The Power Of Food: Chef Pete Evans Discusses Everything From The Key To Long-Term Sustainable Health To Censorship And Corruption

The power of food goes beyond eating and feeling the richness of taste. When understood, it becomes one of the fundamental keys for long-term sustainable health. Pete Evans, an internationally renowned chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, and more, believes this to be true. In this episode, he joins Dr. Jack Wolfson to share with us the power of food. Digging deeper, Pete then discusses the corrupt systems in the food industry that keep us from obtaining long-term health.  Discover the ways we can gain back the kind of sustainable health that is being taken from us. Follow along as Pete uncovers the good, the bad, and the ugly in the food industry.

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The Power Of Food: Chef Pete Evans Discusses Everything From The Key To Long-Term Sustainable Health To Censorship And Corruption

I want to welcome Chef Pete Evans. is his website. If you don’t know him, you’re missing out on a lot. I don’t know what you’re hiding. You must be under some rock somewhere. If you don’t know Chef Pete, he is world-renowned, world-recognized, has his restaurants, got a website, tons of different books, been on television, got a podcast, and is a well-known public speaker. Let’s get rolling.

Pete, how are you doing?

I’m really well, thank you. Thanks for having me. Good day to everybody out there, wherever you are around the world. It’s great to connect.

Thanks for taking time and away from all the different things that you’re doing, and of course, family. You’ve got a couple of kids, right?

I do. I have two teenage daughters. They’re with me at the moment. It’s exciting times. We had a big night of playing UNO. I don’t even know how to pronounce it, but it was good. Hopefully, we’ll go for a surf.

Having children in this crazy world right now is such a precarious time. We’ve got four children and it’s the greatest blessing in the world. That thing about, “How do you bring children into this crazy world?” There is so much going on right now with things like freedom of speech. I know you’ve been very outspoken and you’ve been censored. Tell us some of the backstories about you becoming a chef, a family man, and a businessman, and then we can get into the censorship issues.

I’ve got a story just like everybody else. It’s unique to me and I’m very happy to share it. I became a chef pretty much to earn an income. I thought it was a wonderful life skill because I’d actually didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was around the age of 16, 17. I knew university wasn’t the course for me because the school didn’t really interest me for those twelve years that I was already there. I wanted to get a trade. I looked at all the trades that were available to do an apprenticeship.

At the time, there were electricians, plumbers, butchers, hairdressers, and the list went on and on. None of them really resonated with me because I wanted to learn a life skill that I could use for the rest of my life. Cooking, for me, made the most sense as a seventeen-year-old because I’d worked in some fast-food restaurants through my high school years, and I enjoyed the energy that came from that environment. I liked the structure and systems of cooking. I decided to learn how to cook. My short-term goal was just to finish an apprenticeship which was four years in duration.

My number one goal was to be able to move out of home away from my parents or my mom at that time. She was a single mom. After seventeen years, I thought it was time to spread my wings and learn some independence. As soon as I got my job, I moved out of home at the age of seventeen and learned how to cook. It was a wonderful life lesson, that’s for sure, and something that I truly appreciate and value more so now than I ever have as a father.

As you said, businessman, restauranteur, and somebody that wants to live for as long as possible in this beautiful world in which we inhabit, food is one of the fundamental keys or foundational principles that once we understand how it works for us for long-term sustainable health, it makes our life a lot easier to navigate and to thrive.

We’ve always got control of our choices, even if we are being brainwashed or manipulated.

It took me about twenty years of being in the culinary arts to finally have that epiphany of how important food is for actual health because we don’t get taught those things at school. It’s like doctors don’t get taught about nutritionships. They don’t really get taught about nutrition. We get taught how to make things delicious and how to put combinations of foods together from inspiration from around the world.

For years, I’ve really focused on the nutritional benefits and the dietary principles for long-term sustainable health. I’ve got to say I’m loving cooking more now with that understanding and I’m going back to school to learn how powerful food is on so many levels, not just the physicality of what happens once we eat it but also the emotional, mental, and even spiritual states that can come from eating nutrient-dense food, hunting, fishing, as well as growing your own food and fasting.

