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Sleep Your Way To A Healthy Heart: Enhancing Heart Health Through The Samina Sleep System With Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson


What is the secret to a healthy heart? Sleeping may hold a more transformative power than we think, as it holds the key to your cardiovascular wellbeing. In this eye-opening episode, host Dr. Jack Wolfson sits with Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson, sleep psychologist and head of the Institute for Sleep Psychology and Sleep Coaching in Frastanz, Austria. With over 40 years of experience in sleep research, Dr. Amann-Jennson reveals the essential connection between heart function and quality sleep.  He urges us to recognize the pivotal role sleep plays in our overall health and emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to sleep enhancement. Dr. Amann-Jennson introduces the groundbreaking Samina Sleep System, a revolutionary approach expertly designed to optimize our body’s natural processes during sleep. This system’s magnetic elements, backed by scientific studies, demonstrate how they can significantly enhance sleep quality, calming even the most stressed patients in intensive care settings. Tune in now and learn how to be well-rested and take charge of your heart health with the power of sleep!

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Sleep Your Way To A Healthy Heart: Enhancing Heart Health Through The Samina Sleep System With Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson

In this episode, I am honored to meet and have as a guest as well on the show, Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson, who is the Creator and Founder of the SAMINA Sleep System. If you don’t know about the SAMINA Sleep System, I’m shocked because we talk about it very often. Dr. Heather and I sleep on the SAMINA Sleep System. We have one in our office in Scottsdale as well for people to come by and demo.

Let me introduce Dr. Amann-Jennson. He is a sleep psychologist and Head of the Institute for Sleep Psychology and Sleep Coaching in Frastanz, Austria. He is a book author, healthy sleep coach, and entrepreneur. He founded SAMINA in 1989. He’s been around quite a long time and understands the importance of healthy sleep as it relates to all things cardiovascular and all health issues in general.

Over the course of his career, he has acquired great expertise in the holistic interrelationships between bodies, soul, and spirit level. Through his diverse international training in psychology and medicine for his working contributions, he has been awarded an honorary doctorate in medicine. Since 1983, his unwavering focus has been on bioenergetic sleep as the biologically highest form of physical, psychological, and mental regeneration through sleep.

If you know anything about me, I talk about all the different things. I talk about how important the three concepts of eating well, living well, and thinking well are. They’re all equally as important. In that live well category, among everything, nothing is more important than sleep. Sleep may be the most important. Would you agree, Dr. Amann-Jennson?

Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson’s 40-Year Sleep Research

I would like to thank everyone for joining us in this episode where I can give help for the heart. I am occupied with the subject of sleep for many years. It is important for the body. Over the years, I have got a couple of lessons. I would like to make out a good sleeper and a super sleeper. For that, with my team, I developed a concept that leads us to a biological good sleep. I don’t just want to enhance sleep, but I want to make therapies for my patients while they sleep. I want to bring them into a bodily sleep function where we can enhance passive therapies like thermoregulation, dirty electricity, and body health. I am pleased to discuss with Dr. Wolfson what might be interesting for you on this subject.

Talk about thermoregulation. What is the importance of thermoregulation in general and as it relates to heart health?

The Role of Thermal Regulation in Quality Sleep

It is a subject that is not taken in all its worth. Everybody knows that if it’s too cold or too hot, we cannot sleep as well. That is why before we go to sleep, we should prepare everything so the thermoregulation works. We have to think that we have 7.5 cardiac treatments if the temperature is not right. For example, if we do have the right material to cover ourselves with feathers, for example, or feather covering, we know that heart frequency will race. If the temperature is not optimal, sleep will not help me. Instead of helping me, it will put my health down.

HHS 53 | Samina Sleep System
Samina Sleep System: If it is too cold or too hot, we cannot sleep as well. That is why before we go to sleep, we should prepare everything.


Aside from regulating the temperature in the room, how does the SAMINA Sleep System help with that thermoregulation?

We are talking about bed thermatology. Everybody knows that the weather and the climate have a great impact on our bodies and our health. For us, it’s very important that we use materials that are able to regulate the temperature. If it’s too cold, it will heat it. If it’s too hot, it will lower the temperature. Years ago, I started with my first experiments and had to decide what fabrics I should use for cushions and bedding. Years later, we are able to see all this in our studies.

When we compared fabrics with each other, the climate they are used in, and the SAMINA bed, this so-called temperature regulation is also due to the layers of it. It has double layers that are coincident with the skeleton of the body. Symbolically, it’s built up in layers. In a holistic view, it’s not just the bed. It’s the whole building of the bed. It has to relax your muscles, regulate your temperature, and support it actively.

