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7 Reasons to Strip Naked Before Bed

Less laundry, better sleep, more sex. What if we told you that all of that was possible by simply ditching your pajamas and sleeping in the buff? Are you one of the 30 percent of people hitting the hay in your birthday suit? If not, perhaps you should be. Here are our top seven reasons to strip naked before bed. 

Sleeping naked could help you fall asleep faster

In the few hours before you go to bed, your body is already preparing for the night. Reading a book, drinking tea, and brushing your teeth are all ways you might signal that you are about to go to sleep. 

Your body picks up on this, increasing melatonin production and lowering your core body temperature. This decreased body temperature helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. When you pile on the blankets, keep your bedroom blazing, and wear lots of clothes, you inhibit this natural process and make falling asleep more difficult for yourself.

If you toss and turn before bed, it could be that you’re too hot. You might want to strip down and sleep in the nude to let your body cool down. This is especially beneficial during the warm summer months when outdoor temperatures make cooling your home more difficult.

You’ll sleep better if you’re naked

Disrupted sleep causes many problems, from rising cortisol levels to hampered cardiovascular health and weight gain; constant sleeplessness prevents your body from recharging and looking after those essential systems that keep you healthy. 

Sleeping naked could help alleviate midnight wake-ups and support a restful night. Your internal temperature rises a few hours before you wake to help prepare you to get out of bed. Many people are awoken by this shift, feeling hot, uncomfortable, and unable to get back to sleep. 

When you sleep in the nude, you aid in this temperature regulation and keep your body in the ideal temperature range. This can help you stay in REM longer and let you wake up feeling more rested. 

Sleeping naked improves skin health

Your pajamas may not be as safe as you think. Toxic chemicals find their way into laundry detergent, softener, and your clothes themselves. These chemicals are irritating to the skin. Invest in quality, organic clothing and limit your exposure to these chemicals by sleeping au naturel. 

Evidence suggests that quality sleep could help wounds heal and improve rashes and other skin conditions. If sleeping naked helps you get better rest, go for it!

Sleeping naked boosts vaginal health

Vaginal yeast infections thrive in warm, moist environments. Wearing constricting underwear 24/7 can be a great way to invite unpleasant fungus. Several factors cause vaginitis, including poor hygiene, chemical soap, or an allergic reaction to laundry detergent or fabric softener.

If you find that your vaginal health isn’t up to par, ditching your underwear could be a great way to give your lady parts a break and help them breathe. 

Sleeping naked improves male fertility 

Evidence suggests that underwear type (or lack thereof) at night could increase sperm count in male semen due to better scrotal temperature regulation. This could be an excellent argument for sleeping in the nude if you and your partner are trying to conceive. 

Sleeping naked benefits romantic relationships

If you sleep in bed with a romantic partner, naked nighttime cuddling is an excellent way to improve physical intimacy in your relationship. Evidence suggests that skin-to-skin contact boosts oxytocin, a hormone that contributes to feelings of well-being, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases a sense of love and safety with your partner. According to researchers, oxytocin could even lower blood pressure.

Your partner might want to join in on the naked sleeping experiment, potentially leading to more sex. Researchers have discovered that sex before bed could equal better sleep. A win-win overall!

Sleeping naked increases self-confidence

Spending more time naked is one of the best ways to become more comfortable in your own skin. Stop hiding under clothes and appreciate your incredible body for all of the fantastic things it does for you. Spending time naked around your loved one (other than just during sex) can reduce anxiety around body image and help improve your self-esteem. 

Tips for sleeping naked

Use natural sheets 

Just as clothing contains toxic chemicals, many bedsheets do as well. If you plan on sleeping naked  (or sleeping at all), invest in quality, organic bedding. Be sure to purchase a few sets, as you’ll be washing your sheets more often.

Bamboo is a favorite choice for naked sleepers as these sheets are silky, breathable, and moisture-wicking, which can help ward off any night sweats. One hundred percent organic, non-GMO cotton is also a popular material. 

Shower before bed

Many people love to shower in the morning after a good workout, but night showerers might get better sleep. Plus, if you crawl into bed clean, you can go longer without washing your sheets.

Change your sheets frequently

Though showering right before bed is a great way to stretch the time between sheet cleaning, it is still a good idea to wash your sheets weekly (more often if you sweat). Body oils and bacteria can build up quickly, so keeping your bedding clean is critical for health. 

Transition slowly

Going from wearing a full set of pajamas to nothing at all can be a shock to your system and could disrupt your sleep. To help prevent this and give sleeping naked a fair chance, spend the first few nights in just a loose t-shirt and underwear, then just underwear, and finally, nothing at all. 

Regulate temperature

You may be a little chilly when you first start sleeping naked. A hot room can lead to poor sleep, but a cold room can be equally disruptive. Gather plenty of blankets and leave them near the bed so you can cover up if needed. 

Keep a robe on hand

Many people are uncomfortable sleeping naked if they share a home with people other than their bed partner, such as children or roommates. Most attribute this fact to the inconvenience of putting clothes on during a late-night bathroom run or some potential emergency. If that is holding you back, keep a robe handy. That way, you can quickly get presentable for any midnight happenings around the home.

Do what feels best

Yes, sleeping naked does have some incredible benefits for your health. However, it all comes down to how you sleep best. If sleeping naked makes you feel uncomfortable, contributes to insomnia, or leaves you restless, don’t do it! Getting quality sleep is far more important than what you wear to bed. 

If you choose to sleep with clothes, wear loose-fitting PJs made from a natural, organic material. These natural fibers can help your body regulate temperature better than tight, synthetic clothes that contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Next steps

Perhaps it’s time to give sleeping naked a shot. It might help eradicate your nightly wakeups and temperature disturbances for good. At the very least, you’ll have less laundry, which is always a bonus. Whatever clothes (or lack of clothes) you decide to wear to bed, develop a healthy sleep routine, set a regular bedtime, and make quality sleep a  priority in your life — as it should be. 

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