Heart and Immune Function: The Impact of Parasites and Environmental Toxins with Dr. Todd Watts

Parasites and environmental toxins can interfere with cardiovascular and immune function. On today’s show, Dr. Jack Wolfson talks to Dr. Todd Watts about how varying organisms impact our health. Dr. Watts is the Co-founder of CellCore Biosciences and Microbe Formulas. These health companies create natural solutions for gut, immune, and whole body health. Dr. Watt’s expertise in foundational medicine and overcoming chronic illness has made him a sought-after speaker for events across the globe. Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about heart and gut health, and how you can make your immune system function optimally.

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Heart and Immune Function: The Impact of Parasites and Environmental Toxins with Dr. Todd Watts

I’ve got a fantastic physician on the call with me on this episode of show. This is Dr. Todd Watts, who is a national board-certified chiropractic physician practicing up in Idaho. He’s a functional wellness practitioner as well. Many of you may know Dr. Watts because he’s been around for quite a while and is very outspoken on health and wellness. He’s been referred to as The Parasite Guy, but he also has extensive knowledge and pretty much everything related to heart health.

As doctors, we have to know something about everything. As we go after the cause, we start having the cure. He is an expert in functional chemistry, biochemistry, and helping people with chronic illnesses as it relates to maybe parasites to mold mycotoxins, environmental toxins and pollutants. He is the Cofounder of Microbe Formulas™ and CellCore Biosciences.

We’ll delve more into CellCore Biosciences and how we use that at Natural Heart Doctor with many of our patients a tremendous success. Myself, my family, we use a lot of the CellCore products as well. If you don’t find him on a show like this, speaking from the stage or meeting with clients, he’s in the books, doing research and stuff like that. Him and Dr. Jay Davidson formulating some of the best products in the world. Dr. Watts was the first to bring up a Mimosa pudica seed to the general health market in the United States. Dr. Todd Watts, welcome to the show.

Thanks, Dr. Jack. I appreciate you having me on.

Tell me some of your backstories as far as what got you interested in becoming a chiropractor.

I grew up going to chiropractors and naturopaths in general. I did a Pre-Med degree in my undergrad. I had all my applications and references to go to medical school done. Something inside me said, “You need to do something else.” I diverted for a while, and then at the age of 41, I went back to chiropractic school and went through that for four years. At 45, I became a chiropractor. My focus was on more internal medicine, functional medicine, chronic illness.

I had a lot of personal issues, come out to find I had chronic Lyme disease, a variety of other health issues and severe fatigue in my 40s. I couldn’t work out for about ten years. My wife and kids had severe eczema and some other things that were going on. I wanted to go into an area of medicine that could help me look at it from a natural point of view and more of a causative, “Why is this happening?” That’s where I went to chiropractic school, but I did a lot of post-Doctorate work.

One of the number one causes of death in the world is parasites.

I taught Biochemistry through my Doctorate program and dove deep into functional medicine. Further on past that, I’m realizing how impactful toxins and infections are on our body, and how important the mitochondria is in having optimal heart health or optimal health in general. Not only does it control our energy levels but our immune system and many other signaling processes in the body.

Many people have eczema, psoriasis, skin disorders. The medical community uses topical therapies, topical steroids, topical creams, maybe topical antifungals. I’m not overly familiar with other state-of-the-art eczema treatments, except for maybe they’re using these newer biologic therapies that use different immunomodulators. They have an extreme amount of side effects. Why is it that the medical doctors don’t go after and don’t understand the cause like Dr. Todd Watts does?

It’s because the answer and the solution for them is a cream or something to reduce the inflammation. They’re not looking at the causative factors. I don’t understand why the mindset is in that direction. I talked to a dentist. She’s a biological dentist back East. She said, “Dr. Watts, in 60 days, they’re just taking Para 1 and Para 2, which are CellCore products. It was completely gone. I’ve been struggling with this for years.”

In my own family, it’s the same thing. It was going back to a parasite infection. I did a lot of research in understanding the IgE, which is the immunoglobulin, elevate with parasites. It elevates CH2, which elevates IgE. I like to get into the immunology of why things happen, what’s creating the imbalance and balance that out and then a lot of research and stuff that we’ve seen.