There are so many beautiful things that when we really think about how food can connect us to nature, ourselves and our higher consciousness. I’m very blessed to have gone on that journey. You mentioned censorship. When I started to investigate the power of food as a medicine or as a tool, I was quick to discover how corrupt the systems that pertain to the food industry plus the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry are.

They are so intertwined with corruption. It’s lie after lie and corruption after corruption. It opened my eyes to a broader viewpoint of the world in which we inhabit that it is at all rosie, rainbows, unicorns and people wanting to help each other. I realized very quickly after investigating and learning more about the food system that it is pretty much designed to keep us sick and away from long-term sustainable health.

My censorship came pretty early on. I was fortunate enough to create a documentary called The Magic Pill, which ended up on Netflix plus a couple of TV series, which we also produced ourselves and self-funded called The Paleo Way, which ended up being broadcast around the world. When they went out, I felt the wrath of the people that had the most to lose from this information being shared with such a wide audience.

The Australian Medical Association came out and publicly said that I’m dangerous and my films should be removed from Netflix immediately. I’ve had the precedence of the Australian Dieticians Association numerous times come out and say that what I’m promoting and what others are promoting is dangerous and would kill you at an early age. I’ve had the mainstream media pile on in their ridicule and attempt of character assassination for years.

I’ve navigated that through pretty much the better part of 9 to 10 years. When the Coronavirus entered our awareness or our consciousness in 2020, I could see the same signs of corruption of lies and deceit. It’s so easy to see, especially when they always try to bring it back to the science and the science has settled. I just witnessed that for a decade in the food science arena.

To put this into context, we had close to 2,000,000 followers as the Pete Evans personal page on Facebook and Instagram. Over the years of promoting the dietary approach, we shared thousands of anecdotal stories. We had a ten-week online program where 100,000 people came through and basically, we had zero complaints in that time.

What we’ve managed to share was anecdotal stories in the thousands maybe even tens of thousands of people reversing type two diabetes, putting their autoimmune disease in remission, putting their cancer into remission, changing the behavior of their children with behavioral disorders such as autism and ADHD.

We had countless stories of people getting off the antidepressant medication, no longer being diagnosed with depression or anxiety, and the list goes on and on. The powers that they did not like those stories circulating. When the Coronavirus came in 2020, I started speaking out and asking the questions that no journalist seemed to want to ask. Pretty abruptly, I was de-platformed without warning from Facebook and Instagram.

Most people get a warning or they get put into Facebook jail or Instagram jail for 7 days or 30 days. I was permanently deleted like that for no explanation. That was 2,000,000 followers that I couldn’t reach anymore. I don’t like the word followers, but that’s the vernacular that’s used. What’s interesting about that is in Australia, we have a population of 25,000,000 people so it’s pretty close to 10% of the population because most of the followers were from Australia.

Power Of Food: Food is one of the fundamental keys or foundational principles that, once we understand how it works for us for long-term sustainable health, make our life a lot easier to navigate and thrive.

I had one of the largest social media accounts, say high profile celebrity in this country and that went against the mainstream narrative. They’ve called me a racist, a neo-Nazi, a danger to society, the list goes on and on. They had attempted, which they’ve done pretty well when they labeled me a neo-Nazi and a racist. Again, it’s complete, out of lies and fabrication.

Every single business that I was involved with publicly dumped me to the media and said they want nothing to do with me ever again and they do not support Pete Evans. These are people and businesses that I had very deep and long-term relationships with I would call friends and still to this day. Pretty much not one of them has had the decency to phone, message or email about that decision to publicly cut-off our business relationships.

I understand why in a cancel culture where people are protective of their business, assets and their reputation. I understand why that is, but I also find it very peculiar that these people would do that knowing that they know who I am as a human being, as a person and what we stand for as a company. To put this into context for people that haven’t heard why I would have such a large following in this country is I hosted one of Australia’s number one TV program for many years.

