Save Your Health: The Importance of Clean Water for a Healthy Life


If you struggle with finding and drinking enough clean water, read on for the answers that can truly change your health.

Did you know at least half of your body weight is water? The percentage depends on age, gender, and a few other things, but you get the idea, it’s SIGNIFICANT to your health, yet completely neglected by so many people.

Where is all this water stored, how does it affect us, and how much should we consume?

Where is it?

Here are the numbers. Your brain and heart are about 73% water. Lungs comprise around 83%, skin 64%, muscles and kidneys 79%, and bones (yes, bones) are 31% water.

Here’s the huge one…plasma (the clear liquid part of the blood) is 90% water. We won’t get into details about cellular levels, but understand water is vital inside and outside of our cells.

Water’s Impact on Health

Now that we understand our body’s water composition, we can turn to its function and the dysfunction that occurs with dehydration.

  • Brain and Heart: Water acts as a lubricant and shock absorber, as well as a detox mechanism for these organs.

    Dehydration impairs cognition (attention, psychomotor abilities, memory, etc.) and can increase friction in the heart muscle. This can lead to coronary heart disease.

  • Lungs: Water helps regulate body temperature through respiration, clear mucus from our lungs, lubricate our airway, and reduce allergic and asthmatic reactions.

    Our lungs are part of our immune system. Mucus traps unwanted particles from entering our body. Dehydration makes us more susceptible to various illnesses in our environment by making it that much harder to expel/excrete bacteria or viruses.

  • Skin: We depend on water for regulating our body temperature and moisturizing our skin. It is also a component of the immune system and acts as a protective barrier.

    Dehydration prevents us from secreting enough sweat and cooling our body temperature. It also dries out the skin, making it more delicate and easier to puncture.

  • Muscles and kidneys: Proper hydration is key for muscle contraction and relaxation. This is the mechanism in which we build and maintain muscle. Our kidneys are a filtering organ that helps draw toxins from the body so we can eliminate them during urination.

    Dehydration inhibits muscles from accessing nutrients (especially minerals) which causes cramping (think about how this affects your heart muscle). Lack of water can increase your risk of urinary tract infections, kidney stones, impact blood pressure, and contribute to mineral imbalances which could lead to seizures.

  • Bones: Bones contain cells which constantly break down and rebuild bone tissue. We require water for healthy cells so they can do their job. Joints have no direct blood supply; they depend on water to stay lubricated and act as a shock absorber (think about your knees and spine).

    Dehydration can disrupt cellular function which may affect bone growth, however, the impact on joint pain will probably get the most attention.

  • How much do we need and does quality really matter?

    To make it easy, consume half our body weight of water in ounces. For example, a 200lb man would drink 100oz of water each day, but we always need to consider bio individuality. Age, gender, activity level, the climate you live in, and alcohol consumption all impact our water requirements.

    Quality is 100% important. Your body also relies on water for digestion, various other immune functions, and the delivery of oxygen. The last thing you want to do is consume toxins with the water you are using to help eliminate said toxins.

    That’s why we recommend a water filtration system from Pristine Hydro. Not only does it go through a filtration process to clear out contaminants, but it also replenishes minerals and restructures it for maximum cellular uptake. Check out this video to learn more.

    Not a fan of just plain water? Infuse your filtered water with these delightful recipes.

    A Friendly Reminder…

    To function optimally (prevent/reverse disease) you must not only provide your body with clean water but also nutritious Paleo organic food, good sleep, lots of fresh air, sunshine, and movement. Our health coaching team can help you on your journey. Call them today for a free consultation.


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