Lp(a) Video Webinar- Lipoprotein a - LPA - LP little a


Are you at a 50% greater risk of heart attack or stroke than others? If you know you are at risk, you can take steps to prevent it. Unfortunately, most cardiologists and doctors don’t run the right tests to determine if you are at this 50% greater risk for catastrophe.

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Lp(a) | Are You at a 50% Higher Risk of a Heart Attack?

In this 60-minute presentation, cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson will discuss:

  • Common tests doctors run to determine cholesterol levels and heart health
  • Why these tests are inadequate at projecting overall health and heart attack risk
  • What is Lp(a) and why it’s a great risk indicator for heart attacks and strokes
  • Ideal Lp(a) numbers
  • Actions to take if you’re at high risk of heart attack or stroke