Pharmaceuticals vs. Paleo Diet- Which Helps Hypertension Best?


High blood pressure is a huge concern in today’s world, affecting millions of people. Also called hypertension, the risks of this are heart attack, stroke, dementia and death. In the U.S. alone 600 thousand people die from heart attacks each year. Sadly, high blood pressure is even rising in children each year with 9 in 10 Americans eventually developing this condition in their lifetime.

Factors linked to hypertension risk:

  • Obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Pollution- air, water and EMF
  • Improper diet (hunter-gatherer ancestors only had 1% incidence of hypertension)
  • Lack of movement/exercise
  • Overuse of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine
  • Lack of sunshine
  • Lack of quality sleep

There are two schools of thought on how to reverse high blood pressure. But which is best?

  1. The first method of treatment is the pharmaceutical model of prescribing blood pressure medications. As you can see below, using RX’s to reverse HBP can be either ineffective, and or come with negative side effects that can range from uncomfortable to life threatening. Key points to consider:
    • Pharma drugs have not been shown to be effective at treating mild hypertension even though prescribing them is the standard for doctors.
    • RX’s can help lower more severe hypertension, but they do very little to lower risk of heart attack and stroke, which are major causes of death.
    • Prescription drugs (classified as either beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, diuretics and calcium channel blockers) have some serious side effects. These side effects include but are not limited to fatigue, swelling, cough, skin rash, dizziness, etc. Recently, various blood pressure drugs have been implicated in cancer.
    • Pharma does not address the root cause, which is needed for true wellness.
  1. The second way to treat and reverse HPB is through a holistic approach, focusing on an ancestral diet and lifestyle. The research and our patient’s results show that high blood pressure (as well as CV disease) can more often than not be improved or even reversed by returning to a diet and lifestyle that is in alignment with those of our paleolithic ancestors. Here are key elements of the paleo lifestyle:
  2. Get outside and get moving– It is well documented that movement and exercise are linked to lower blood pressure. Work out outside if possible. We love hiking, biking and swimming! Do something you like and do it daily.
  3. Eat paleo– Focus on getting away from the Standard American diet full of sugar, chemicals and processed foods and incorporate organic, grass fed meats, vegetables, healthy fats and some raw nuts, seasonal fruits and raw dairy like our ancestors did. Check out our NHD Paleo Diet for tips on getting started and feeling better soon!
  4. Follow the sun as a guide– Our ancestors rose with the sun, and went to bed with the sun, spending most of their days outdoors with smart Vitamin D exposure. This set a healthy circadian rhythm for quality sleep, boosted their immunity and allowed them to receive more nitric oxide from the sun, which is a signaling molecule that vasodilates blood vessels and helps lower BP.
  5. Lower your toxic load– Get the chemicals and toxins out of your household cleaners, your personal products, your food, air and water. We recommend investing in a high quality air filter as well as a quality water filtration system to assist in this process. Improving the quality of your water and air has been shown to lower inflammation which will help to lower blood pressure. Consider testing for mold, enviro-toxins and other pathogens that could be harming your health.
  6. Learn to relax– Incorporating lifestyle practices such as yoga, meditation and massage therapy which positively affect our nervous system have been shown to be highly effective at reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure.

All of these diet and lifestyle tips are free of dangerous side effects, stop the “band-aid” approach of treatment and actually help get to the true root cause of hypertension so that it is not just managed, but alleviated and reversed naturally. For more information on implementing a paleo lifestyle with products that we trust, check out our Healthy Heart Resource Guide.

Bottom Line

Consider the above risks with pharmaceuticals. It is no coincidence the word harm hides inside this word. Drugs do not fix the cause. Without addressing the root cause, there will be no real transformation and you will suffer the consequences.

Try our strategies that have worked with thousands of people worldwide.

Should you need more assistance, schedule a FREE call with an NHD health coach and get the guidance you need.


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