It was free-to-air, in primetime, and a reality TV show. It’s very similar to what you would have as Top Chef or Master Chef. Ours was called My Kitchen Rules. I had twenty years in the entertainment industry as a celebrity chef, which I was always touted as the boy next door and nice fellow, but when I started speaking out about how you can become healthy through food, that changed very quickly to the mainstream media. They no longer referred to me as the boy next door.

They referred to me as a crackpot, crazy, dangerous, and a threat to society. They did everything they could while I was promoting healthy food for a decade to create ridiculous stories to tarnish my reputation to the general public. Inadvertently, what I did was just raised our profile even more and bought more people that were disillusioned with the system and parts of the medical establishment to want to learn more because I kept hearing all of these anecdotal stories. That’s a big summation there that I just thought I’d give some context to paint the picture for the people. Thanks for allowing me to do that.

You brought up so many amazing points in there that deserve time to unpack and discuss. I think that as you’ve lost some of those sponsors and relationships, they’re doing to save their hives, businesses, and revenues but the problem does go back to that Nazi adage if you will, where everybody is afraid to speak out, and because you’re afraid to speak out, the people in power keep coming after more people.

If you think you’re safe from their agenda, you’re incorrect. You may be safe right now, but as they keep coming after more and control more, you’re next. It’s like they came after the Jews, they didn’t say anything. They came after my neighbor, they didn’t say anything. Finally, when they came after me, there was nobody there to speak for me. That is clearly where this is going.

I think you’re right. You were King of the World when you’re talking about pastries and sugar-filled treats. What are some new ways to mix sugar and butter? Everybody loves you when you’re talking about that, but now you talk about food as medicine, they’re like, “Medicine is medicine. Pharmaceuticals are medicine.” That’s the end of the conversation. Take USDA’s food pyramid. On what planet of delusion would people think that in the old pyramid, the grain category would be bigger than the vegetable category?

It’s common sense. Let me put it this way. What I found is the most startling realization that I’ve had over the years when we’re talking about food and what humans eat. I live on a farm and I’m blessed to have had this experience at the moment for the many years. I watch all the animals, whether it’s the bird life, the insects, our horses that we’ve got and intuitively, every single species knows what to eat.

Every year, I watched the birds hatching. The bird life is just beautiful at the moment, all the chicks are hatching. It always amazes me that we’re the only species in the world that actually has no freaking idea what is good for us and what is natural for us. We have that many dietary principles out there competing for air time or ego time. We have so many Frankenfoods and many people say that they have been created with ingredients that you just would never consider to put into your body, yet people do it on a day-to-day basis.

We have lost touch with our instinct and intuition. That, to me, is the most alarming thing that’s going on in the world right there. The fact that as a human species, we don’t have the, I don’t want to say the intelligence because we have the innate intelligence, but we’re not using our common sense, our intuition, our instinct, our innate intelligence to be able to navigate our way into a state of, again, long-term sustainable health, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Food is a wonderful tool for health, or it can be used as a tool for poisoning ourselves.

I do believe what is happening. If this isn’t ringing alarm bells for every single person around the world, it’s the wake-up call and the alarm being rung for humanity. If people still cannot hear the species is in dire trouble, we risk facing potential extinction through what’s coming down the line, our choices, or the mandates, coercion, manipulation, and lies that are happening. I am deeply concerned.

One of the things I’ve noticed and it’s a pretty heavy conclusion that I’ve come to is if 70% or more are obese, and overweight and have metabolic disorder because of the choices they’ve made in their life and now, there’s more coercion, manipulation, intimidation, and division that’s coming through for a tyrannical medical state, it’s going to get ugly.

It already is ugly. It’s got to get dark and it already is dark, but it’s going to get a lot darker unless we wake up and make the wisest choice possible. Activate our innate intelligence and connect to our intuition, our gut, stand tall and use all of our unique gifts and strengths as human beings to work together and create a healthier existence in connection with nature and connection with every other species, including ourselves. That’s where I think we were being invited to do that right now.