Typical roundworms are one of the key elements. Threadworms can be another key element to causing chronic eczema. In my wife’s case, she had it her whole life, detoxing and mainly clearing parasites. My kids as well haven’t had any issues in five years. It’s been wonderful, life-changing for us. My frustration with my children of having scratching, itching, having their elbows on behind their legs, which are the typical spots for eczema, is completely gone. We tried dietary changes, which is great but it’s only temporary. It comes back when you start introducing dairy or some other things back in. They can have it and not have the same issues.

When we talk about parasites, there are a lot of different things you can say, worms, other bugs. You can talk about the Lyme, keeping a parasite and stuff like that. These things have been around before humans. Why is it a problem? We’ve all been exposed to worms, ticks and tick bites. What is leading to the problem?

There are a couple of things. One of the number one causes in the world of death is parasites. If you go to more global issues and research in the global market, not just the US market, it will say parasites are the number one cause of death. Secondly, regarding why we’re struggling with it, we’ve had since the 1950s over 80,000 new chemicals introduced into our environment, our water system, our foods, everywhere. I believe that there’s a massive correlation to immune function, mitochondrial function with all these chemicals. Therefore, we struggled to balance out what’s happening there.

HHS Todd Watts | Heart Health
Heart Health: The mitochondria is important for optimal health because not only does it control our energy levels, but also our immune system and many other signaling processes in the body.

Another thing is dogs in our houses, in our beds, everywhere. If we have a dog, you start to realize that they get parasites, especially roundworms. Some get tapeworm and other things. You’re going to get it as well, and you need to be smart about how you treat it. Over time, our great grandparents would do parasite cleanses. They would take turpentine and other things that would clear parasites out. I have friends that go to Colombia and Mexico and they treat them every single year. In the US, we believe they don’t exist. Therefore, we never treat them, and so then they get a little bit out of control overburden to our bodies, especially with the toxicity. We need to treat them. When you treat them, you clear and detox, then your body is in a much better place to handle any type of exposure.

Do we need to test for parasites or can we just treat, for example, with CellCore products? Do you think it’s best to test first? If so, what tests do you recommend?

The problem with testing is that it is poor. It rarely comes up with it. We do an assessment. We use common sense and realize that everybody needs to clear out. The formulas that we use are not only good for clearing them out, but they’re good in general for detoxing in a gut. They’re natural herbs that are put together that will help benefit health no matter what. Going through that process, using either the parasite protocols and then the detoxing part of it, you’re going to have optimal health and energy. I’ve had athletes like, “I’m a good athlete. I’d be in Spartan races. I crush it.” I said, “You still got some parasites affecting you. I can get you to a whole new level.”

In treatment after a couple of months, they’re like, “I can’t believe how much more energy and perseverance, the ability to keep in that aerobic exercise without going a lot to acid and get sore so much.” They had better performance. The other products that we have for mitochondrial function and cellular function take them to a whole new level.

We have over 100 NHL athletes. We have NFL, MLB. We have multiple pro athletes that use our products, not just chronically ill people, Spartan racers and marathon runners and things because they want to do their best. They want to have optimal performance, antiaging products, optimal performance products and chronic illnesses as well.

From the mainstream medical standpoint, we don’t believe that parasites exist unless you went on a trip to South America. We don’t recognize the possibility there, but it’s good to certainly know. There are companies that are doing testing programs. We use some of them. If we put you through this healing protocol that includes everything, including going after the parasites, we’re in a good place. For those of you who are reading, this conversation is critical to the healthy heart issue. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, cardiac inflammation, heart failure, coronary artery disease, a stroke, we want to know what the cause is.

The cause of coronary artery disease is not a Lipitor deficiency. There’s a reason why people have these cardiac problems. You can tell that Dr. Todd Watts and I are going after parasites as one of those things. We talked a little bit about environmental toxins. All this is in the medical literature. It’s all there. You spend so much of your time as I do on PubMed.gov. It’s the database that houses all the medical literature. It’s all right there in black and white that these things cause cardiovascular disease. I can tell you, out of all the cardiologists that I’ve worked with, which are hundreds, zero talks about these issues.

The heart beats, on average, 35 million times a year. By the time you are 50, your heart will have beaten 1.5 billion times.

