Top 5 Complaints About Your Cardiologist


Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer worldwide. Millions suffer from atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

And they turn to their heart doctor for answers and solutions.

Sadly, most people leave the cardiologist unsatisfied.

Here are the top 5 complaints people have (and later, why Natural Heart Doctor is different):

  1. Did not spend enough time with me

    Doctor visits are short. Very short. Sometimes only a few minutes. Patient volume and insurance demand quick interactions with patients. To be honest, the doctor doesn’t have much to say either since they don’t discuss the CAUSE of sickness.

  2. Did not explain my test results

    Because office visits are short, the doctor doesn’t take the time to go deep into test results. For example, the cardiologist mentions that cholesterol is high and immediately recommends a pharmaceutical. No explanation is given to why cholesterol is abnormal and why that may present a problem.

  3. Did not explain the recommended pharmaceutical

    Cardiologists are quick to write prescriptions for all sorts of drugs. Instead of discussing why blood pressure is high, a drug is recommended. Alternatives were not discussed. Side effects were not discussed. Addressing the CAUSE of high blood pressure is not discussed.

  4. Did not explain the recommended procedure

    A stress test, ultrasound, angiogram or an ablation are common recommendations of the cardiologist. But what is also common is the short explanation to the patient why a procedure is necessary, what are the risks, and what are the alternatives.

  5. Spent all the entire visit looking at their computer, not me

    Doctors have to document the interaction with patients. It is a legal and liability issue and has little to do with quality of care. Because of this, doctors look at screens, not patients. This is a polar opposite from how it used to be and how medicine should be practiced. The focus should be on the patient, not a computer screen.

Why Natural Heart Doctor is Different

  1. Extended Visits

    Every person is unique and has their own story. It takes time to tell it. Your doctor should listen to your story, your questions and concerns. And the doctor should have many questions for you. This takes time. At Natural Heart Doctor, new patient consultations are at least 45 minutes and usually 90 minutes. You have lived for many years. There is a lot to cover.

  2. You Understand the Cause of Heart Disease

    In your long visit and with books, blogs, and videos, the key is for you to understand why there is a health problem. When you understand the cause(s) of disease, now you can fix the problem. We do the most extensive testing in the world and you should understand the results. This takes time. You and your heart deserves it.

  3. You Understand the Plan to Reverse Heart Disease

    Once you understand the CAUSE, you need to understand the plan. You need to grasp the new diet, the new lifestyle, the new supplements etc. Again, your full understanding of the plan is critical to success. Where the conventionally treated patient often fails, you will succeed!

  4. At Natural Heart Doctor, we don’t get complaints, we get results.

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