We have a mattress made of natural kautschuk. It is inside the bed system and is the most important part of the microcirculation. If the microcirculation does not work, then sleep will not be good sleep. The healing sleep cannot take place. We also have to have attention if this natural kautschuk is 7.5 centimeters wide to enhance our microcirculation. We can help people in their sleep. We can give them a list of very important sleeping enhancements.

HHS 53 | Samina Sleep System
Samina Sleep System: If this microcirculation does not work, then it will not be a good sleep. And the healing sleep cannot take place.


For example, when I make measurements and earth everything, we can see that I go to sleep much faster and my sleep efficiency is much deeper. At this point, maybe we should focus on why it’s so important for our health. I started long ago with the earthing of sleep. We waited a lot for our Europe certification for this microcirculation.

The body will have an infection. The blood viscosity means that the blood will be more liquid. All these things are important for a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Since the blood is more liquid, the cardiovascular system will be fluid. These red blood cells will transport much more oxygen. Through electrosmog, they will help us sleep much better and avoid these clots.

Does Dr. Amman-Jennson have any concerns about dirty electricity or what’s going on in the ground? There is what’s called dirty electricity because of man-made devices, technology, cell phones, towers, and power lines.

There are two things we have to look at. The one thing is when we are earthed, we have active protection against electromagnetic fields and domestic electricity. In America, it is 60 hertz. We also have protection for high-frequency areas. All these things can hurt our bodies. If we protect it against it and also our heart, we will have a much better sleep. There is also dirty earthing.

On the side of SAMINA, it is the first product that is intended for medical grounds or treatments. It has limited the earthing. In the end, for the risk of heart disease, we have a decrease of 40% on this. It is a high improvement in the situation. The adoption of cortisone for sleep is a very important aspect. It will also help at a physical and mental level for fear attacks, suppressions, and all possible problems.

Thank you for that explanation. One thing I find very interesting is the idea of what’s called SAMINA gravity, where sleeping in the whole body incline position by a few degrees and all of the cardiovascular benefits of that. Can you tell us how you discovered that? How that was employed in the SAMINA Sleep System?

It was one of the moments where I almost fell on my chair when I read something from Copernicus from NASA where some alternates were also in charge of. At first, I only got it in English. It was called sitting kills you, and moving kills you. It was very interesting for me to see how NASA was handling this theme or subject of the Laws of Gravity. I looked for ways to simulate the Laws of Gravity on Earth because we could not take patients or subjects to the station to make studies there.

When we let our patients sleep horizontally, there was no more influence of gravity. There was micro gravitation. It was the same as the astronaut pad in the space station. We know that gravity is a vital factor in these studies. Unfortunately, medicine does not study the subject that, for example, the heart has to work against gravity force. Also, liquidity is influenced.

Sina Sleep System: Enhancing Circulation and Oxygenation

We should not sleep in a flat position. It’s crazy, but a lot of heart diseases have to do with it. With my sleep medicine partners, we have developed a system. He was also a space doctor. From his and mine various experiences with the Russian cosmonaut about sleep, we saw from the first minute that it was crazy what happened when we put people to sleep in a non-flat position. We have over 60 light factors that might affect our health.

Improving Sleep Quality: The Connection between Sleep Apnea and Heart Health

One of the most important is sleeping apnea. What happens to the patients with sleep apnea? It’s incredible. The oxygen percentage goes so low at 60%, and the blood pressure goes to 240. We have 140 and 140 diastolic. It is no wonder that so many people die in dead sleep because it is very difficult to come back to the breathing rhythm from this apnea. From lying down, we could stop at least 80% to 90% from stop these deaths.

What happens with a patient that has sleep apnea is incredible. The oxygen percentage goes so low at 60% and the blood pressure is close to what we have PTO. And it is no wonder that so many people die in dead sleep.

We had a case with middle-heavy apnea. He was around 30 and had apnea for 1 hour per night. On the first night, we could half it to 30 minutes. To summarize, we have much better circulation and oxygenation. At this point, we still see patients with cardiac insufficiency that profit from this system. We can prolong our lives in ten years.

Unfortunately, this patient had an accident and died, but the bigger part of his life after this was he had a very good sleep. There are a lot of circumstances that are connected to good sleep. This means that we free the body and our brain from poisons, for example, from these tau proteins. Everybody that is 40 or 50 can decide if they want to have Alzheimer’s at 70 or 80. If they do not want it, they can opt for this system.

