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We’re often asked where we get the organic. toxin-free products we use in our household and daily living. A patient suggested we create a web page listing our most useful resources. We hope you find it valuable. We’re only listing products used by the team here at The Natural Heart Doctor.

If you purchase products through many of the links on this page, you won’t pay any more for them and we may earn a small affiliate commission, which is used to help keep this informational website running. You can read our full affiliate disclosure policy here.

Most Recommended by The Natural Heart Doctor

Delicious organic whole bean coffee roasted medium to support heart health. Toxin-free. Nitrogen flushed, re-sealable bag for freshness. Choose our Original Roast or Decaf. Plus, get free shipping with every order!

Specialty-grade, hand selected organic beans – Try Some Today

Tested for toxins – free from ALL contaminants

Roasted for health to maximize antioxidants

Nitrogen-flushed bags to preserve freshness

5% off all sales donated to support the Friends of Honduran Children

Avocado Mattress

Did you know that you spend ⅓ of your life in bed?  

Given this fact, you should choose a healthy mattress. 

Why is this so important? Your body is wired to detoxify when you sleep, but this process is impeded when you are breathing in toxins all night, every night.

Chemicals are found in just about every mattress and manufacturers are not required to disclose components of their products.

Take a look at Avocado mattress here. Don’t forget to get organic pillows, bedding and other products at Avocado. You and your family will be glad you did!

Sauna Space

Sweating is a great way to detox pollutants and chemicals out of your body.  You can work up a good sweat in two ways: exercise or by using a sauna.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to home sauna. You just need to source the best saunas that provide all the benefits and none of the risks. . After extensive research we determined that Sauna Space is the best product available.

Click here to find out more about Sauna Space. They have two models: The Luminati is for the budget conscious and the Faraday, their ultimate sauna. Both are fantastic options.

Sun lamp by SPERTI

Sunshine is shown to reduce heart attack, stroke, dementia, cancer risk and promote mental wellness. So many of you live in areas where the sun doesn’t shine for much of the year. This leads to serious health problems. 

Our solution is the Sperti Vitamin D lamp. 

You can learn more about the lamp on their website just by clicking this link. Instructions for use come with the Sperti. Start slow and gradually build up to 15 minute sessions. Sunshine is your friend, and your skin is a solar panel. Give your skin and your body what it needs. Buy a Sperti Sun Lamp

Red Light Therapy

Do you feel a sense of awe when viewing a sunset or a sunrise? I think we experience that feeling in order to reap the health benefits of the red light wavelength. 

The red light wavelength penetrates the skin and fuels the mitochondria to make ATP. This energy currency helps our body to function normally.  We recommend getting outside often to harness the sun’s energy. But many people live in climates where outdoor activities are a little more difficult.  That is why we recommend red light therapy.

We have used the Vielight 633 with tremendous success and no risk. Great way to crank up nitric oxide and lower blood pressure. Buy your VieLight here.

Air pollution is linked to just about every disease. Staying inside certainly isn’t the answer! Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor, believe it or not. Outdoor air is polluted from vehicles, factories, farming, fires and much more. Indoor air toxins are just as sinister, and maybe even more so, given the standard airtight hermetically sealed homes.

It is so important, when you are inside, to make sure your air is as pure as possible. This means you must get an air purifier.  You can fix your indoor air with the Austin Air Purifier. It is consistently rated as the best air purifier available.  We have 3 running full time in our home and one in the office. 

How often do you think about the water you drink? We need this critical source of sustenance but don’t often give much thought to the quality of the water. The fact that we need to consider the quality is a sad state of affairs. After all, millions of years went by and the water was perfect. Whether from a spring or a running stream, our water was pure. It simply contained: H2O, minerals, and beneficial microbes. Today, the state of our water supply is quite different, and our health suffers because of it.  My best recommendation is Pristine Hydro. 

