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Natural Treatment Strategies for Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

Have you been told that your aorta is enlarged? If so, you will want to read this article to learn the what, the why, and the how to manage this condition. 

I have seen over 35,000 patients, many of whom were diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm. Twenty years in practice gives you a good perspective on the best way to approach every cardiovascular condition. 

A Quick Anatomy Lesson

The aorta is the largest blood vessel in the body, extending from the heart to the abdomen, just below the umbilicus (belly-button). It gives off many branches to supply blood flow to the brain, arms, legs and all the vital organs. 

The beginning of the aorta is the called ascending aorta, followed by the transverse and descending sections. The normal size of the ascending aorta is 2-3 cm, depending on the size of the adult. A person who is 6’4”, 240 lbs. has a bigger aorta than someone much smaller. 

Use the guidelines that above 3 cm is abnormal, above 4 cm should be monitored at least annually, and 6 cm or above requires surgical intervention. Ascending aneurysm 6 cm and above have an annual risk of rupture around 4%. This is too high, and surgery is recommended. 

Ideally, monitoring of the aneurysm is done by echocardiography or non-contrast MRI. CT scanning is not recommended, when possible, to avoid radiation exposure, something that can further compromise the integrity of the aorta. 

Natural Treatment Tactics for Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

To prevent the progression of the aneurysm size, cardiologists recommend pharmaceuticals to control blood pressure and reduce the stress on the aorta. Other standard approaches include quitting tobacco and reaching an optimal weight. 

At Natural Heart Doctor, we utilize the methodology of Eat Well, Live Well, Think Well.. By following this method, we believe that the progression of the aneurysm can be reduced or even halted. For example, seafood and animal organs are superfoods that contain nutrients supporting the tissues of the aorta. Quality sleep and sunshine are also very important for this condition. Physical activity is necessary for everyone but needs some extra guidance for those with aortic aneurysms. And a positive mental attitude with stress reduction strategies supports aortic health. 

We also Test, Don’t Guess, performing the most advanced blood, urine, stool testing in the world to support your aorta. With advanced testing, we take a deep dive into why your aorta is enlarged, and tailor custom strategies to halt the progression. For example, test markers like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, inflammation, and oxidative stress are all very important to assess, fix, then recheck. Environmental toxins, mold mycotoxins and metals must also be checked. 

Then we recommend evidence-based supplements and other biohacking strategies. Products that contain proline, lysine, vitamin C along with minerals such as copper, magnesium and more support aortic health. Detox products may be necessary for metals, mycotoxins, and environmental contaminants (think glyphosate). Biohacking tools for aneurysms include red light therapy, sauna, and more. 

Next Steps

I don’t think you should go at this alone. Ascending aortic aneurysm is a very serious condition that needs expert guidance. My suggestion is that we hop on a call to discuss how Natural Heart Doctor can help you live your best and longest life. 

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