When we think of parasites, we’re thinking of worms and everything, but there are microscopic ones called protozoans such as Babesia. There’s a bacteria line that can all highly affect the heart. Bartonella can either cause heart palpitations or difficulty of breathing. Some of them reduce blood pressure to be too low, where they have low blood pressure. Other ones, expect it to be high blood pressure. Inflammation of the heart can be highly affected by all these types of microscopic infections. Even the roundworms in a gut, you wouldn’t think it would have any effect on the heart, but they cause mitochondrial deficiency or crept cycle issues within the mitochondria, which means that we stop making the ATP molecule that we need or we make less of it.

The heart muscles require a lot of energy to function. When we have a low mitochondrial function, then we’re going to have less, not so optimal heart function. That’s where if we can raise the mitochondria function, raise cellular signaling and things to move the electrolytes move in and out, which is required for the heart, then you’ll have much better heart function and overall communication within the signaling molecules to say, “Let’s work. Let’s do what we need to do.”

We got Dr. Todd Watts here of CellCore Biosciences. He has created fantastic products for everything that we’re discussing. When you are interested, if you want to schedule with one of our practitioners, we’ve got the full line of CellCore products. We’re going to talk about some of the stuff with Dr. Todd. This is all stuff we’re familiar with, all stuff we can help with, which is fantastic. You talked about the mitochondrial dysfunction associated with parasites, co-infections and all these different environmental toxins, biotoxins, mold mycotoxins, how they all interfere with cardiovascular function. I like putting it out there, Dr. Todd, that the heart beats on average 35 million times a year. By the time you and I are both around 50, our heart has beat 1.5 billion times.

It makes me think with this miracle of 1.5 billion heartbeats, where do aspirin and Lipitor come into that miracle? Where do these new injections, all these chemicals and stuff like that? Why do people introduce that into the miracle? How do people embrace that medical paradigm as opposed to the health and wellness model that you and I are talking about? It’s amazing.

Let me ask you a few questions. I had this conversation with Dr. Jay as well. I’ve had it with a lot of people before as far as Lyme. Whenever people came to me and talked about Lyme, as a cardiologist, I saw cases of acute Lyme, mild carditis, complete heart block. It’s like the twenty-year-old kid who comes in and got a heart rate of 25. He’s in complete heart block. It’s acute Lyme. Everybody panics. He gets some antibiotics. It gets better and then they go home. The whole idea of the chronic Lyme thing, especially some of the toxic treatments that people have gone through where they’re on two years of antibiotics or all these big monster protocols by holistic doctors for chronic Lyme, the whole idea of chronic Lyme never sat well with me.

If you look at so much of the Lyme and the overlap with what we would say is from mold myotoxicity, as we look back, my opinion would be is that either chronic Lyme is not a thing or we suffer from chronic Lyme because we are toxic from either mold mycotoxins, EMFs, other environmental poisons that don’t allow us to clear the Lyme. I’m going to assume that you think that chronic Lyme is a reality, but you would also agree that it’s all these other environmental toxins that suppress our immune system’s ability to clear out Lyme, which is something that our ancestors would have been exposed to and hopefully defeated.

I have a view more like you. Chronic Lyme is an immune system issue. I don’t think it’s a Lyme problem itself because I used to see patient after patient come in with all their lab work and it’s like, “What don’t they have?” They have Lyme, co-infections, all these viruses. It dawned on me one day. It’s was like, “They don’t have a Lyme disease problem.” I would resolve all these issues without ever treating Lyme. They’ve already been treating Lyme with all these other Lyme doctors forever doing all these IVs and aggressive therapies. I never treated it. I never have to ever deal with it. The immune system can handle it and deal with the Lyme issue. It’s just a by-product of Th1 under-functioning.

HHS Todd Watts | Heart Health
Heart Health: When you treat parasite infection and you clear and detox, your body’s in a much better place to handle any type of exposure.

What drives the Th1 immune function to be under-functioning? A couple of things, one is mold. Mold can suppress that pathway, and then the body has chronic infection until they get on top of things. The other is parasites. I teach doctors in conferences. They’re showing how it elevates the Th2 suppresses Th1, and then causes viral replication and then you can’t overcome it. For myself, personally on my journey, by treating parasites, I was able to all of a sudden, for the first time stopped cycling in this whole Lyme disease cycle, where I had all these Babesia symptoms, Lyme symptoms with arthritic issues, fatigue, brain issues and things that I had going on. I treated and taken lots of products for Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella, but I could be good for a few months and then it would come back.

