Foundational Nutrition Program


A 30 day program to customize nutrition to your body. Learn how to shift what you are eating every day to optimize your health and reach your goals.

Work hand in hand with one of our amazing Natural Heart Doctor Coaches to discover the best bioindividual diet FOR YOU based on what your body reveals in this program and what you need nutritionally based on your own health goals.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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This Four Week Program Includes

Week 1:

  • We will set your goals

  • You will receive a recipe booklet

  • Learn what foods to AVOID/Foods to INCLUDE

  • Top Tips for Success

  • Top 5 foods/nutrients to focus on

Week 2:

  • Dive deep into Paleo Nutrition

  • Learn what supplements will support you best

  • Tips to save time

  • Sample daily protocol

Week 3:

  • Learn about gut health

  • Learn what supplements support and improve your gut health

  • Go over what kind of eater are you, eating hygiene

Week 4:

  • Learn what to eat moving forward

  • Tools and resources to move forward with success

  • Learn about testing to further reach your health goals