How to Treat Atrial Fibrillation: Is Big Pharma the Only Option?


How to Treat Atrial Fibrillation: Is Big Pharma the Only Option? By Dr. Wolfson and Ali Richmond

Do you, like millions of others, suffer from Atrial Fibrillation (Afib)? Read on to discover how many doctors treat AFib and what the best option is for you.

The choice of how you treat your Afib is yours alone. We encourage you to make educated decisions. After all, this is the age of information.

There are three ways to treat Afib. We encourage you to assess your individual needs and use one, two, or all three options.

Options to Treat AFib:

Treating Afib is not black and white; you have options. Read on to discover what they are.

  1. Pharmaceuticals – If you go to your doctor with AFib, they will most likely prescribe medications which can be very effective but dangerous. They may prescribe drugs that control the rhythm of the heart and/or drugs that control the heart rate.

    One of these rhythm control drugs, dofetilide, requires that you stay in the hospital for three days so that you do not die! No thanks! Amiodarone, another drug in the same class, can be very toxic to your thyroid, liver, and other organs. The rate control drugs are the ever familiar beta blockers. These have side effects of their own but are not as dangerous as the rhythm control drugs.

  2. ProceduresAblation is an option to treat AFib. Afib occurs from multiple areas in and around the heart. Technology has made it possible for doctors to pinpoint the origin and ablate (or cause scar tissue) that specific area. This ends abnormal electrical pathways.

    Doctors also use a procedure called cardioversion which converts the heart back to regular rhythm. These procedures come with risks such as stroke, radiation, puncturing of the heart and even death.

  3. Natural Treatment Options – Why do you have Afib? You don’t have Afib because your body lacks pharmaceuticals and ablations! Get to the root cause with testing. In order to correct Afib we need to know why you have it. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to strengthen your body and potentially cure your own Afib. With paroxysmal (in and out of normal rhythm) AFIB, we can correct it:
    • Get sunshine – We give you permission to sunbathe! Your skin is a solar panel, and the sun lowers inflammation, produces energy, alters the mitochondria and produces Vitamin D. Studies link Afib and stroke risk to low Vitamin D levels. 
    • Get quality sleep – When you sleep, your body repairs. Get to bed early (with sundown when possible) and get up with the sunrise. Artificial light = Afib so just eliminate it as much as possible.
    • Reduce stress – stress causes inflammation, which causes Afib.
    • Eat only organic foods – Eat organic foods and avoid toxins which can lead to Afib. Discover the Top 10 Foods for Afib.
    • Include high quality fats – Fats make the cell membrane. A healthy cell membrane = optimal health and less risk for Afib
    • Remove all chemicals from your home. See Products for Afib Control for more information.
    • See your chiropractor.
    • Avoid electronics as much as possible. Your heart is electrical and atrial fibrillation is an electrical problem.
    • Stay active – yoga is beneficial for reducing Afib.
    • Get tested. You need the Vibrant Micronutrient panel and the Wheat Zoomer. We can correct deficiencies in micronutrients that lead to Afib AND help you recover. The Wheat Zoomer looks at leaky gut. Leaky gut leads to an autoimmune attack on the heart. Consider our end of Afib tests.
    • Take Magnesium and Potassium. We encourage you to consider our foundation protocol for Afib.

No matter what decision you make, follow the natural treatment options listed above. If you would like guidance and to speak with a health coach about how you can overcome AFib, make an appointment today. You can also get a second opinion with Dr. Wolfson!


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