Which Vitamin Deficiency May Lead To Heart Failure? The B1 Solution.


Our bodies are actually giant collections of cells which reproduce and die regularly. For these cells to regenerate, we need to provide our bodies with proper building blocks. One of these key building blocks is vitamin B1 (or thiamine). Interestingly enough, our cardiovascular system can be deeply affected by not getting enough thiamine which could be detrimental to our health. Read on to learn more.


The most well-known disease caused by thiamine deficiency is beriberi. This disease can present in two different forms: wet beriberi or dry beriberi. 

  1. Wet beriberi affects the Cardiovascular System and in extreme cases can lead to heart failure.

    Symptoms may include:

    • rapid heart rate
    • shortness of breath when exercising
    • swelling in the lower part of the legs
    • shortness of breath when waking up
  2. Dry beriberi can cause inflammation and damage to nerves. This can lead to muscle weakness followed by muscle paralysis.

    Symptoms may include:

    • pain
    • paralysis
    • muscle function issues in the lower legs
    • vomiting
    • mental confusionin
    • voluntary eye movement

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome can occur in extreme cases of thiamine deficiencies. These conditions are actually a type of brain damage that occurs in the thalamus and hypothalamus.

Symptoms may include:

  • visual problems like rapid eye movement and double vision
  • confusion
  • memory loss
  • hallucinations

Causes of Thiamine Deficiencies

  • Alcoholism
  • Poor diet
  • Chronic diuretic use
  • Acid blockers
  • Gastric/small intestinal surgery

How to Avoid Deficiencies

Thiamine is present in many animal proteins, seafood, dairy, green leafy vegetables, spirulina, nuts, seeds, and organic nutritional yeast. Eating a nutrient dense, organic Paleo diet will help you get many of the nutrients your body requires to function optimally. If you cannot eat certain foods, check out our Super B for all of your vitamin B needs.

If you are concerned, or just curious, about your nutrient levels, we recommend getting tested to see where your nutrient numbers are. Remember, you have more control over your health than you think. Start taking back your health today.


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