I didn’t understand that there was something suppressing Th1 immune function, which then kept me in this whole loop and cycling when I addressed the Th2 or the parasite because I didn’t have exposure to the mold. It rebalanced me out on my body, took care of it, and I never cycled back through. Eventually, I was able to get on top of my energy as I cleared out more chemicals and toxicity that was also struggling with some of my energy levels. You’re right. I don’t approach chronic Lyme as a Lyme problem. I approach it as an immune system dysregulation.

Give me the one-on-one on Th1 and Th2. Explain that a little bit for me.

Our immune system will react to infections. Let’s say we get a cold. It’s a virus. Th1 elevates to say, “Let’s go after. Let’s take care of these guys. Let’s knock them out of here. We’re doing good.” After it’s done, it comes back down. Th2 with allergies, parasites and some strains of mold will elevate. What happens is this teeter-totter thing. If one is down or one is overactive, which can be an autoimmune disease, it would tend to be an overaggressive Th2 dominance, which will create certain times with people this whole Th1 oppression. There are another third part, Th3 or T-helper cells that will help to regulate and say, “Let’s get imbalanced.” Vitamin D helps with that. It’s one of the co-factors that helps with balancing those two areas out.

The key part is to allow them. If they’re overactive like an auto-immune to bring them down into normal range or if they’re underactive, figure out why it is underactive. Is it a chemical suppressing it? Is it overdominance of the other side? We need to balance that down and this comes right back up. That’s why we have to always consider mold as an issue in these chronic issues. Parasites can be a problem with that. We get exposed to tons of chemicals. Food, water, air, everywhere we go, we get exposed to chemicals. One of them being radioactive elements in the water. Most of what we drink is distilled water so that we don’t bring this radioactive material into our bodies. That also suppresses and creates tons of oxidative stress.

These infections aren’t necessarily bad. It’s just that they create a by-product, which creates oxidative stress in the body, which breaks down the cells, breaks down function and then creates all these problems, which is optimal heart problems, mitochondrial issues. Enzymatic processes get suppressed and you don’t make hormones the way you need to. You don’t make neuro-transmitters, so it’s hard to sleep. You have all these hormonal imbalances. You start storing all this toxicity and fat, which is either body fat or in your nervous system that creates other problems. That’s the Th1, Th2. Tfr cells 1, Tfr cells 2 is the main part. There is Th17 and some other more intricate, more in-depth pathways, but those are the two main ones that we look at.

Coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation, these are all auto-immune categories or more of this immunodysfunction that leads to the illness. It’s not a cholesterol problem. It’s not a lack of a pharmaceutical problem. There’s something that’s causing it. We all point to inflammation. Some people would say inflammation is the cause, but no. It’s a matter of what’s causing the inflammation. The medical doctors will say, “We know you’re inflamed. We know it’s bad. The answer is pharmaceutical for the inflammation.” What you and I are talking about is finding the cause of the inflammation.

Chronic Lyme disease is not a Lyme problem. It’s an immune system dysregulation.

You’re mentioning all of these different environmental toxins and these other co-infections that are there. Getting into EMS and the food story too. Certainly, these environmental chemicals that are pesticides, dilates, parabens, plastics, all these different things. There are other offenders, other food allergens or food sensitivity things. I’m a big proponent of gluten-free. Quite simply because our ancestors never ate gluten. With that being said, if we can clear out all these other factors, are people able to eat gluten? Does gluten no longer present that problem?

Gluten is a protein, so it should break down to amino acids. We should be able to metabolize that problem. The issue is that there’s inflammation. Protein isn’t broken down. It gets into our bloodstream, which creates an immune reaction. I have some patients here that have exposure. Then it’s like a month or two that they’re reeling to get their immune system to calm back down. They were able to go to Europe and in Italy to have gluten and wheat. I’ve heard multiple stories like that. It goes back to the chemicals that we’re spraying on the wheat that’s creating most of the problems, not necessarily the gluten because it destroys the good bacteria, which doesn’t allow us to then metabolize the gluten the way it should be metabolized.