Going back to the food pyramid, lack of common sense or brainwashing that has occurred through the mainstream narrative, medical system, dieticians’ associations around the world, political chambers, the agricultural industries as well as the multinational food corporations, if people can’t see that yet, it’s concerning because it doesn’t need to be like that. As a cardiologist and a health expert, you’ve seen the power of one choice and changing your food choices can have on somebody. I’ve often said this in interviews because people say, “How do we fix this choice?” I said, “It’s simple. Start with the food that you eat.”

If everybody changed the food that they ate to be supporting holistic farming practices, sustainable fishing practices, intelligent use of the land that actually regenerates soil, microbes and microorganisms that are in there, that one act of defiance and self-love, and if everybody did that, what that would do would change everything because it would change the multinational food corporations would either adapt or dissolve into obscurity.

The advertising revenue that came from that would then also change the mainstream media and what they put out there as far as that goes. It would change big agriculture to adapt to more holistic practices, which would then change the lobbying for the governments. It would change the government system, medical system, pharmaceutical industry, and everything. I’ll show a statistic out there.

A percentage of 70% to 80% of all chronic illnesses is lifestyle-related. I’m not making that claim. It’s well documented. Imagine if our lifestyle choices were in harmony with our species and the medical industry losing 80% of its business, I would say within the space of twelve months, it would change dramatically. What would happen to the pharmaceutical industries if they lost 80% of their client base?

Now we know why you’re such a threat to the agenda and why you’ve been censored. Your points are just so fantastic and so spot on. Multiple times you said common sense. I say that all the time as well. There’s no common sense in the medical community. The medical doctors that I train with the other cardiologists don’t get trained in common sense. We actually get brainwashed out of common sense. Common sense nutritional things and common sense lifestyle things.

You don’t have to teach a zebra in the wild what to eat and how to live. The same thing with a lion, tiger, bird or fish. They just know what to do, but for some reason, the brainwashing has happened and 5he common sense is gone. You talk about all of these beautiful utopian ideas. How do we get this out faster? It’s because everybody in the United States, for example, is sitting on their couch, getting their food delivered by DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

They’re glued to the television set, watching CNN, worried about variants and viruses. They’re worried if they need booster shots, who’s going to get vaccinated, and the vaccine passports. If we’re going to topple the industry, they keep censoring us and keep kicking people like you on social, I’m frankly shocked that I’m not kicked off social.

I was kicked off of Pinterest a couple of years ago. Vimeo shut me down, but I’m still current on Facebook and Instagram. After I saw the writing on the wall in January of 2021, I told Twitter to kiss my ass then I de-platform myself from them. How do we rattle the cage and wake up these 80% with this metabolic syndrome sitting on their couch, eating pizza, drinking beer, smoking marijuana, watching CNN, watching Fox, watching mainstream, or whatever their poison is? How do we reach these people?

Power Of Food: As a human species, we’re not using our common sense, intuition, instinct, and the innate intelligence to navigate our way into a state of long-term sustainable health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

It’s not our responsibility to wake them up. I say that with the greatest compassion because there are so many out there like yourself and I would classify me as a warrior for truth. I’ve come to realize that we need to always have free will. The people that are sitting there eating their pizzas and being brainwashed, they have chosen that path as a human being.

We’ve always got control of our choices, even if we are being brainwashed or manipulated. There’s still that choice where that person of a day or a diet can say, “I’ll cook something for myself. I won’t order that pizza but I don’t know how to cook.” The internet is a wonderful tool. All of these are wonderful tools. Food is a wonderful tool for health or it can be used as a tool for poisoning ourselves.

The internet is a wonderful tool for sharing information or it can be a horrendous tool for manipulation and comparison, as we’re seeing with social media and the like. We have to respect everybody’s journey, wherever they are on this path like myself. I spent twenty years cooking those ingredients that now I would never put into my body. For twenty years, I had no idea that me cooking an apple pie, for instance, with the refined flour, refined sugar, the shit butter, and whatever it was into the mix was contributing to my ill health plus my customer’s ill health.