There are a lot of companies out there that talk about organic mattresses. They’re using natural latex, rubber, and organic materials. Let’s talk about how SAMINA goes over and above and sources the best quality. If you wouldn’t mind, talk about some of the other products that are out there. Those may be “organic mattresses” but this is the whole SAMINA Sleep System. Let’s start with the materials, though.

It is important that to be able to offer a bed, we have to understand sleep. If we understand sleep, 95% of people have insufficient sleep. All of these mattresses offered with all this publicity, I don’t think they will help all of these patients. Something is not right. Each of them promises to enhance sleep. The good thing is that sleep is measurable.

To be able to offer a bed, we have to understand the sleep. And if we really understood sleep, we have 95% of people that have insufficient sleep and are in all of these mattresses offered with all this publicity. Something is not right.

We have mobile and ambulant measuring devices. If we look a bit at the past, Professor X, for example, might have slept 11 nights on SAMINA and 11 nights on a normal bed. We checked what was different. I can tell you that everything was different. We did a lot of measurements to compare. We got the conclusion that we need a system that functions orthopedically. We do have ways to measure it.

Professor Tobolski in Cologne, each day, he has 50 patients. He has 12 orthopedic doctors and 2 orthopedic doctors to have meetings to solve each patient’s problems. I must be honest. I did not believe it at the beginning, but it’s true. SAMINA can, in a couple of nights, enhance your spine structure. It makes it possible even if you sleep on your belly. It is possible to have an orthopedic regeneration.

For example, thermoregulation is a function that does not work in both of the other mattresses. For older people and patients, a bunk bed is too high, and it hinders circulation. There are very few people that think what could have happened or can relate to it. That is why following this, the microcirculation does not work. People are, in themselves, bioelectrical beings. The cell potential of each person is electrical.

We do know that if we use metals in our mattresses, this will influence our electrical field. The modern person has cartridge losses because he does not walk without shoes. The infrared links do not receive to influence it a lot as well. If we can correct infrared beams to the body again, we might regulate it. Everything we produce is from natural products. We try to get all shortages back. We try to make everything manually. We are trying to use less machinery. We are environmentally friendly. All of these things are important to be able to get better sleep.

A lot of your research was done on migraines. That’s something that’s very easy to follow as far as a group of people have X amount of migraines, and then using the SAMINA Sleep System, they have fewer migraines. I want everyone to be aware of literature. There is a review study from 2022 where they showed that people with migraines have a 50% higher risk of heart attack and a 120% higher risk of having a stroke. There is a big-time link between migraine and cardiovascular issues. It’s wonderful to hear about how SAMINA can make a difference there. Can you maybe talk about that a little bit further?

If we go back to gravity, if we have people found upheld for 60 days or they sleep in a hypnograviational at 5.5 degrees, what happens when we lay down flat? It was on the first moon landing that they got so cold. Their faces were swollen, meaning that the blood didn’t go up and their brain pressure was heightened. It means that the intracranial pressure was higher. As soon as they recognized it, they tried to treat it.

With all these things, it means that we can prevent this. If we lay on a 5.5-degree angle for 6 hours, it is much better than sleeping for 7 to 8 hours in a flat position. What we also see and is also measurable is that at the moment that we go on the 5.5 degrees, we can almost all the sudden measure that the heartbeat has improved. This is a very factor important for heart health.

What measurements do we have regarding this balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic? We believe certainly that everybody is in sympathetic overdrive. They are in fight or flight constantly. Do we have good evidence in your research about how the SAMINA Sleep System can help us engage that parasympathetic nervous system?

Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System for Heart Health

It’s known that we make normal ECG and measure the cardiac treatments. The bigger they’re separated, the more we know that this person has lower stress and better heart health. To activate this one, we can improve the heart rhythm and cardiac arrhythmias and narrow hypertension and atrial fibrillation. We do have beds in our intensive station that are earthed. It is important that, at this point, the representative was there at the clinic. He was able to see that it was easier for the next metric to take effect.

Sena Gravity: The Influence of Inclined Sleep on Heart Health

There is a scale that shows the sensibility of the patients to hyperacusis and parasympathetic. This can be a decisive factor because if blood pressure goes higher, this is an important factor. This representative was able to see what earthing does. We were able to prove that in a couple of seconds, we can use the earthing of the body to calm down the patient. This is one of the problems in intensive stations that they are in a stress and panic situation. This might lead to organ breakdown. The doctors will have to work on secondary problems instead of the actual problem.

HHS 53 | Samina Sleep System
Samina Sleep System: One of the problems in intensive stations is that they are in a stressful, panic situation, and this might lead to organ breakdown. And the doctors will have to work on secondary problems instead of the actual problem.