If we can go back and restore proper digestion, proper microbiome in our gut, which means clearing all those toxins that are getting in there, our food and water roundup, which is glyphosate. All the pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed all over our foods. It is why it’s important to grow your own food. Eat local organic to your area and then drink very clean water. As you take products such as a CellCore products that you have, then that will bind those toxins, remove them out. All of a sudden, you have the proper bacteria that’s needed.

You’re able to then metabolize. Those enzymes are activated. The enzymes that are breaking down our foods and breaking down the chemicals are deactivated by the toxins. Am I anti-gluten? At first. For me, dairy was a massive issue. I would get massive migraines and headaches. My kids will break out in eczema. They can’t handle it, but now we can metabolize it. I get no more headaches. My kids and my wife don’t get eczema from consuming it because we’ve re-established the way our bodies should be metabolizing properly.

A couple of years ago, I spoke with Dr. Tom O’Bryan of The Gluten Summit and Dr. Peter Osborne. When people traveled to Europe, they have the stories that you say where they went to Europe and they did fine eating the gluten. Dr. Tom O’Bryan would say they still have the same issues over there. Therefore, they can’t eat gluten. In general, people feel better on vacation. It probably goes back into the mind-body factor. You’re on vacation. You’re relaxed. The sympathetic tone goes down and parasympathetic goes up. Maybe your digestion improves and you don’t notice the problems with gluten. I used to be very dogmatic, anti-gluten. You hear a lot of stories of people like you. He’ll avoid. He felt well for a while, but then symptoms came back. It wasn’t just the gluten. You clear out all these other co-factors and you can tolerate gluten again.

My sister-in-law buys flour from Europe online. She’s able to consume that. She was sensitive and her kids were. What people fail to realize is how it’s prepared. Preparation is important. Before World War II, we didn’t have yeast, this fast-rising stuff. We used to use more sourdough. The sourdough breaks the phytic acids down. It also metabolizes sugar. We don’t get the sugar spikes with it. For example, in our family, my wife makes sourdough waffles, pancakes and bread. That’s a much better option being organic, for sure not sprayed or desiccated in the way they do that.

HHS  Todd Watts | Heart Health
Heart Health: When we think of parasites, we think about worms and everything, but there are microscopic ones called protozoans and a bacteria line that can all highly affect the heart.

The sourdough is how it used to be anciently before World War II going deep. In Egypt, what their foundational staple was wheat back then. It’s been around for thousands and thousands of years. In other areas in Asia was rice. South America was rice. There were potatoes here in Ireland. Part of it goes back to preparation. The phytic acids can also cause a leaky gut and break down the gut lining, which we’re ignoring and not addressing with the sourdough way of preparation.

People eating nuts and seeds, preparing those, soaking those, breaking down some of the phytic acid issues that are in there as well, preparing the food, all fantastic stuff. Truth be told, life would be easier for people if they were able to tolerate gluten, especially when prepped the right way. Getting back to the mycotoxins. As far as mycotoxin testing, we use a lot of urinary testing. We’ve been doing this for a few years already from Vibrant America. Other companies do mycotoxin testing. The most extensive is with Vibrant. What are your thoughts on testing for urinary mycotoxins? Are you doing that up in your office?

We use Vibrant as well. I used Great Plains Lab before a Vibrant test for a much more variety of mycotoxins. I feel like it can be a little more complete with the testing than figuring them. I’m going to eliminate twenty of them. I only test for these eleven, which is how a lot of parasite testing. They’re only testing specific ones. Anything outside of that, they’re never going to get a positive. Vibrant does a good job. I do a lot of testing with them, environmental chemicals and heavy chemicals and things too.

As far as the urinary testing, some people that I’ve seen come in, and you know that they’re living in a water-damaged building. They tell you that they’re in a water-damaged building that most people are living in. Water-damaged building, poor indoor air quality, they must have mold mycotoxins. You’re all excited. You’re telling them all about it. You’re going to get this test and it comes back. They’ve got one Aspergillus and one food-based mold. What do you think about that? Do you think we’re still missing it? Maybe they’re not clearing the mycotoxins. Maybe like metals like for example, lead, they just get stored up in the body. They’re not being extracted. That’s part of the problem. Why do you think these people aren’t showing up with the mycotoxins?