I’ll pique along those lines, too. I don’t know if you harbor much guilt. My guess is hopefully you don’t because each one of us is on our own path. It’s like, “Do I feel guilty that I was giving people a Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Aspirin and doing unnecessary procedures?” It’s like, “Yes, I do but yes, I don’t because I was just on my journey. I didn’t know any better.” Isn’t the problem with the people who know better deny it or, in an evil way, if you will, continue to propagate these food-based myths? It’s like Marlboro saying, “Cigarettes don’t cause cancer,” when they know that it causes cancer.

I’ll bring it back to where we were at. I do believe that the alarm is ringing loud and clear for most people. The ones that still can’t hear it like you were saying, first they came for the Jewish, for my neighbor, and then for me, and there was no one there. What I believe is going to happen is the alarm has rung for many of us over the years to get us to a point where it’s like, “I will consciously choose what’s right for me, my family and my community.”

Now, this might be a small minority at the moment. What we’re witnessing every day is more people waking up and asking questions. It may not be happening as quickly as many would like for this to happen, but we have to trust, accept and surrender that it’s out of our control, we can’t manipulate the manipulated, and they have to wake up or come to their own realizations when it’s appropriate and it’s the golden moment for them.

For some, it may not happen in their lifetime. We have to accept, respect, have compassion and empathy for those people that will never make the wisest choices for themselves. We’re usually talking about women and men in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s as our demographic. These people had got to hit rock bottom in their life. They tried everything. They tried twenty specialists. They’ve had that many different operations to have parts of them removed and cut out. They’ve been in so much pain for such a huge part of their life.

Some people were sick for 50 years and then they said, “There’s more to my life than this. I want to live and I want to live without pain and under my own rules.” Those rules are the ones that are in harmony with our species and our connection to nature. What I’m alluding to or presenting here is many human beings need to hit rock bottom before that spark happens for them.

Now, the people that are sitting there watching television, mainstream, eating pizzas, drinking beer, or doing whatever it is to numb themselves and suppress themselves because that’s what it is. It’s a numbing of the human spirit. One of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard is, “One of the greatest fears people have is of their own potential.” People suppress their own potential by these numbing processes.

Will there come a time for your neighbor who is poisoning themselves with the information they’re watching or hearing on a day-to-day basis, the food they’re consuming or the medicines they’re putting into their body? What will be their breaking point where they’ll go, “Enough is enough. I need to sort my shit out because I don’t want to be this person anymore. This is not who I came here to be?”

I remember when I was a child, I had this energy and dreams. One of the greatest gifts the people took control of their lives would share with me. I’m talking people in their 60s, 70s and 80s. It was this mantra that kept coming through, “I’m ready to live.” What that meant to me is they’re ready to create the magic in the world that we’re all here to do.

People suppress their own potential by these numbing processes.

They’re ready to use their strengths because we all have these unique strengths and gifts in our unique wonder as human beings. What we’re seeing at the moment is the manipulation of homogeny and ruling elite trying to get rid of us our uniqueness, wonder, strengths and gifts. Where I see humanity, how we can get through this and change this is to embrace our strengths, but also to look very hard at our weaknesses, dark parts, and shadow.

Do equal work in discovering why we have these limiting self-belief systems or patterns that flow through us. Did I learn that from my mother, my father, my schooling system, the mainstream media, the television shows that I watched, or from my friends and neighbors that I didn’t want to upset by being different?

Did I learn this by being a conformist and a good citizen that didn’t want to stand out from the crowd because black sheep are not very well liked? These are big questions that each of us, at one point in time, will face. Many get to ask these questions on our deathbed, which is why a lot of people end up forgiving themselves and others and making that human connection again when they are in a life or death situation.

I’ve got to tell you we are currently in a life or death situation. We’re going to see more people wake up as more of their freedoms are taken away from them. They realize that the human spirit no longer has the freedom to express itself in the way that intuitively and instinctively it is here to express. I’ve also come to the realization that it may not happen in my lifetime and I’m okay with that. I’ve come to realize that to accept the reality that whatever happens is happening for the greater good, even though it could get really dark as we go into this journey. Hopefully, it doesn’t. Again, looking at human nature and what it takes for us to change, I don’t think people are suffering enough just yet.

