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N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) has been in use for decades. In fact, doctors prescribe NAC for Tylenol overdoses and to people with kidney disease undergoing coronary angiography to prevent contrast induced nephropathy.

NAC is also available over the counter. But MAYBE not for long. More on that in a bit.

First, let me share a recent quote from a client:

“I’ve been taking your NAC for about 2 weeks and my heart hasn’t skipped a beat!!!  To say that I am totally blown away is an understatement!  I haven’t had an afib episode since taking it and I can only attribute it to the NAC.”

What is NAC?

Cysteine is an amino acid essential for the production of many proteins. It is also a major component of glutathione, the main antioxidant of the body.

NAC is the standard version of cysteine used in supplements and the version used in 100s of medical and scientific studies.

NAC may support:

  1. Healthy blood pressure
  2. Healthy cholesterol
  3. Normal heart rhythm (afib prevention)
  4. Coronary artery health
  5. Healthy blood sugar
  6. Lower inflammation
  7. Lung health

NAC may also help with COVID prevention and treatment in people with COVID.

NAC appears to fight other viruses too.

FDA threatens to ban NAC.

The product appears to be so effective, they want to control its distribution.

Better secure your supply quickly.

We love this NAC product. You will too.

Again, make sure you take the best. Buy your NAC here.

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