When it comes to the SAMINA Sleep System EMF exposure, can you maybe talk about all the electromagnetic fields? We’ve got the rounding system, but is there anything else that SAMINA has or is working on to decrease the effects of electromagnetic fields that we’re all surrounded by?

Stabilizing Electromagnetic Fields: Sleep System Innovations

It is very important to stabilize the electromagnetic fields. We have relevant medical magnets. These magnets stimulate the Earth’s magnetic fields. We have these around laying down the field. In the beginning, it was looked at with a lot of irrigation points. Professor Valsen Grat in Austria was able to prove it in a placebo-controlled study. There were patients that slept without electromagnetic field stabilization and others that slept with it.

Nobody thought that something could be connected with it. People said that it was maybe something crazy. He made a study with 104 patients. He was surprised. The stabilization of the magnetic fields led to better sleep. This was measurable in the laboratory. These are the things that are important. These are the advantages that I want to measure so that our customers know that we are improving their sleep.

This has been some fantastic information. Is there anything else that you would like to discuss regarding sleep in general and the SAMINA Sleep System? Sleep disorder is one of the most dangerous and problematic things. I like to talk about this. No matter what version of the story you believe, whether it is the evolutionary version or the biblical version, first, it was dark, and then there was light. Circadian rhythms are critical. You’re a big proponent of going to sleep shortly after sundown. That’s the best way to do it. That’s the way that I live and the way that my family lives. Do you have any further commentary on that?

Sleep is something that we could discuss for hours. What people don’t take into account, and what I studied over the years, is the sleeping room, the sleeping place, and the bed system, as well as each athlete is able to make the best of his practice. Also, people need the best instruments that help to sleep better. For me, this was a very important anchor.

Sleep is something that we could discuss for hours, but what people don’t take into account is the sleeping room, sleeping place, and bed system.

In ‘98, Professor Schamen of the Sleep Study Centrum merited in his closing speech. He said that he didn’t find any factor that has a bigger influence than sleep on our health and that our health is dependent on good sleep. Every one of us spends 120 days sleeping. If the infrastructure is not good from the materials or construction or the bed and room climber is not good, then it’s not possible anymore to sleep in a good biological way.

According to me, 95% of people have bad biological sleep. We have sleep shortages and sleep disturbances. As long as we do not resolve this, we’ll have health problems. This is the best investment. We are partners of SAMINA. We are internationally in the market here in the German-speaking area. I could bring all this on my side saying that everything is dependent on the trio, which are sleeping rooms, sleeping structure, and sleeping temperature. This is the way people have to look at it. Also, in the USA, we have a big network of doctors that look into it.

This has been fantastic information. Dr. Amann-Jennson, thank you so much. For everyone reading, the SAMINA Sleep System is what Dr. Heather and I sleep on. We’ve got a lot of clients and patients who are sleeping on it. We can go so in-depth as far as how to sleep, the position that you sleep in, and all the different ways that SAMINA helps to guide that. There is truly no better investment in your health, I believe, than the SAMINA Sleep System.

There are a lot of different biohacking strategies that are out there. People are buying saunas and red light therapies. They’re spending all this money on various things, including supplements. There is no better investment that you can make in your sleep. The beauty too is that it is a one-time investment. You buy the SAMINA Sleep System, and that’s all you’re going to need, most likely, for the rest of your life. It is a spectacular product. This is another episode of the show. We will see you next time. Be well.

Thank you.


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About Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson

HHS 53 | Samina Sleep SystemDr. Günther Amann-Jennson is a sleep psychologist and head of the Institute for Sleep Psychology and Sleep Coaching in Frastanz, Austria. He is a book author, healthy sleep coach, and entrepreneur who founded SAMINA in 1989. Over the course of his career, he has acquired great expertise in the holistic inter-relationships between body, soul, and spirit through his diverse international training in psychology and medicine. For his work and contributions, he has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Medicine. Since 1983, his unwavering focus has been on Bioenergetic® Sleep as the biologically highest form of physical-psychological-mental regeneration through sleep.

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I dedicated the next 4 years to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona where I attained my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. I served as Class President all 4 years, Board of Trustees – Student Trustee, spoke as the Club President for our branch of Toastmasters, and was voted by my peers and attending physicians to earn the Outstanding Leadership Award for the Class of 2020. Throughout medical school I took it upon myself to work alongside MDs, DOs, chiropractors, and functional medicine practitioners in addition to naturopathic physicians.

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