Why Eating Meat Will Save The World and Your Heart


Do you think eating meat will destroy the world? Let’s be honest, could we have made it this far by eating only plants?

We are going to debunk some perpetuated myths about eating meat that are destroying your health and that of this planet.

We can’t blame poor health on red meat.

The only case in which we can blame red meat for poor health is when people eat conventionally raised meat. There is no proven link between eating red meat and heart disease or cancer, and the protein from meat has no impact on the kidneys.

Red meat consumption is down almost 30% since the 1970s, since then the health of the American people has steadily declined. People are obese or overweight, suffer from diabetes and have chronic disease.

In the 1960s, Ancel Keys pulled off the biggest and most detrimental lie seen in the last 60 years, barring 2020. The lie? Fat causes heart disease. Thereafter, vegetable oils replaced animal fats and increased mortality. The vegetable oils can lower cholesterol, but what the powers that be don’t tell you is that when you lower cholesterol by replacing animal fats with vegetable oils, the risk of death increases significantly. And while vegetable oils may “lower cholesterol”,  they are also linked to oxidized (damaged) cholesterol. And let’s remember, saturated fat has an inverse association with stroke.

We can’t blame meat for climate change.

First, the carbon footprint of pharmaceutical companies is significant. If meat and seafood was at the base of the food pyramid, chronic disease would plummet, as would the need for pharmaceuticals. If you want to take care of the planet, take care of your body.

What about greenhouse gases?

Contrary to what you may have heard, livestock is not the largest source of greenhouse gases. In 2006, a published document, “Livestock’s Long Shadow”, from the United Nations Food and Agricultural organization stated that “livestock produced a staggering 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The agency drew a startling conclusion: livestock was doing more to harm the climate than all modes of transportation combined” (1) This claim was recalled, however the damage was done, and the conclusion made: eating meat harms mother earth. It’s a hard climb back to the truth.

When they remove livestock from farmland, the farmer needs to repair the soil with fertilizer, which releases nitric oxide. This is 300 times stronger than traditional greenhouse gases. Let the cows roam free and they will naturally replenish nitrogen to the soil.

So what do we do?

We can’t ditch meat, that would leave us growing corn, soy, wheat and nuts. The rangeland used for livestock does not allow these crops to grow, and the tilling and irrigation required to make it possible only produces more CO2. “So, without livestock, we would forgo the use of rangeland that could do two very important things: 1. Generate high quality, nutrient-dense protein, and 2. Restore ecosystem and biodiversity and store large amounts of rainwater and carbon, creating a virtuous cycle of fertility, food and environmental restoration.” – Mark Hyman. It is a beautiful environmental cycle.

And that is the key: grass fed/grass finished meat is the only meat to eat. It supports the environment and your body. Conventional meat will kill us with the toxins and Omega 6’s if it doesn’t take down mother earth first! Not to mention this is a much kinder way to treat the animals. They have happy lives and death is swift and humane.

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