Let me throw out some ideas here that could be the case. One, somebody could be a very good metabolizer. It doesn’t affect them and the body eliminates it immediately. That’s one option. The secondary option that I’ve seen is their ability to cleanse and detox them out is very much inhibited. When I start my process with our mold kit or phase one of the Comprehensive Protocol with self-work, you’d be amazed within two months when I rerun the test. I scientifically look at before and after constantly and see what’s happening. Whenever I rerun that test in that second, third month, all of a sudden, some of those levels went from 20 to 234 or weren’t even on the chart, and now they’re way off the chart. Their bodies could be storing, or they just can’t clear it out. It’s storing it in the body, which creates toxicity and it makes them feel horrible.

That would have been my next question. Maybe some people don’t show that they’re toxic in metals. If you give them a key later to help bind up those metals around the body and then flush them out, they would go into the urine, you would see a spike in that. Sometimes if you upgrade the detoxification systems, you start pushing through more of these mold mycotoxins, which somebody could say is acute exposure. You would say, “No, these are all fat-soluble molecules.” There can be fat-soluble stored in fat and other tissues, and then once you start to clear them out, you do see that elevation. Is there ever a reason you could think of where you would want to challenge someone to see if that is the case?

If they have the symptoms of mold toxicity and they don’t have much there. Our Comprehensive Protocol of that phase one is good for anyone. Whatever you’re diagnosed with, this is what you start to go with because it supports mitochondria function and drainage. It is very mild. It’s supported those processes. We’re not going after and not killing anything or doing anything aggressive. It starts to open up the body’s natural pathways to let things out. It creates energy, so then the organs can work better. The cells can work better. The enzymatic processes can function and then things start to happen and push out. That’s something that can easily be done.

Everywhere we go, we get exposed to chemicals, one of them being radioactive elements in water.

A lot of times, as we’re coaching people here through this process, we have to understand that not everything is going to show up on a test, but I’m going to use some good clinical experience and expertise here and say, “This is what’s going on.” If you want to spend the money, we can rerun that test and see where you’re at in two months and verify it. I’ve done 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year on people to see how well it goes up, and then it goes down to almost to nothing. I’ve seen that experience. I know our protocols work because in the lab, we’ve verified that and we’ve seen the before and afters.

I’m finishing up month one of the Foundation Protocol. It’s a four-month protocol. It comes in a beautiful box. You’ve got all the instructions that are in there. I’ve felt good through this. I have my two boys, my 14-year-old and 9-year-old. My fourteen-year-old is doing the exact same program. My nine-year-old, we modified it for him a little bit, but all of us are doing fantastic. It’s not like this heavy detox feeling where we can’t get out of bed. I’m sure for some people, they have some extreme reactions but to me, it seems like it is very manageable and tolerable. We’re following a super clean diet, as we always do. We’re trying to create attention to minimizing our sugar intake. A little bit of fruit sugar from whole foods is all we’re doing. It has been fantastic.

Dr. Todd, that foundation protocol for months is well-designed, well-thought out, sell course products. That’s why we have you on because you and I have talked about this on other occasions and sell “the integrity and quality.” Everything is all there. That’s for sure. I’ve seen one million different product companies. Is the Foundation Protocol right for everyone? Who would not be appropriate for the foundation? How do we decide between the foundation and comprehensive?

The Foundational Protocol was great for everyone. In detoxing, what we help people understand is that it’s not an event. It’s not a 3-day detox, a 2-week detox. The whole point of detoxing is to allow the body to do it on its own and then assist it. By opening up the pathways, it will allow it to clear out. In the Foundational Protocol, we’re doing that. We’re making sure they’re going to the bathroom and the bile flow is moving. The liver and kidneys are being supported. The lymphatics are being supported to clear and cleanse through that drainage process, but also we’re supporting the body’s ability to have the energy to activate those processes to happen, and then we’re clearing out the gut, make sure of the gut protocol. I like that for everyone.

Comprehensive is utilized for those that are struggling, maybe with a chronic mold problem, a severe Lyme disease issue, with those sick people or people that want to take it to a whole new level. It depends on your personality. I’m one of those guys. I’m going to push the limits. I’ll do the Foundational Protocol, “I feel good. I’m going to push it and do the comprehensive because I want to get to a whole new level.” There’s a variety of different products in that as well as there’s more that you’re doing during that process. Ultimately, it was designed for those chronic mold people, chronic infection people and those that are toxic to get their lives back. It’s been amazing over the past years to see when we develop that people’s responses like this protocol. With all these doctors, this protocol will change my life.

