Spring Clean from the Inside Out for Heart Health


Many of us get fidgety in the springtime. The gray of winter has left, and it is time to declutter and do some spring cleaning. Here’s a question though…if we can do it for our house, why not do it for our body? And why not any time of year?

Here are some things to consider: do you lack energy? Having trouble sleeping? Gaining weight? It might be time to reset your system and do a greens juice cleanse.

Why do a cleanse?

The #1 reason to do a cleanse is to break food addictions. Whether your vice is bread, cheese, ice cream, or fast food, the greens juice cleanse will help break those habits and take your health journey in a new direction. When we remove fiber from food by juicing it, we allow our gut to rest, which allows for nutrients to be absorbed more easily.

Other reasons to cleanse:

  1. Detox your liver.
  2. Sweep out your colon.
  3. Clear your mind.
  4. Flush your kidneys.
  5. Scrub your heart and arteries.

How to Do a Cleanse?

  1. Pick a start date

    If possible, take a week off from work to complete your cleanse. I recommend starting on Saturday and going for a minimum of 7 days. Taking off work allows you to rest, relax, and complete other components of a holistic cleansing experience (see below).

  2. Get a quality juicer

    There are a variety of juicers on the market, however, only a certain type preserves the nutrients the best. Slow, masticating juicers are the best.

    We recommend Greenstart or Omega.

  3. Buy ORGANIC produce

    All ingredients for the juice need to be organic. Juicing pesticide laden produce  only serves to concentrate the poisons. If possible, buy local, farm fresh veggies and stock up! Here’s what you need:

    • Cucumber
    • Celery
    • Spinach
    • Cabbage (green or purple)
    • Lettuce (any kind)
    • Kale
    • Carrots
    • Chard
    • Beets and Beet Greens
    • Arugula
    • Fennel
    • Garlic and Ginger are excellent additions as well
    • Fresh lemon helps the taste of some of the stronger juices if you use too much kale or chard.
  4. Drink three to four 16oz. juices each day.

    The foundation of each juice should be cucumber, lettuce, and celery, however, you can mix and match ingredients based on what’s available and what you feel your body needs.  If you get hungry throughout the day, drink another juice.

    Please drink plenty of high quality water during the cleanse. We recommend the Pristine Hydro filtration system for top of the line hydration.

    Each night before bed, drink one shot of organic olive oil to flush the liver and gallbladder. Add fresh lemon juice to cut the taste of the olive oil.

  5. Additional cleansing tasks
    • Get a massage
    • Get a colonic before starting the cleanse, as well as one during it. You should also have enema bags handy. If you are having trouble moving your bowels, a daily enema with warm water may help. Daily bowel movements are key for proper health.
    • Sauna- Sweating is another avenue in which toxins leave our body. We prefer infrared saunas for their deep penetrating ability into our cells and mitochondria.
    • Move- We recommend walking, gentle hiking, or a slow bike ride, but make sure it’s nothing too strenuous.
    • Sleep at sundown and awake at sunrise. Take a nap if you feel you need one. Your body is working hard, and restorative sleep is important.
    • Get sunshine.
    • Get away from electronics and chemicals. Choose a book instead of a screen.
    • Avoid stress and work for best results.

Cleanses can be pretty intense. We recommend working closely with a holistic doctor or one of our health coaches for support. Please make sure you are working with a professional before starting.

Once you have completed the cleanse, add our Foundation 5 to your daily routine for optimal health. Remember, we cannot do it all with supplements. Proper nutrition, clean air, and clean water will put you on the path to reversing dysfunction and living your best life.


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