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Our brewing guide is a little misleading – it covers way more than just brewing!

Our goal is for you to enjoy a perfect cup of great tasting, healthy coffee each and every time!  Here are some tips to get you started.



Improper storage can make your coffee taste stale and moldy. Our beans are best stored in clear, glass container in a cool, dry place. 

We recommend glass to prevent chemical off-gassing common in plastic containers. Don’t store your coffee in your freezer as this can cause the beans to solidify and affect the flavor.


Since coffee is made mostly from water, the water quality can affect the taste of the coffee. Premium coffee shops filter their water, so fluoride, chlorine, and micro-sediment is not in the coffee. 

Getting an in-home water purification system is a great investment for not only great tasting coffee but your overall health as well. Here is the water purification system our founder uses in his home.


The National Coffee Association recommends brewing coffee at between 195- and 205-degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures below that range do a poor job extracting beneficial compounds from the grounds. Temperatures above this range breaks down some of the beneficial and flavorful compounds in coffee.

To get your water at the perfect temperature for brewing, bring it to a boil, then let it sit for 30 seconds to one minute. This should bring it from boiling into an acceptable temperature range.

Coffee Brewing Guide


There are two common type coffee grinders: blade and burr. We recommend a cone-shape burr grinder because they don’t generate heat that can start extracting oils from the beans before they even get close to water.

Grind your beans right before brewing. This preserves the best properties of the coffee bean. The grind you need will be based upon your brewing method. Longer brewing times using coarser grinds while shorter brewing times use a finer grind.


Changing the size of the grind can impact taste. Experiment to find your ideal grind.

Use the correct amount of coffee to water mixture: the recommended ratio is 1:16 – adjusting the ratio will make the coffee either stronger or weaker, depending upon how you change it.

Use water at the recommended temperature of between 195- and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.


The heat generated by coffee makers can cause the plastic in them to leach into your coffee. When you drink coffee made by a plastic coffee maker, the chemicals from the plastic enter your body and cause you harm. BPA is a chemical used to harden plastics and is used in most plastic coffee makers. Heat accelerates BPA leaching into your coffee.

Since coffee is a daily habit for most of us, we recommend you keep it as clean as possible. That means use a glass or metal coffee maker. Here’s a list of non-plastic coffee makers for you to consider.

We recommend a thorough cleaning of your coffee maker every two weeks. Impurities and oily residues may build up over time to make your brew taste bad. Bacteria and mold can develop in the water reservoir and piping system and this can make you sick. Use a non-toxic cleaner and water.

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You can initiate a second opinion online through our website at any time. To begin, select the team member you’d like to speak with and open an account.

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The cost for most second opinions varies by team member. This fee includes information collection, a 20-minute phone or video consultation, a second opinion from a Natural Heart Doctor specialist and guidance throughout the process from your personal Care Team at Natural Heart Doctor.

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What is the timeline to receive an online second opinion?

We do our best to schedule your second opinion as quickly as possible. Typically, it takes 5 to 7 business days after your information has been collected to receive your phone or video online second opinion.

What information do you need in advance of our call?

Our office will send you a short questionnaire to complete and return. We DO NOT need your complete medical records.

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You may ask a maximum of five questions. This is to ensure that the expert has sufficient time to devote to each question. All questions must be finalized before your online meeting.

What should I expect to receive once my second opinion is complete?

You will receive a summary of our discussion along with our second opinion. The second opinion will be in written form. After you have reviewed the second opinion, a Natural Heart Doctor clinician will follow up with you by phone to address general medical questions about the information provided in the second opinion.

What if I have follow-up questions for the expert after I have reviewed my second opinion?

If you have a clarifying question about an expert’s response to one of the questions in your second opinion, and the Natural Heart Doctor clinician is unable to address it, then you may request a follow up session for an additional fee. 

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Natural Heart Doctor is strongly committed to protecting the privacy and security of all our patients. Our website meets all federal requirements for protecting personal health information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All financial transactions are processed by Natural Heart Doctor securely using industry standard payment processing tools.

I would rather visit Natural Heart Doctor for an in-person appointment. What should I do next?

If you would prefer an in-person appointment at Natural Heart Doctor instead of an online second opinion, please call (480) 535-6844 for details and scheduling.

Can I schedule a follow up appointment with the specialist who provided my online second opinion?

Yes, we’re happy to help you on an extended basis. Our clinician can discuss options with you when presenting our second opinion summary.

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