Virtual Call with Health Coach


Get one-on-one expert guidance prior to starting the Happy Heart Diet with an NHD health coach. Buy now and our office will schedule time with you.

  • Certified Health Coaches and Nutritionists
  • Individual Support for the Happy Heart Diet
Call with NHD Health Coach Testimonial

Highly Recommend!

“The 21 day Healthy Heart Diet program was the most insightful wellness program I have ever taken part in. The group coaching and daily contact was a big key to my success! Not only did I learn about myself it was full of science based facts. Bravo to Dr. Wolfson and his wonderful team of coaches! I highly recommend this program.”

Call with NHD Health Coach Testimonial

Thank You Coaches!

“My husband and I successfully completed 88 hours of water fasting. I must admit it was scary at first but much easier than I thought. Thank you coaches for all your help and support getting us through this. I was determined not to fail but you certainly made the process much easier.”

Call with NHD Health Coach Testimonial

No Guesswork!

“The initial thing that drew me to this program was the simple fact that everything you eat is exactly laid out. No guesswork. What to eat, when to eat it, and simple recipes with items that are fairly easy to find. I knew I’d lose weight but never dreamed I’d lose 21 pounds. The health coaches were so positive and motivational and had suggestions whenever I had a question of concern.”

30 Minute Call with NHD Health Coach
  • Get one-on-one guidance and answers to your questions in a 30 minute meeting PRIOR to starting the 21-Day Happy Heart Diet Course.
  • Meet online via ZOOM or telephone.
  • Discuss your specific goals and/or health concerns.
  • We will answer your questions and address your goals.
  • Purchase your session with our health coach and our office will reach out to you to schedule a meeting time..
  • Meetings last 30 minutes.
Call with NHD Health Coach Testimonial

Great Coaching Support!

“Without a doubt I am much more informed about fasting, hormone physiology, food and nutrition; and, with the great coaching support for 21 days I am more motivated to continue on this path and feel capable to do so…very freeing and very empowering!”

Call with NHD Health Coach Testimonial

Highly Recommend!

“Best money I have spent in a long time. You cannot put a price on health. Don’t put this off any longer. You won’t regret it. I am not a heart patient but would highly recommend this so I will never have to be a heart patient!”

Call with NHD Health Coach Testimonial

Worth Every Penny!

This program is worth every penny spent on it!! These coaches are here for you every step of the way answering any questions you may have. Helping solve issues that arise. They give you direction when you need it, encouragement when you need it, guidance and an answer for any question you have!!!


What to Expect

You can expect our health coaches to answer your questions and offer expert advice about your health issues. You can expect them to listen fully, ask pertinent questions, and to offer strategies and an action plan for your health and wellness with the Happy Heart Diet Program.

Who Should Talk with a Coach?

People wanting to get the most out of the Happy Heart Diet program. These one-on-one online or telephone sessions are perfect for those wanting individualized attention from an expert for ultimate success with the Happy Heart Diet program.

Natural Heart Doctor Health Coaches


The benefits you’ll enjoy from a one-on-one session with a health coach are dependent upon your current situation and health goals. Many people describe working with our health coaches as “transformational” and we believe you’ll feel that way too. Some of the potential benefits include:

  • Getting a fast start on the Happy Heart Diet program
  • Getting answers to your specific health issues
  • Improving your overall health and wellness
  • More personalized attention


$97 for a 30-minute session. You may send your medical records if you’d like prior to our discussion.

How to Schedule Time

After you have purchased a session with our health coach, our office will call you within 2 working days to schedule a time for your meeting.


You may reschedule your discussion with our health coach without penalty up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

We do not offer refunds for missed appointments or cancellations less than 24 hours of your appointment time.

  • Share Your Goals and Objectives
  • Discuss Your Health Issues
  • Get Answers to Your Questions
  • Enjoy a More Personalized Experience
  • Get the Most Out of the Happy Heart Diet Program
ABOUT OUR HEALTH COACHES MEET OUR HEALTH COACHES All are personally selected and trained by the Natural Heart Doctor, Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson.

Our health coaches are professionals personally selected and trained by Dr. Jack Wolfson. Thousands of people have enjoyed the warmth, compassion and transformational power of their coaching, advice, and support. They are a team of professionals you are sure to want on your journey to heart health and wellness

Health Coach
Carrington Beauchamp

Health Coach Carrington Beauchamp

Hi, I’m Carrington, a certified holistic health coach in Phoenix, Arizona.

I believe every one of us has the power to create what we desire, and I love helping people transform into living and eating healthy.

I help you improve your health and well-being through effective coaching on positive diet and lifestyle changes.

Health Coach
Christina Winnett

Health Coach Christina Winnett

Hi, I’m Christina, M.S. in Integrative and Functional Nutrition and certified health coach practicing with Dr. Wolfson for almost 4 years now!

I offer a holistic approach to health and wellness. I work with all areas of your life– food, energy, stress, sleep, and more– to help you achieve optimal health and functioning.

Ashley Swanson

Nutritionist Ashley Swanson

Hello, I’m Ashley Swanson and I am a nutritionist for the Natural Heart Doctor.

I love to educate and counsel people on nutrition. I am passionate about working one-on-one with patients and helping to heal them from the inside out, nutritionally and holistically.

I love to be continually researching and educate people about nutrition and wellness to further.