Natural Treatments for Dizziness


Do you feel dizzy and unsteady or is it more of a lightheaded feeling? Although the symptoms may be similar, getting the medical history of this complaint is very important. The causes are different.

Often referred to as vertigo or Meniere’s disease, dizziness implies a feeling of rotation or spinning. Additional symptoms may include ringing, buzzing, or loss of hearing. Dizziness is typically considered the realm of the ENT doctor or neurologist. Personally, I think this is an area where the doctor of chiropractic shines. See your chiropractor first. 

Lightheadedness is usually from an abrupt decrease in blood pressure and loss of circulation to the brain. This loss of circulation may lead to loss of consciousness termed syncope. There are many causes of lightheadedness. A cardiologist is best equipped to assess this situation. 

What Causes Dizziness?

A variety of things can cause dizziness. These include:

  • Inner ear issues – Infections and positional vertigo are prime culprits.
  • Tumors or strokes – Occurrences are quite rare and are accompanied by other symptoms.
  • Medications – Dizziness is a side effect of many prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Nutritional deficiencies – Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are known causes of dizziness. Recent studies confirm low vitamin D is a risk factor for vertigo
  • Environmental toxins – Lots of us have walked into a chemically-cleaned room and felt dizzy from all the toxic fumes. These toxins produce oxidative stress, a situation linked to vertigo

Natural Treatments for Dizziness

Eat right, live right, avoid toxins- that is the key. Follow this natural treatment plan to rid yourself of dizziness:

  • Epley maneuver– tried and true. You can learn more in this video
  • See your chiropractor
  • Get tested- I suggest our “Big 6” tests to everyone for every condition. Talk with us to learn more. Also, inquire about the Neural Zoomer Plus. Learn more about the most advanced testing in the world in this recent blog post by our naturopathic MD, Dr. Lauren Lattanza. 
  • Take nutritional supplements. In addition to our Foundation 5, here are three supplements that may help your dizziness:
    • Magne 5 – Magnesium is essential for hundreds of bodily functions. Chances are a magnesium issue is leading to symptoms of dizziness. 
    • Super D– Plenty of data supporting the use of vitamin D for vertigo. Give 5 drops per day a try for a couple weeks. 
    • Glutathione Boosters – Increasing glutathione is always a good strategy for any health condition. This trial showed benefit in vertigo patients. To boost glutathione, get our Daily Defense and Glutathione Boost

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