The products are fantastic but it’s almost like the simplicity of what you have designed. It’s what everyone needs as far as trying to pull a product off this shelf. The box is sitting on our kitchen counter. I love keeping supplements on the kitchen counter because you’re always in the kitchen. It’s the perfect reminder of, “There it is.” My whole family understands it. It’s been fantastic. My three-year-old, we have her on tiny doses inside of step one out of the four steps in the four months of the foundation. It’s been great.

We were always getting intoxicated. You and I both run these labs on people. Everybody has got levels of glyphosate. When normal levels should be zero of glyphosate in someone’s body from years ago, now everyone has got glyphosate. Even though we do a four-month Foundation Protocol and then maybe after that, we do the comprehensive. We’ve got the people who can help guide you through the whole CellCore program. My health coaches and doctors are outstanding. I’m pretty good as well. I’m going through this certainly. Should we always be taking binders, Dr. Todd?

HHS  Todd Watts | Heart Health
Heart Health: The heart muscles require a lot of energy to function. When we have low mitochondrial function, we’re going to have not so optimal heart function.

The answer to your question is we’re creating a kit that is the optimization kit, not a maintenance kit because I don’t believe in maintaining. I believe in optimizing. That kit there will help to be sure that it has a binder. These binders are different than what people traditionally think of as activate charcoal and all these other things that can strip minerals. These binders will help not only clear out the toxins and bind on the chemicals, the metals and things but will support the microbiome and feed the microbiome with the polysaccharides that are in them. They’ll have the high-energy organic material to repair our body, which is our bodies are made of 96% carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These binders have those molecules to help repair the body. Our scientists always love to say how it can build and sustain life.

My children, at least three times a week, open the capsule up and I make them drink the HM-ET Binder, which is for heavy metals, environmental toxins or the ViRadChem Binder, which is for viruses and chemicals. It’s a combination of BioToxin Binder and the HM-ET Binder and a couple of other things in there. I do that because of the exposure that they have to this stuff. I can bind it from the top all the way down. Even my patients that are just swallowing capsules, I’ll have them open up at least one capsule to drink because I want the chemicals coming out with their stomach and getting sure that they’re getting out of the body. I have lived on high doses.

These binders specifically help optimize me and protect me from when I go out to eat and I get tired all of a sudden or I don’t feel very good. If I take a binder, what happens? I don’t have that same reaction. With that, Mito and the minerals, those products are stuff I take every single day personally. My kids get exposed to at least three times a week to the binders every day on the Mito minerals to optimize their brain function and their growth potential.

You taught for quite a long time. This is all phenomenal information. I’m appreciative for you and Dr. Jay for creating some fantastic products and packaging them up. What I would say is somewhat of a simplistic way, although you went out on some of these other products here and there. Anyone who’s interested in saying, “I want to be on the four-month foundation program. Send me this stuff. I’m good to go.” We can send you that, but we also have a team to be able to guide you through it. Unless you’re a healthcare practitioner, the best thing to do is to have a guide here because there may be some ups and downs. There are going to be some questions you have.

If you’re going to take this step to upgrade your body, to get healthy, improve your heart health, all of these different strategies are perfect for the cardiovascular person, people with atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, peripheral artery disease. There are many better solutions. Dr. Todd and I talked about so many of them. Dr. Todd Watts, thank you so much for being on this episode. Make sure you stay tuned. Subscribe to our show. Any questions, any thoughts, email us at Health@NaturalHeartDoctor.com. We’ll see you on the next episode of the show. Be well.

Thank you.

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About Todd Watts

HHS  Todd Watts | Heart HealthDr. Todd Watts is the co-founder of CellCore Biosciences and Microbe Formulas, health companies that create natural solutions for gut, immune, and whole body health. His natural teaching ability and expertise in foundational medicine and overcoming chronic illness has made him a sought-after speaker for events across the globe.
Dr. Watts has been featured in hundreds of docuseries, summits, and Bloomberg TV’s “The New Frontiers in Vitamins” episode. He also owns and practices out of the Total Body Wellness Clinic in Meridian, ID.
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