We have used the Pristine Hydro system for over 5 years. Many of our patients have bought it as well. It has a 6 step purification process then adds back minerals, oxygen and structure to approximate a mountain stream. The added magnesium, potassium, and calcium help to support a healthy heart rhythm. The fact that the other toxins are removed also helps AFIB and water from the Pristine Hydro system tastes great.

You can read more and purchase a system by clicking here.

You put effort into buying high quality nutritious food to support your health. Have you considered what you cook it in? The cookware we use to make our food can be highly toxic.

We have found the best cookware at Xtrema.  Xtrema Cookware is high quality ceramic and the only company I trust for my family. We love their products, and they are totally affordable. Ceramic products including those from Xtrema are not as durable as cast iron or steel, but fortunately, replacing a broken piece is not cost prohibitive. Check out their cookware here.

Sourcing the highest quality food is of the utmost importance. And just in case you don’t hunt or fish, I have two suggestions of food companies that do it right.  Crowd Cow and Vital Choice both source the healthiest foods in the world. Better for you and your family, better for the animal and better for the planet.

Products from Crowd Cow and Vital Choice may seem more expensive than the big box grocery stories. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. What you spend on food you will save on healthcare and prescriptions.  You will reap the rewards that do not have monetary value such as more energy, more quality time with family, a strong immune system and living without the fear of becoming ill!

Wine producers can use up to 76 different additives and not disclose any of them. Things like defoaming agents, sugar, artificial colors like mega purple, GMO bacteria and yeast (they kill indigenous yeast and instead use GMO yeasts which are used to influence the flavor and speed up the process), high fructose corn syrup, sulfites, pesticides, herbicides and casein or polyvinyl-polpyr-rolidone (PVPP). All these additives come with long and short term (that morning after feeling none of us need) health consequences for us, the land and our ecosystem. We have an alternative!

If you drink wine, we only recommend Dry Farm Wines. Dry Farm Wines are lab tested internally for sugar, alcohol content and sulfur levels, sugar-Free (<1g/L) (less hangovers), low sulfites, low alcohol. mycotoxin/mold free, free of additives or preservatives, dry farmed – grown without the use of irrigation, grapes are natural, organic or biodynamically grown and hand harvested. Paleo and Keto friendly. Cheers!

Do you eat organic food but wear toxic clothing?  The chemicals in clothing, just as in anything else, can raise your disease risk. 

It is time to go organic with your clothing as much as possible for the whole family. Finding undergarments, socks, and sweats are easy when you shop at PactPACT Clothing sells the organic cotton products we love because they are organic and stylish.  They have everything from workout wear to casual everyday clothing to undergarments to maternity. All their clothing is made from organic cotton.

Essential oils can help support circulation therefore heart health.  They can help to restore our nervous system and deliver healing properties and act on systems of the body that control our physiological state, both physical and emotional. 

Our favorite blend for hypertension is their Circulation Blend and our favorite blend to support the parasympathetic nervous system is Parasympathetic Blend (can be used in conjunction with Circulation Blend). The Parasympathetic blend works to boost mood, stimulate the vagus nerve reflex, improve digestion, and relieve anxiety and nervousness – all essential aspects of normalizing blood pressure.

Purchase the above and other Vibrant Blue Essential Oils here.

BPA-free indoor and outdoor glassware with protective sleeve. 20 ounces. Great for adults and kids.

All purpose. all natural, truly toxin free. Works really well We use it everywhere.

BPA-free glass food storage and bakeware with lids. Six piece set.

Caught in icy Alaskan waters from local fishing families. Delicious!

Mayo. Chipotle Lime Mayo. Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. Greek Vinaigrette and Marinade, Ranch Dressing from the folks at Primal Kitchen.

9 tray food dehydrator with variable temperature settings and automatic programmable shutoff time

Made of glass that won’t absorb odors or chemical residues. 6 cup maker.

BPA-free glass water bottle. Use ours daily. 12.16 and 22-ounce sizes.

9 tray food dehydrator with variable temperature settings and automatic programmable shutoff time

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