What is the Worst Heart Health Advice Ever?


Part of our job here at Natural Heart Doctor is to push back against the conventional paradigm and shed light on alternate ways of preventing disease.

In this article, we address some of the most common heart health advice promoted for years and provide counter arguments that go against the status quo. Read on to get the REAL story.

Bad Advice #1: Eat conventional vegetables. They are good for your heart.

Vegetables are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, however, they need to be ORGANIC. Consuming pesticide-laden foods, and foods that have been genetically modified (GMO), defeats the purpose of “eating healthy.” These foods wreak havoc and lack nourishment.

The leading contributors to heart disease are poor nutrition and exposure to chemicals. Consume clean, organic foods for proper nutrients and disease prevention.

Bad Advice #2: You can only treat cardiovascular disease with medicines and surgeries.

False. Pills and procedures will never be the answer for heart health. They merely mask the problem. In most instances, we can prevent and treat cardiovascular disease through proper nutrition, avoidance of chemicals in our daily lives, and by incorporating physical activity, quality sleep, sunshine and nutritional supplements.

Keep in mind that any time you take prescription medicine, you are introducing a substance into your body that is not natural and your body does not know how to handle it. Prescription medicines only disguise symptoms…they do not cure problems and many have severe side effects.

Bad Advice #3: Don’t eat fat. It is bad for you.

Nope, wrong again. Healthy fats are essential for a healthy heart and for overall health. A balance of healthy fats can lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, lower inflammation, and decrease hunger. Here is a great video explaining the truth behind the “low-fat craze.”

Bad Advice #4: Trust government approved food.

If you watched the video above, you saw that the government’s “dietary guidelines” pushed the campaign for low-fat foods. This “vast nutritional experiment” resulted in “nearly a million Americans dropping dead of heart disease in the 1980s” and a massive increase in cases of diabetes.

The United States is one of the few developed countries which allows genetically-modified foods (GMOs) to be used in our food supply. It also certifies foods full of processed sugars, chemical preservatives, and toxic trans fats, all of which contribute to heart disease.

Big food suppliers, factory farms, pharmaceutical suppliers and mass market food stores all influence our government to approve and sanction a variety of food products. The government’s goal is to make more money, not to make you healthier.

The truth is, there are fewer profits to be made if you are healthy. Health means fewer medications, fewer procedures, fewer “treatments,” and less disease.

Bad Advice #5: Exercise more. Your heart will be healthier.

As with most things, there is a balance in physical activity. Any time you exercise past the body’s ability to recover, you can become sick and injured.

Most people consider exercise as running on the treadmill in the gym for 45 minutes. Why do I think this behavior is not healthy? Because you are indoors, under artificial lights, in a location loaded with chemical cleaning agents.

Extreme training, often the type performed by endurance and competitive athletes, can lead to scarring of the heart. We refer to this condition as fibrosis. Severe fibrosis causes thickening or stiffening of portions of the heart and can lead to irregular heart function and heart failure.

It’s best for your heart health to stick to the type of physical activities of our ancestors. Avoid sitting as much as you can. Walk, hike and run sprints. Lift your body weight using body weight exercises three times a week. The modern term is interval training.

As always, talk to a professional before making any big lifestyle changes. Our health coaches would love to help you regain your health. Your first consultation is FREE!


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