The ones that have gone through their dark night of the soul, their own hero’s journey, their own awakening process, whenever that may have been, they’re usually the ones that are being tested at the moment because they have been shouting. Shits are going to get really quickly. Trust us. We’re not here to belittle anybody or create any more fear, but there’s some work that needs to be done. You will do it at one point along this journey that the longer you leave it, the harder it will become.

If we do it now, then it won’t be such a difficult journey. What I’m witnessing with a lot of people that have gone through this process of self-realization and looking at their deeper, darker shadows and selves are putting into play how they want to live their life. A lot of people are building communities, living off the land in a sustainable way, and opting out of these systems to show that there’s a different way to experience life and a much simpler way to experience life.

There are so many different things in there that you said. I’m trying to be optimistic. I hate to be fatalistic about this, but again, there are so many people that they’re willing to accept the government takeover of healthcare, our rights, stay at home, social isolation, social distancing, mandatory shots, all these different things and how people are willing to accept that. I think that the risk is they wake up one day and it’s already too late. Again, there is no opportunity to change because the government becomes that 1984 and becomes that dystopian society.

One of my favorite comedians, George Carlin, talked about in his talk years ago how everyone’s talking about, “Save the Earth.” He’s like, “Don’t worry. The Earth is going to be just fine. All humans are going to be dead. We’re going to be long gone.” Now, we’re cleansing ourselves. The Earth is going to be just fine. We’ll be all gone.

Let me lighten it up a little bit from this. You are a paleo guy. You have written multiple bestselling books about paleo theory and recipes. I encourage everybody reading to go check out Chef Pete Evans and all of his different books. Support Pete if you believe in his message. I’m sure you do because you’re here. Again, support Pete, get his books, and dial-in with everything Pete is doing. Celebrity Chef Expert, tell me your take on carnivore.

Over the last decade, we’ve been promoting a paleo ketogenic approach. Paleo just means old, pretty much meat and vegetables. That was the perfect line that we had in our film, The Magic Pill. We had a fellow working with some indigenous here in Australia. He said, “The way that we talk about this is, it’s just meat and vegetables. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.” Obviously, meat means any animal from land or sea and vegetables means plant material, pretty much fruits and vegetables.

I have come to my realization that we can go between both of those realms, the meat side or the animal side to the plant-based side. Now, for me personally, I function better most of the year on a more carnivorous diet with meat or seafood making up the majority of the food that I have on the plate. Generally, in the warmer months, I tend to include more of the plant materials such as fruits and vegetables.

Power Of Food: The internet is a wonderful tool for sharing information, or it can be a horrendous tool for manipulation and comparison.

I have spoken with many experts that have used the carnivore approach to greatly benefit themselves and their patients or clients. I’ve spoken with many people that have used the plant-based approach that have equal outcomes as well. Personally, I adopted a plant-based vegan approach in my early twenties. I did that for four years religiously and it did not work for me. If people ask me my honest opinion, I would say meat and seafood are where it’s at. Now, how much plant material you decide to add to your meat or seafood depends on you, potentially the time of year and the region in which you live in.

I would say become your own detective or doctor. I’m a huge fan of holistic farming practices. We just actually had the mobile butcher out on our farm or our neighbor’s farm. We have eight cattle together and it was the second cow that we’ve killed. We made beautiful sausages. We’ve got mince, all the organs, and great cuts of meat from that cow. That will feed our family pretty much for the next year.

If you have ethical questions about the taking of life, I would say, get into nature, watch the birds, get into the ocean, go snorkeling or scuba diving, watch the animal life, go onto a reserve, watch the big game catch, and watch nature because everything is eating something, even the plants, some of them are eating animals. Plants need blood and bone. We have to go back to understanding how nature works and everything is eating something else. In nature, it’s brutal the way that life takes life.

We took a life of a cow that we have raised over a year or two and it was one shot to the head and slitting of the throat. It was dispatched humanely as we could on the property and no transportation. Now, that one animal from rule of thumb can feed a family for pretty much nearly a year. Take that into consideration if you have ethical concerns. All I would say is support the farmers.

