Heart Skipping a Beat? How to Address PVCs Naturally


Do you ever feel as though your heart is skipping a beat? Maybe a flutter? Or a significant thump for no particular reason? Your experience may be a premature ventricular contraction (also known as premature ventricular complex) or a premature atrial contraction.

Read on to find out what PVCs/PACs are, whether you need to fear them, and how to treat them naturally.

What are PVCs/PACs?

An electrical system, which sends out a regularly occurring impulse, controls the heart. This impulse triggers the heart to contract, pumping blood out of the heart chambers and into the vessels that travel throughout the body. If this impulse is interrupted, an irregular heartbeat can occur. This could be a premature ventricular contraction or a premature atrial contraction.

How serious is this condition?

Luckily, PVCs and PACs are not dangerous. Patients usually describe these episodes as a thump or thud in their chest. On rare occasions, lightheadedness may occur, but if you have fainted, we would want to rule out another diagnosis. People with PACs or PVCs do not always experience symptoms and they are incidentally found.

In order to determine if you are having PVCs/PACs, we start with a physical exam and an EKG (non-invasive test that measures the electrical impulses of your heart). We sometimes need monitoring for 24 hours or up to 2 weeks in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Conventional Treatment vs. NHD Treatment

Conventional MDs are quick to write a prescription and get you out the door. This medication is usually a beta-blocker or a calcium channel blocker. Unfortunately, they are not effective and lead to unwanted side effects. A conventional doctor may also want to do a stress test and/or an echocardiogram, neither of which may be necessary for a PVC/PAC diagnosis.

My treatment: locate the origin of the cause, so I can cure it. It’s a bold statement, but very possible.

I do this by evaluating your nutrient levels, specifically: electrolytes, other minerals, vitamins, metals, omega-3, and markers of inflammation.

Once we have that information, we can develop a plan to reverse dysfunction and get you on track to live a healthier life.

If you want to get a jumpstart on a healthier you, follow the recommendations below:

  • Sunshine: Getting adequate sunshine. Not only does it help your health, but it will improve your mood as well. See this video for details.
  • Sleep: Go to bed at sundown. Sleep is critical for healing.
  • See a chiropractor: Your brain controls the heart. The spine is part of the communication system that connects the two, therefore proper alignment is critical for effective communication.
  • Eliminate Toxins: This world constantly bombards us with toxins in our water and air. Watch this video for more information.
  • Go Outside and get Active: Hike, bike, swim, etc… The fresh air and sunshine will rejuvenate your spirit and improve your health.
  • Avoid Electronics and Artificial Lights: Shut off the Wi-Fi at night as well. Watch this video for why this is important…especially at night.

The root cause of so many conditions is usually a combination of nutrient deficiency, toxicity, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Start your healthy journey today by talking to one of our health coaches. The first consultation is FREE and they will guide you in testing, supplementation, and support.


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