The Natural Heart Doctor Paleo Pyramid


Stressed out and confused by so much conflicting information on which diet is best to follow for your heart health?  It is no wonder, as most doctors have little or no nutritional education and food producers are aiming for sales over the health of consumers. Where do we look for good nutritional advice?

I advise my patients to look to the wisdom of our ancestors and their paleolithic nutrition plan that has worked for millennia.

True wellness is within your reach. We simply need to learn how to eat the right foods for our bodies to thrive. We need to unlearn what we’ve been told and stop eating damaging foods, or we will be back on the current societal path towards sickness and disease.

As a board certified cardiologist, I’ve studied the plethora of nutritional theories and diets to find the best diet for both long term overall health and heart health.

What I Found Through My Research

Here’s what is evident from my studies – the foods for optimal health must have been available since the creation of mankind. If they hadn’t been available, we would not have evolved and thrived as a species. The answer is: nature has always provided what all species need to thrive, not just survive.

This one, simple understanding makes it easily discernible as to why processed foods, sugars, GMO frankenfoods, hybridized grains and processed dairy are not ideal for the body or your health. These aren’t natural foods and science confirms they actually make us sick. Sugar is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Our bodies were never designed to break down and assimilate the massive quantities of sugar found in the typical standard American diet. And we wonder why we have an unprecedented number of people suffering from obesity and diabetes in this nation and others!

Let’s probe more deeply:  what did our ancestors actually eat? Once more– the science is very clear. Our ancestors’ diets consisted of plants (also known as vegetables), seeds, nuts, animals, fish, eggs, herbs and fruit (occasionally and when in season). They ate plants, seeds, herbs and nuts nearly every day and ate the other items as they were available.

One key point to remember: our ancestors did not eat any processed foods, hybrid grains, sugars, or GMO food-products. Logically, one can surmise that these people also only ate organic plants, not the modern contaminated version sprayed with pesticides. They would have never eaten animals fed genetically-modified foods or injected with chemicals (antibiotics) as these practices did not exist. We would do well to get back to the basics of our ancestors. Read on for more details.

The Best Diet for Human Health

Supported by these facts, it is clear to me that the right nutrition for optimal health in modern times is Paleo nutrition. This is the only diet on the planet that gives us the proper foods our bodies were naturally designed to eat.

We’ve created a graphic that we call our “Paleo Pyramid.” It illustrates the proper approach to eating Paleo foods for optimal health.

Key to Implementing The Natural Heart Doctor Paleo Pyramid:

  • No matter what foods you choose to eat, abide by the rules on the left of the pyramid. All foods must be organic (free from chemicals, antibiotics or genetic modifications).
  • The Paleo diet is plant-based. That means vegetables are the foundation of this nutritional plan.
  • Eat vegetables with every meal. The other levels can be consumed in any quantity you prefer and may change from day to day. Some days you will eat beef, other days you will eat fish. Some days are vegan, full of coconut, avocado and olives.
  • Start your day off with a greens drink containing Heart Greens, Super Food, and Heart Beet.
  • Eat organ meats such as liver and heart. These are nutrient-dense meats that are often cheaper than most other cuts. Our ancestors knew that eating the organs of a healthy animal would improve their health. Mix organ meats into your diet whenever possible. We love the choices at Crowd Cow. If you prefer not to eat organ meats our friends over at Ancestral Supplements have a great line of organ products.
  • Use organic spice. Here’s an infographic of 10 spices for better health.
  • Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of quality water each day. Quality water has the right characteristics necessary for good health. Tap water and most bottled waters don’t meet our quality water criteria. Install a water purification system in your home. We recommend the Pristine Hydro.
  • A caution about dairy. Man is the only species who consumes milk from another animal. We don’t recommend dairy for most people. If you do use dairy products, make sure it’s organic and preferably raw and/or fermented. Discover 10 things you should learn about raw milk.

Let’s have a moment of truth here. How does your current diet match up to what you have learned here? Are you eating the best foods for optimal health? We hope you are. And if you aren’t, we can help. Here are some easy tips to get you started.

If you want some help on changing your eating habits, your heart health, and your life, we are here for you. For more individualized help, please schedule a FREE call with one of our health coaches and get the guidance you need. Just click HERE to get started today.


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