If you’re not doing it yourself, support the farmers that are doing the holistic farming practices because, as a rule, they care about the land, nature, animals they raise, and they will be the healthiest animals you can put into your body. For me, that’s where it’s at. The healthiest food is ethically and morally grown, raised, caught, and killed. I’ll finish off by saying this, talking about intuition because that’s an instinct.

I was having a ceremonial session. One of the things that came to me and in that experience was I got really hungry in the experience. I was going through my database of all the ingredients and all the recipes that I could eat. It’s quite extensive after 30 years of being a professional chef. The one thing that actually came to me in the questioning of what I should be eating more of. It was a wild-hunted or wild-caught game for animals from land or sea. As soon as I had that realization, I was like, “I get it.”

I need to take in more of the energetic spirit of animals that are wild, free, and not caged. Now, you can interpret that spiritually, metaphorically, or any way that you wish, but for me, with what’s going on in the world, for some reason, my body is saying, “You need more life force, spiritual energy from animals that are free instead of the ones that are farmed and contained.”

It makes a lot of sense if you actually think about it with what we’re going through at the moment. If you believe in the energetics of food and have belief systems, then anybody reading this may like to start eating, perhaps some more seafood that’s been wild-caught and sustainable. Catch it yourself if better, leaning on some friends or family members, or start hunting if it’s hunting season, and understanding why every single culture around the world respects and put so much emphasis into the hunting and the spiritual appreciation and respect of nature in the circle of life. One thing that we can take from this is when we were butchering up the cow that we raised is nothing went to waste.

Celebrity Chef Pete Evans is here on the show because obviously, you know this as well as I do, many people bulk at the organs. The organs are the healthiest cuts that are prized amongst all societies, in the history of the world and animals in the wild. How do we make this more palatable to the guy sitting on the couch who would typically be eating pizza and watching CNN? How do we change that guy?

We did it and this is why it’s so beautiful. You take the offal, whether it’s the liver, heart, kidneys, or whatever it may be. You can get your butcher or you can do it yourself. You can chop it up really fine or mince it, so it’s ground up and then you add it to the ground meat that isn’t the organ meat. The rule of thumb might be 5% organ meat into 95% ground meat and fat.

My neighbor that we’re sharing for our families, we minced probably at least half of the cattle. We ground through the mincer. Into that, we put most of the organ meat except the testicles and the sweetbreads, which is the glands, because I wanted to cook the testicles, the balls and the sweetbread separately.

Step into our heart space and really trust in our intuition.

Last time, we kept all the organ meat separately but this time, because he’s got young children and my children as well, we thought if we’re going to do ground meat, we can turn them into burgers, sausages, taco mix, bolognese sauce, or Shepherd’s pie. The list goes on and on about what we can do with mince or ground meat as you call it in the states. With the addition of the offal in there, the kids won’t know it’s in there, you won’t know it’s in there if you’re fussy or you don’t like the taste of the offal, and you are getting your pretty much daily dose of multivitamins in the most delicious food form that you can.

That’s where I’d start. Pâté is the perfect introduction to liver for anybody that is squeamish about eating offal. The French are masters and have been masters of the culinary world for hundreds of years. Every single culture in the world is a master of its own cuisine and every single culture has its own special recipes for liver, blood, kidneys, lungs, intestines, tripe, the cheeks, eyes, tail, genitalia, and balls. If you go to the pet food store, they’ve got dried pig’s penises and all of these things that you get.

The dogs don’t care what part it came from. It got no premonition.

Some people debate this but just on a common-sense level, if we’re eating the liver, I honestly believe it helps our liver. If we’re eating the heart, I believe it helps our heart. This has to come from healthy animals, not some caged feedlot, fucking tortured specimen that is living a horrendous life. If we spend our money supporting the farmers, again, more farmers will adopt these principles. It’s business. It’s so simple.

