis whooping cough. You don’t want him to get these things. They’re not terrible. Polio? Forget it. That is a completely useless vaccine, in my opinion, apologies to the non-anti-vaxxers out there.

You take that tact of, “I’m not anti-anything. I’m pro-natural health without injecting poisons and chemicals into our children.” I would agree with you. I would abolish the entire industry. It’s an absolute fraud. It’s led to millions of suffering and early diseases and complications. When you talk about getting whatever these things are, men who have a history of measles and mumps have a 29% lower heart attack risk. That’s from the Journal Atherosclerosis in 2015. 29% lower risk of a heart attack is huge from something that is a benign childhood illness.

HHS 30 | Polio Vaccine
Polio Vaccine: There’s a lot of parallels between polio and coronavirus. We’re making the same mistakes. People are suffering in the same sort of man-made way.

It goes to show you once you dive into this, once you do the research, you’ll see that all these things were propaganda. All these things were typically benign passages. Children are supposed to get chickenpox. They’re supposed to be exposed to measles, mumps, rubella, and diphtheria. It was rare to die 100 years ago from tetanus. Now, it’s almost unheard of. We don’t even know if the shot has any efficacy except for maybe some shoddy animal studies. We have no idea about the whole 72 doses of 17 and now the latest. Questioning everything is criminal.

Let me say this too and I’ll let you get in the final word. I do want to overlay the wireless communication radiation story onto all this stuff. It relates to what happened in the mid to late 1800s with telephone lines, power lines that are occurring in the major cities, certainly in the northeast more than anyone. London and Paris were where all these outbreaks allegedly occurred.

You go into radio waves around World War I and you go into radar installations in the 1940s. Now you start getting these polio peaks then. Even where we’re at now with the installation of 5G on so forth, keep that as an overlay as well. Forrest Maready, thank you so much. What is next? How can people learn more about you?

I appreciate it. Thanks for having me. I’ve got two books that I’m working on. One is about the scientific history of gain of function research. Essentially, scientists purposefully create dangerous things to help them study things better. It didn’t start with Tony Fauci and Coronavirus. He’s certainly perfected the destruction it can cause but it goes way back.

The other is about this concept that all infection is bad and the reality is it’s not. It’s necessary. It’s as if you were saying exercise is bad. Let’s take steroids. We don’t want to go to the gym or do any manual labor because you could get hurt doing that. In the same way, infection is a natural part of human existence and we need to remember why. That’s the other book I’m working on.

I’ve got another project that I’m hoping comes to fruition. I’m not going to talk about it but it’s funny. It’s not serious at all. It’s mocking these people. It’s making fun of them and anyone who follows me will be able to find out about it. I’ve got my website ForrestMaready.com. I sell my books there. You can get them without having to go through Amazon. That’s all. I’m enjoying this time. It’s a miserable time for those of us who love freedom and personal liberty. We see what’s going on. At the same time, a lot of people’s eyes are being opened.

I’ve always said it was going to have to get worse before it got better and it’s getting worse but people’s eyes are being opened right now in a way that they never have. For those of you who are new to this whole concept that maybe vaccines aren’t what we were told or maybe the polio story wasn’t exactly what we were told, welcome. It’s good to have you. We’ve been wanting you here for a long time.

Thank you so much, Forrest Maready. It’s a wonderful episode of the Healthy Heart Show. Our focus here is the 100-year heart and natural heart doctor. We’re glad to have you here to join us. I appreciate the author. The book is called The Moth in the Iron Lung. Thank you so much to everyone. Cheers to your 100-year heart. See you next time.

About Forrest Maready

HHS 30 | Polio Vaccine

After graduating from Wake Forest University with a degree in Religion and Music, Maready plied his trade in the film industry for several years, working on several Muppet movies, four seasons of Dawson’s Creek, and many other films and television shows as an audio engineer, editor, composer, and animator. He transitioned into technology as a designer and developer for visual effects software and CTO at NextGlass (now called Untappd). While at NextGlass, he helped develop machine learning software to wrangle the gigabytes of data being generated from their mass spectrometer and liquid chemical analyzers.

Creator of the popular “My Incredible Opinion” and “VaxBaby” video series, he has spent the last few years researching and writing about some of the most enigmatic riddles of science and medicine, notably autism and polio. Forrest has spoken at events and conferences around the country, but prefers to stay close to his writing home in the cab of a 1992 F-150, where many of his manuscripts were composed. He lives with his wife and son in Wilmington, N.C. and enjoys tennis, piano, and competitive shooting.

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I went to Arizona State University where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a depth in physiology and minor in Spanish. After my undergraduate degree I was working on prerequisite classes towards medical school, which is when I came to learn that my values identified best with the principles of naturopathic medicine. I knew that I wanted to help patients identify the causes of disease and be able to offer treatments which would improve their health rather than simply treating symptoms.

I dedicated the next 4 years to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona where I attained my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. I served as Class President all 4 years, Board of Trustees – Student Trustee, spoke as the Club President for our branch of Toastmasters, and was voted by my peers and attending physicians to earn the Outstanding Leadership Award for the Class of 2020. Throughout medical school I took it upon myself to work alongside MDs, DOs, chiropractors, and functional medicine practitioners in addition to naturopathic physicians.

As a Spanish speaking student, I was able to volunteer with community clinics around Phoenix and provide free healthcare to low-income families. Due to this combined exposure, I came to find my passion in treating cardiometabolic and digestive disorders that are all too common, yet largely preventable. I took the opportunity to learn the broad spectrum of healthcare so I can ensure that I am able to provide my patients with the best options.

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