Need to Boost Your Immune System? Look to Berberine


In a world full of viruses, bacteria and parasites, a strong immune system is essential. Fortunately, humans have a very robust immunity team to defend and support health.

Given the constant contact with potential invaders, supporting our body with healthy food and lifestyle is more important than ever. One supplement we love to support our immune defense is berberine.

Berberine comes from the goldenseal plant, and it is an effective natural supplement for a variety of conditions. Almost 2000 medical studies support its use. Given its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, we usually find berberine in the supplement aisle next to other gastrointestinal supplements. But, after so many published studies exist on its effectiveness as an immune supplement, it deserves a shelf of its own.

Berberine’s many benefits and positive effects on immunity are nothing short of amazing. For example, Studies show berberine can inhibit certain strains of the flu virus and also hinders influenza-A replication.

Immune Booster

Berberine appears to be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs, and Big Pharma knows it. It is so effective that there have been attempts to patent the application of it for flu drugs. Why patent something from nature when we can just use nature?

The flu doesn’t come alone; it brings along inflammation that can cause further issues. Fortunately, we have berberine which also suppresses inflammation.

Approximately 70% of your immune system lives in your intestinal tract and berberine keeps those pesky pathogens in check.

We recommend our Berbe with exposure to a virus when one needs short term immune support and/or when others are sick around them. The dosage is one cap, 3x per day with food. Berberine does not appear to interfere with pharmaceuticals but, if this concerns you, check with your pharmacist. Sometimes, mild stomach upset, or loose stools is a consequence of berberine use. Natural Heart Doctor has used berberine for years in patients safely and effectively.

Berberine may be new to you, but the Chinese have studied this herbal for years. Its healing abilities are extensive and berberine is worth keeping in your “medicine” cabinet.

Check out Berbe on NHD and be sure to Bulletproof Your Immune System today!


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