If we believe in the energetics of food, the more of these organs that we eat, the brains, why is it that once we would feed babies the brains or bone marrow? We have a book called Bubba Yum Yum, which was one of the first things to be canceled years ago by the Dieticians Association. They didn’t want our book out there. They basically burned them or destroyed them. It’s out there on Amazon if anybody is interested.

It’s a book for babies, parents and preconceptions because every single culture in the world prior to our modern-day would plan their next generation and the generation after. The women and the men that were going to conceive the next generation were given the best of the hunt. Guess what the best food of the hunt or the kill was. It was the organ meats. What do they feed the babies? It was the brains and all of this stuff.

Again, we need to tap into our intuition, instinct, common sense, and heart for what is happening right now. I know you like to bring things back to the heart. Our heart is a remarkable organ. I interviewed a fellow, Dr. Barre Lando. He calls our heart out our big brain. It has everything for us. If we tap into our heart more from a spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical point of view, to help us make the choices in life.

Some of these choices that we’re going to have to make now and in the future are going to be the heaviest decisions we’ve ever had to face in our life. The way we can navigate this is to take the time to sit and ask our hearts, what is the correct course of action here? If we don’t get the answers immediately, keep asking and be patient. Be careful not to get trapped into our mind, ego or brain for the answer.

I believe this is an invitation for us to step into our heart space and really trust in our intuition. Perhaps, get a nice beef, chicken, duck, or lamb heart to help strengthen that heart muscle. I’ve got some beautiful recipes for you. All you need to do is type in best heart recipes, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Fiji, and whatever it may be. The South Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Eastern Europeans know how to cook animal hearts.

There’s no excuse because every single part of an animal or every single vegetable or plant material, there are delicious recipes just waiting for you to discover. Once you discover that and you bring up that life skill that we started this conversation with why I entered into the cooking room, life just becomes so much more beautiful, richer, and more delicious by the day because you’re cooking the most delicious foods in the world. Thanks for this wonderful conversation.

Let me ask you one more thing because you said everything could be found on a recipe. Give me your favorite recipe that includes durian.

Bubba Yum Yum The Paleo Way: For new Mums Babies and Toddlers

I would say durian ice cream or sorbet. If you’ve never had that, check out that recipe because you can make it taste good. You just might need to add some stuff into it.

For those who don’t know what durian is, you probably don’t want to know. It’s not really necessary. It’s the stinkiest, smelliest fruit on the planet that comes from South Pacific. Chef Pete Evans, I got a million questions that we can talk about. Everybody, wake up and listen to what Chef Pete just had to say. Again, on freedom, the ability to choose, live the right way, mind, body, spirit, eat the right foods, cherish those foods, nourish yourself with the foods, get it into your children, of course, and to future generations, this is the way we’re going to change the planet and save the world. Pete tell us the best way to find you.

I’m on Telegram. Telegram seems to be pretty much the last bastion of free speech currently. More will emerge. Telegram is a social media network, @ChefPeteEvans. We also have a platform, a TV network. It is a one-stop shop which has our documentaries plus many other censored documentaries on vaccinations as well and many different topics. It’s called the

In that platform, we have 1,000 recipes. We have meal plans for carnivore, paleo, keto, and budget-friendly. Talking about the minced, we also have plant-based in there as well for people that choose to explore that. We have guided meditations. We have breathwork tutorials. The intention with the Evolve Network platform was to create an uncensored platform where I could put as much information as possible from leading experts around the world that contribute to the platform.

We’ve got Gregg Braden, Matt Belair, Dan Vadnais, and Lorie Ladd. We cover spirituality and all the aspects of long-term sustainable health. It’s a subscription-based platform. It’s probably in US dollars. It’s about $75 a year or $7 a month. We’ve kept it as cheap as possible.

To help us keep producing and creating new content, we’d love for your help in this. What you’ll get for that $75 will be a mountain of beautiful information that you can decipher and hopefully incorporate into your life to live a long, healthy, powerful existence with a lot of common sense and instinct. Cheers, everybody.

Chef Pete Evans, it’s a pleasure to talk to you as always. Thank you again. This is another episode of the Healthy Heart Show. We will see you next time. Be well.

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