Magnesium 5

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Magne 5 contains five different forms of magnesium, all carefully selected by the Natural Heart Doctor to optimize your health. This potent combination supports your immune system and health with magnesium easily absorbed and used by your body. Ideal for those on any diet. 200 mg. of bio-friendly magnesium. 90 servings.

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  • Made in USA
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With superior absorption and high cellular penetration, Magnesium 5 from the Natural Heart Doctor is the preferred magnesium supplement. There is no stomach discomfort like with other brands and there are no genetically engineered ingredients.

Magnesium 5 Magnesium
Magnesium 5 Magnesium from the Natural Heart Doctor Supplement Collection
  • Supports immune system function, muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and making protein, bone, and DNA.
  • 5 forms of magnesium: Dimagnesium Malate, Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Taurinate, Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate, Magnesium Orotate.
  • Superior adsorption and high cellular penetration.
  • Won’t cause stomach upset.
  • Zero genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Made in USA.
  • 90 servings per bottle.


Magnesium 5 contains these ingredients:

Dimagnesium Malate

This form consists of magnesium combined with elemental malic acid. This type of magnesium is well absorbed and supports energy levels. Malic acid supports energy production in cells and aids in detoxing heavy metals from the body. It is a highly bioavailable form to support blood pressure, heart rhythm, inflammation, and nerve function.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium bound to citric acid. It has a high absorption level. It is good for sleep and heart muscle relaxation. It aids in supporting digestion and improving constipation. Again, it is highly bioavailable to support blood pressure, heart rhythm and the heart muscle.

Magnesium Taurinate

This form, consisting of magnesium and the amino acid taurine, is highly bioavailable to the cells. This form is exceptional for the heart as both the magnesium and taurine can improve the function of the heart muscle. This form can increase ATP (energy) production in the cell, which protects the heart muscle. This type also reduces blood pressure and increases insulin sensitivity, further protecting the heart.

Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate

This is combined with the amino acid glycine. It has a high absorption rate. It is also good for sleep and muscle relaxation. It has a calming effect on the nervous system. This type is chelated and stable, so it has a non-laxative effect. Due to its high absorption level, it is helpful in regulating blood pressure, heart rhythms and the cellular activity of the heart muscle.

Magnesium Orotate

A compound made up of magnesium and orotic acid. This is one the most effective forms of magnesium for heart health. This form can penetrate cell membranes and deliver magnesium to the innermost compartments of the cells. It is needed for heart health as it can deliver magnesium to these cells and help with recovery of these tissues. It is also the best way to reverse magnesium deficiencies. Together, all five of these forms work to support the electrical activity of the heart and aid in normal blood pressure regulation.

Magnesium 5 Magnesium TESTIMONIAL

Superior product

By far the best magnesium supplement on the market. Immediately helped my PVCs / SVT . Game changer of a product! If you’re looking for quality magnesium, look no further. Very thankful for this brand!

Magnesium 5 Magnesium TESTIMONIAL

Created just for my heart!

I love that this was made by a cardiologist that knows exactly how important all forms of magnesium are to heart function. The best part is I can trust that this is a clean product without fillers, gluten etc! Thank you for the gift of heart health!

Magnesium 5 Magnesium TESTIMONIAL

Happy customer!

A friend recommended this product as I was complaining of cramps. I purchased a bottle and it worked wonders! Also discovered it’s good for constipation as well. I now have this on a monthly subscription for myself and my husband.



The five forms of magnesium in Magnesium 5 were hand selected by the Natural Heart Doctor to optimize the magnesium levels and performance in your body. They are easy absorbed and with high cellular penetration levels.


Magnesium 5 was specially formulated by Drs. Jack and Heather Wolfson with varieties of magnesium to benefit your overall health. It’s easy to take and contains no genetically engineered ingredients. It won’t upset your stomach or cause loose stools.


If you aren’t fully satisfied with Magnesium 5, simply return the unused portion to us for a full refund. No hassles. No hard feelings. We believe in Magnesium 5 and want you happy at all times with this outstanding product.


It’s estimated that nearly 80% of all Americans aren’t getting enough magnesium.

Let us help you with that problem with Magnesium 5 from the Natural Heart Doctor.

Magnesium 5 contains superior absorption characteristics than most other magnesium supplements. It works at the cellular level. And unlike other brands, it won’t cause stomach discomfort or loose stools.

You don’t ever want to be short on magnesium.

Our serving sizes are practical and easy to take. There are 90 servings per bottle and each come with our money back satisfaction guarantee.

How to Use

Take Magnesium 5 Daily

Take Daily

With or without food. Take any time of day. Pick a time and be consistent each day.

Maximum Impact

Make the most of your magnesium and health by eating an all organic, Paleo diet.

Works Well With

If you are looking for an additional boost, try this product with our Heart Helpers probiotic.

Magnesium 5 Magnesium TESTIMONIAL

Excellent choice

This is the only magnesium I purchase for my husband. The blend is very supportive for cardiovascular health and I believe has a calming effect on him as well.

Magnesium 5 Magnesium TESTIMONIAL

This magnesium is awesome!

I used to take the pure encapsulation brand, and I can hugely tell the difference switching to Magnesium 5. We will be taking this forever!

Magnesium 5 Magnesium TESTIMONIAL

Complete Magnesium Supplement

I am very happy with this Magnesium supplement as it contains all the key forms needed to help deal with stress!