Foundational Nutrition Program

A 30 day program to customize nutrition to your body.
Learn how to shift what you are eating every day to optimize your health and reach your goals.

This Four Week Program Includes

  • Goal setting
  • Approved recipe guide
  • Approved food list ( and what to avoid)
  • Top ten NHD tips for success
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  • Deep dive into Paleo Nutrition
  • Personalized supplement guide
  • Daily nutrition protocols for success
  • Top tips to save time in the kitchen
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  • Gut health overview
  • Nutrition optimization
  • Best supplements for gut health
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  • Journaling exercises
  • Root cause testing
  • Lifestyle tips and resources
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Work hand in hand with one of our amazing Natural Heart Doctor Coaches, along with a group of like-minded fellow health seekers, to discover the best nutrition practices to support your 100-year heart!
We help you to break down barriers of applying this knowledge in a supportive group setting, where powerful shared momentum and motivation amplifies your success from start to finish!

Don’t take it from us, here is what others have said!

“Best money I have spent in a long time. You cannot put a price on health.  Don’t put this off any longer.  You won’t regret it.  I am not a heart patient but would highly recommend this so I will never have to be a heart patient!”

-Deborah DiMaggio 

I am finally healing slowly and I understand pretty well why because I am understanding more and more biochemistry that I knew ( and new developments since I finished med school in 1993). I am teaching my son ( 3rd year student), my dad (retired MD, my mom ( being the wife of an MD, she has a lot of knowledge too!!! And most of the time, I hate to admit it but ” mom knows best ), my husband by my example ( he’s an MD too) and my family and friends who have supported me totally along the way.  Y’all’s program I feel accelerated my healing in various ways. Thank you for your knowledge , wisdom, guidance, and persistence to gently kick my butt in the right direction. I am getting better because of y’all as well and I am incredibly grateful! -Doris Mendiola

“Today I weighed in at my high school weight and my b/p had finally dropped. You coaches remind me of our pre-game hype when I used to play ball—-so much positivity!”

-Ben Jennings

“The initial thing that drew me to this program was the simple fact that everything you eat is exactly laid out. No guesswork. What to eat, when to eat it, and simple recipes with items that are fairly easy to find. I knew I’d lose weight but never dreamed I’d lose 21 pounds. The health coaches are so positive and motivational and have great suggestions whenever there is a question or concern.”

-Steve Walters

Monthly class seats are very limited (we have no more than 4 participants per 1 Natural Heart Doctor health coach in each class) and prices for this program will never be this low again!


You will meet with your NHD coach and other group participants each Wednesdays at 9 am MST.

Each session is 60 minutes long.

You will meet with your NHD coach and other group participants via ZOOM using your coach’s meeting link (the same link is used to join every week).

Your coach will record each session and send links to view the recording to anyone who missed a class. We do encourage live participation in this program to get the most out of your coaching experience!

Nutrition is the foundation to the 100 year heart, but this looks a little differently for everyone. Working with a NHD health coach will give you the guidance and support necessary to achieve optimal nutrition based on YOU! Your coach will play an integral role in helping you to apply the knowledge you gain, as this is the most often mistake we see people make, what we call FTI (“failure to implement”). Don’t suffer from FTI and information overload any longer, join our Foundational Nutrition Group Coaching program today!