Toxin Alert: 8 Top Detox Tips to Boost Your Immune System


Toxins cause low grade inflammation, which goes undetected by many doctors.

Toxins bombard us every day, both visible and invisible, some give off odor, others  don’t. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid all of them, but we can do our best to detox our bodies as we go through life.

Toxins and Your Immune System

  • Mold: Inhaling the biotoxins from mold causes an inflammatory response which weakens your immune system. Exposure to mold increases our risk of developing disease and heart conditions including but not limited to AFib, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. For more information on mold and the heart see this post.
  • Heavy Metals: Heavy metals are toxic and suppress the immune system. Researchers estimate that 25% of Americans have heavy metal poisoning. These metals overstimulate the immune system, causing chronic and life-threatening illness. See How to Avoid Toxic Metals for more information.
  • Environmental Toxins: Immune cells grow in the thymus and environmental toxins shrink the thymus. Fewer immune cells = weakened immune system. Eliminate toxins to avoid poisoning future generations; mothers pass toxins on to their children.
  • Stress: Stress is a toxin and negatively impacts gene expression and increases inflammation. It also impacts the gut, which compromises the immune system as well. 

Detox to Support Your Immune System:

  • Eat all organic and grass fed/ grass finished meats and wild seafood.
  • Reduce overall exposure to all toxins in your home.
  • Support natural detox pathways. We highly recommend our Foundational or Comprehensive protocols from Cell Core, which set the foundation for healing and open up our detox pathways to allow for elimination of old toxins and new ones. Please call 480.535.6844 for more information.
  • Filter your air with the Austin Air Purifier.
  • Filter your water with the  Pristine Hydro Water Purification.
  • Use a red light to help lower inflammation.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi at night.
  • Cleanse your life of toxic people.

Let us help you, especially if you decide to do the Cell Core protocol. It can be very helpful to have guidance throughout the process. Make an appointment to discuss toxins with an NHD health coach and consider doing the Triple Toxin test.


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