Time to Enhance Your Immune System with These 10 Supplements


Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites are all around us and inside of us as well. Some medical researchers estimate we have over 300 TRILLION viral particles inside of our bodies, along with 30 TRILLION bacteria.

So how are we not overcome by illness consistently? Well, some of us are, we just don’t realize the symptoms that are exhibited are because of an imbalance which is weakening our immune system.

The goal of the immune system is not to destroy these “co-inhabitants” of our body, but to keep them in balance. How is this done? By improving your lifestyle with organic foods, plenty of sunshine, and plenty of sleep. Also avoid chemicals and toxins in personal care products and drinking water. Don’t forget to see your chiropractor.

How to Boost Your Immune System

So, you have done the above: changed your lifestyle and improved your defense mechanisms. But how do we maintain this when we are around people who are sick, when we are in a toxic environment, or during winter months when we may not have access to enough vitamin D?

Here are 10 Immune Boosting Supplements:

  1. Silver

    We have used silver for thousands of years to heal wounds. Evidence suggests that silver is active against herpes virus, parainfluenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

    Keep silver gel on hand to use topically or pick up Argentyn Silver Hydrosol liquid to use orally for acute viral infections. Be sure to read the dosing instructions on the bottle.

  2. NAC

    NAC is short for n-acetyl cysteine. This nutrient helps boost glutathione and limits lung and intestinal damage done by a virus. Glutathione is the body’s main antioxidant, therefore increasing it will enhance your immune defenses.

  3. Berbe/Berberine

    This supplement good for managing diabetes, lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. People used berberine in varying cultures to treat a good number of maladies. Studies have shown that it is indeed effective against the influenza virus.

  4. Caprin

    Caprylic acid is a super nutrient found in coconuts. I LOVE eating coconuts, coconut oil and coconut flakes, but the concentrated form is very medicinal and combats viruses, bacteria and fungi.

  5. Garlic

    For centuries, people have recognized the antiviral and antibacterial properties of garlic. We LOVE to cook with garlic and add it raw to our salad dressing recipes. Concentrated garlic not only assists the immune system, but it also affects heart health.

  6. Vitamin C

    Everyone knows that vitamin C is vital to immune support. Our Super C supplies this key nutrient and important minerals for optimal absorption.

  7. Digest

    Ever had food poisoning? Not pleasant, is it? You may be a victim of low stomach acid, which is there to kill pathogens like bad bacteria, parasites and viruses.

    People who take acid blocker drugs are at high risk of pneumonia. We NEED stomach acid but most of us don’t make enough. That is why we need to supplement, especially as we try to prevent viral pathogens from making our body their home.

  8. Zinc

    This element is essential for combating viral infections and immune function, but zinc deficiency is very common. You can find a tremendous amount of zinc in our Cardio Multi, Heart Defense, or by itself here.

  9. ADP

    Oregano oil is a proven antibacterial/antiviral agent. People have used oregano oil for years. Taking it in supplement form may be easier than consuming the oil straight.

  10. Liquid A

    Vitamin A is effective in helping skin and mucous membranes repel viruses and bacteria. The World Health approves for death prevention from measles. If it works for the measles virus, it can work for any virus.

For more information on boosting the immune system don’t miss Bulletproof Your Immune System.


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